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How To Clean A Garage?

How To Clean A Garage?

How many times have you gone into your garage to look for something that you know is inside but you are unable to find it? So naturally, you buy a new one. A garage is a place that always ends up as a storage space for the house. Anything that is not required slowly makes its way to the garage. And before you know it, you have piles of unaddressed stuff that you need to take care of. That’s why hiring a house cleaning service could be a big help. You can even do it online, just learn how to book cleaning service online now.

Still, the sheer size of the trash makes you afraid to touch it. There are several layers to cleaning since a clean garage doesn’t simply mean getting rid of the dust and stains. But it translates to cleaning out the garage and organizing everything. Let’s get into how you can clean a garage and organize it so you can easily access the stuff it harbors.


Usually, declutter means organizing certain things and putting them away but in the case of garage cleaning, decluttering happens on several different levels.

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1 – Empty the Garage

To declutter you need to be able to see what is actually inside the garage. Then decide what you want to keep and what you what to sell or throw away. Pick a section of the garage and place everything out on the driveway. Once you take everything out, you will realize how much stuff you actually have. This can be daunting but it is a necessary step for a clean garage. This step will also allow you to view your space and figure out what type of storage system might work for your garage. 

2 – Decide What You Want To Keep

Parting with your things is one of the most difficult things to do but it is a necessary step. Keep things that you have used at least once before. Keep things that are functional and can be fixed, and lastly, keep all the tools.

3 – Take Care of the Clutter

Anything you don’t keep can be labeled as clutter and once you get rid of it your process will go much smoother. You can either donate or sell the stuff you don’t want to keep. And throw away anything that you can neither donate nor sell. 

Cleaning the Garage Walls 

Cleaning the walls comes before anything else. Because whatever you brush off the walls will naturally fall on the floor. Use a vacuum cleaner or a long brush to clean any cobwebs and dust on the walls. Make a mixture of warm water and detergent enough to make it soapy and using a brush scrub at the walls leaving no section untouched. Remove the soapy water with water and then tackle any stains that couldn’t be removed by the simple mixture. And try using an ammonia mixture which is made using one cup of ammonia in a gallon of cold water. 

Cleaning the Garage Floor

Floors of the garage will probably be the most stain-heavy area since they are exposed to the vehicles and oils. Use cat litter to try and absorb the excess oil and then vacuum the litter off the stains. You can also use talcum powder to clean any oil if you don’t have access to cat litter. Clean the remaining stains with some detergent and a wire scrubber. To take out other stains use common detergent and if that doesn’t work use muriatic acid. You can use this opportunity to fill any cracks in the garage floor using epoxy paste; just remember to use a sealant to seal the paste after the cracks are filled. Book a house cleaning and select garage or patio sweeping as extra, My Cleaning Angel is here to help you.

Clean the Garage Door 

Similar to the walls, use a brush to take off the dust and debris clinging to the garage doors. Use a garden hose to wash off any leftover dirt and use a sponge to apply a water and detergent mixture to the garage doors. Scrub at the doors carefully without scratching the paint. Make sure to hose off the mixture with water and apply grease to the door joints so it opens and closes with much more ease.

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Organize Your Garage

This is the final part of garage cleaning but garage organizing can be tedious and time-consuming so bear with the process. The first step is trying to figure out what type of garage storage you want if you previously didn’t have any and you should have a designated space for everything. There are many different types of garage storage and you need to choose depending on your particular garage. Let’s discuss some of the options that might suit you and your space.

1 – Clear Bins

You can utilize clear bins and stack them on top of each other to minimize space. The clear plastic will allow you to peer inside and see what is in the bins. 

2 – Drawers

You can install drawers for small things and things you access on the daily such as nails, hammer, spanner, etc

3 – Peg Boards

Think about installing a pegboard since it is multifaceted and can store a variety of different objects and can even be used to hang tools etc so they are more visible. 

4 – Ceiling Track Storage

You can use two blocks of wood to suspend bins from the roof of the garage. These are optimal if you don’t have much floor space or you don’t use the stuff in these bins often, perhaps only once a year. 

5 – Shelves

Shelves are a great option because they can be compact, they won’t topple over and you can store a lot of stuff, plus they are affordable and won’t cost you a lot of money to install. You can probably install shelves on your own and simple shelves can easily be DIY-ed.

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While cleaning a garage is not that difficult a task, it can be incredibly tedious and time-consuming. You have to choose the right time to do the cleaning because it can take multiple days. Parting with objects is not easy. Especially sentimental objects. But once you clean the garage and sort everything out, I can guarantee your life will be much easier. And the next time you go to the garage to get Christmas lights, you will find them much easier. If cleaning the garage is too much for you, you can always hire a professional service that will take care of everything for you. They will take care of it in record time. Hiring a professional cleaning company is a great idea if you don’t have the time or energy to clean the garage. For what it’s worth, cleaning and organizing can be fun and cathartic so try your hand at cleaning at least once. 


How To Clean Hairbrushes?

How To Clean Hairbrushes?

All of us are pretty conscientious when it comes to cleaning our hair. We invest in the best products. Be it shampoos, conditioners, oils, or expensive salon treatments. But is all of this enough to keep our hair healthy and beautiful? 

An often overlooked aspect of hair care is clean hairbrushes. It is pretty obvious, but we tend to forget about it. After all, we do use our hairbrushes every single day. If they are not clean and in good condition, then that is impacting our hair health directly. All those treatments and products might as well be money down the drain if we don’t focus on keeping our hairbrushes clean. 

Dirty brushes can become a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast due to the amount of oil, hair, and dirt they accumulate over time. This means each time you are brushing your hair after a fresh wash, you are bringing more dirt and germs right into your clean hair! Nobody wants to picture that.

Please keep reading to find out how often you should clean your hairbrushes, the different cleaning techniques that hairbrushes require, some tips and tricks to aid in the process, and when it is time to get a new one. Keeping your bathroom and house clean is great for the objects, like hairbrushes.

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How Often Should You Clean Your Hairbrush?

It is recommended that you clean your hairbrush at least once a month, but some experts say otherwise. It’s better to clean them more than once a month, depending on the hair products you use or your hair type. 

If you have curly hair and you like them to stay natural and healthy, then cleaning your hairbrush once a month might suffice. But if your hair is oily and prone to build-up, you will need to clean it more regularly. Using oil-based products can also increase oil residue in your hair and subsequently your hairbrush. Moreover, dirty brushes are home to yeast and bacteria and can cause irritation, dandruff, clog hair follicles, and even swelling. You can avoid all these problems if you use clean hairbrushes instead. 

Hence, it is essential to pay heed to the products you are using so that you can set up a cleaning regimen accordingly.

How to Clean Your Brushes

Hairbrushes come in a variety of styles. They are composed of different materials, so that each type will require a slightly modified cleaning process. But before we delve into each method, you should remove any hair that may get stuck in the bristles at least once a week. You can make use of scissors, tweezers, bamboo skewers, or a thin comb to do this!

Plastic Brushes

This method works best for plastic brushes. So, make sure you can correctly identify your brush type. You will require the following materials:

  • Hot water
  • Shampoo
  • Baking soda
  • Toothbrush

Mix the shampoo, baking soda, and hot water in a large bowl. Let your brushes soak for about 20 minutes to an hour. This procedure lets the shampoo and soda chemicals do their magic and remove all the grime and dirt that may have built up on your brushes over time. 

Next, you’ll need a toothbrush to thoroughly scrub the bristles and base of the brush to remove any remaining dirt that the shampoo or soda wasn’t able to remove. Lastly, rinse the brush with clean water and let it air dry.

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Metal Brushes

You can use this method for metal as well as plastic brushes. It’s similar to the one described above, using the same starting materials but with a minor adjustment.

Mix shampoo and baking soda in a bowl or cup and dip your toothbrush in the mixture. Make sure it picks up enough cleaning mixture. Scrub the toothbrush on the bristles and base of your hairbrush. You don’t have to scrub with all your might; make sure you rub the brush gently across the surface to avoid damaging the base. If your brush has a soft base, try not to get it too wet as water may seep in and damage it. 

Once you’re satisfied with the cleaning, dip your toothbrush in clean water and rinse to remove any soap that might have stayed behind. Leave the brush to air dry with the bristles facing down. You can also use a towel to dry the brush.

Wooden Brushes

Wooden hairbrushes are becoming a favorite among hair care enthusiasts. They’re environmentally friendly as they’re made of bamboo, which is biodegradable. Furthermore, they distribute your hair’s natural oils evenly, giving your hair a shiny look without being too greasy. They are anti-static and massage your scalp, which improves blood circulation and hair growth.

To clean hairbrushes made of natural materials such as wood, you will need to adopt a gentle cleaning routine. This method will clean your brush without damaging the delicate material. You will need the following products:

  • Tea tree oil
  • Hot water
  • Toothbrush

Add hot water to a bowl or cup and mix 5 – 6 drops of tea tree oil. Dip the toothbrush in and gently scrub over the base, bristles, and handles to clean away build-up. Try not to use a lot of water and avoid hard scrubbing as these will damage the wood. Dry the brush with a clean, dry cloth and let it dry with its bristles facing down.

Tips & Tricks

Clean hairbrushes are not impossible to achieve, but following these simple hacks will make your life easier!

  • Avoid paddle brushes or hair tools. These have a tendency to trap water under their base which can be a separate task on its own to remove. If the water stays trapped, it can cause mold to build up which will lead to some nasty infections. Either follow manufacturer guidelines for proper cleaning, or just use tweezers to remove excess hair and avoid washing altogether.
  • The kinds of products you apply to your hair significantly affect how often you will need to clean hairbrushes. Use more natural products as they don’t cause build-up, which becomes difficult to remove.
  • Plastic brushes are sturdy and the easiest to clean. They can withstand water, dry properly afterwards, and are more durable than other materials.
  • Use a clarifying shampoo to clean hairbrushes as it is designed to remove oil and residue.

In case you need help cleaning your home, you can book cleaning services online. It’s easy and fast, you should try it!

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When it is Time to Replace Your Hairbrush?

It’s time to finally let go of your hairbrush when you find it impossible to remove all the dirt and debris from the bristles. However, if you invest in a high-quality brush, it can last for years. Taking care of the brush is also useful in improving its longevity. Just like you would clean other hair tools, cleaning your hairbrush can not only make it last for longer but also add to your hair’s health and shine.

Paying close attention to the bristles will also give you a fair idea if it’s time to get a new hairbrush. If they appear separated and melted, then you should replace your brush. Looking for help in how to clean your bathroom? We discussed that on a previous post.

The Final Word

Your hairbrush bristles can be home to all kinds of nasty things. Cleaning your hairbrush should be an integral part of your hair care routine, as clean hairbrushes will lead to beautiful, strong, and healthy locks. Be sure to follow the methods explained in this article to keep your hairbrushes germ- and dirt-free and last for as long as possible.

How to Keep Your House Clean with Dogs

How to Keep Your House Clean with Dogs

If you live with pets, you know better than anyone the challenge of keeping a house clean with your furry friends in your home. It doesn’t matter if you have a habit of tidying up after them, or if you’ve created a habit of cleaning up every day; a clean house with dogs isn’t all that common, and can only be achieved if you are diligent about the habits you form along with your pets!

Let’s take a look at some handy tips and tricks about house cleaning that can help you keep your things neat and tidy regardless of how many pets you own!

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1. Invest In a Sturdy Vacuum

Whether it’s a Dyson or a Roomba, having a good vacuum cleaner is one of the essentials of keeping your house clean with pets. If you think your dog isn’t going to create a mess just because they have less fur, or are low maintenance, think again! Dogs tend to bring in the dirt, leaves, and all manners of muck on their fur and paws. 

2. Brush Your Pet’s Hair on a Regular Basis

You can keep it on a calendar or put it in your habit app, but brushing your dog’s hair at least 3 times a week can have a major impact on the amount of fur and dirt flying around in your house. Not just that, but regular brushing also helps keep your dog’s fur healthy. 

3. Wipe Their Paws Whenever They Come Inside

If you don’t have a high-quality mat outside your entrance (or dog-door), then now’s the time to get one. You can train your dog to wipe their paws as they come inside. Another way to keep their paws clean is to have a washable sheet or rug on the inside that you can help them wipe on, so that house cleaning is easier! 

4. Trim Their Nails Weekly

This one is pretty obvious if you’ve had your pet for any amount of time; keep their nails trimmed and short so that they don’t scratch up your furniture, floor and most importantly, you! 

5. Have a Professional Groomer

Since every dog and cat is different, not just in breeds but also in personalities, it’s important to find and pick the right haircut for them. Different fur and hair require different types of care and a good haircut can go a long way in ensuring that your pet doesn’t shed as much as it normally would.

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6. Stock Up On Basic Cleaning Supplies and Keep Them Close

Things like cloth mops, though not at the top of the list for pet owners, have a huge impact on how easily you can trap dirt, muck, hair and fur that’s on your floors. Keep it handy in places where your pets tend to play and hang out the most, and you’ll find that house cleaning isn’t as much of a chore as it used to be!

7. Stop the Mud And Dirt At The Threshold

This may sound silly, but try keeping a bucket of room temperature water near your door so that you can clean up your pet’s muddy paws before they drag the mud inside! Not only does it help stop the dirt and dirt from coming in, but it can also train your pets to wait on the mat to get clean before they venture inside.

8. Take Your Pet for Daily Walks

Much like children, tiring out your dog with a daily walk (where they can release all their energy through running and playing around!) will lead to a much calmer dog in the house. A daily walk is good for your health, and it’s good for your dog’s health.

9. Don’t Forget Dusting!

Dusting is no one’s idea of a good time, but if you let the dirt and fur buildup, it will have turned to grime the next time you take to the task. While it may seem like an invisible and unnecessary chore, no house cleaning is complete without dusting. Dusting your surfaces on a regular basis helps you appreciate just how much dirt our furry friends manage to bring into the home (and how many surfaces it rests on!). Home owners that have pets should keep your home clean with weekly cleaning. So no fur would accumulate and your home would be sparkly clean.

10. Bathe Your Dog Regularly

Some pets shudder at the thought of it, but most pets enjoy a good bath. Dogs can get pretty smelly and stinky, and while it’s not the best idea to wash them too often (since it can lead to dryness), giving a good rinse helps to keep their hygiene intact and gets rid of the dirt that collects deep on their skin.

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11. Keep Your Bedding Clean

It’s impossible to keep your pets off your bed; who wouldn’t want to cuddle with them? But hair and fur tend to stick easily on bedding like quilts, comforters, and bed sheets. Make this easy to manage by washing and changing all your bedding at least once a week (washing on the weekend makes for a good habit!)

12. Put Away Clean Clothes ASAP

And while we’re on the topic, even if your dog isn’t actively shedding and you don’t see their fur, you must know that fur is all over your clothes. Pets love the smell of newly washed clothes, so try to put them away in your wardrobe as soon as they’re dry to prevent them from sniffing and sitting on them.

13. Make Some Areas Off-Limits

When training your pets, it’s a good idea to keep some parts of the house, like the kitchen or bedroom, off-limits. This will help in teaching them where they’re allowed and not allowed, and a good way to do this is through doggy doors! You help them create a habit, and your house cleaning is reduced by rooms!

14. Have a Dedicated Sleeping Space for Your Pets

If you’re working on teaching them to stay out of certain areas, it’s a good idea to also teach them which spaces are theirs alone. Giving them a bed of their own in their favorite area of the house, surrounded by their favorite toys, encourages them to maintain a habit of their own and discourages them from sleeping anywhere and everywhere, keeping your sofa, beds, and chairs clean!

15. Add Oils to Your Dogs’ Diet

Lastly, if you feel like you want to make an extra effort to keep doggy fur away from your home, try adding some moisture-laden food to your dogs’ diet. Mix in a little bit of flax, olive or coconut oil into their food to help make their skin and coat shinier and decrease shedding at the same time.

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What Are The Best House Cleaning Services In Fort Myers?

What Are The Best House Cleaning Services In Fort Myers?

It is barely a secret that a clean environment affects your state of mind. Are you working or just sitting on your couch trying to enjoy yourself? A clean space helps you clarify your mindset. If there is a bunch of clutter all around, you are sure to be in a noisy headspace, struggling to concentrate on your current activity. Modern psychology also corresponds to this claim by emphasizing the impact of the external environment on the internal one. What does this say about keeping a clean home? 

Why Keep a Clean Home

Ever since we were children, our parents kept trying to make us keep our rooms clean. It was impossible to understand its importance at the time. After all, the guests weren’t going to step inside our room and pass a judgment on our cleanliness! However, today we realize that an untidy space covered in clutter and dust does not send happy signals to the brain. It, in fact, impacts our mental health negatively and so it must be taken seriously.

Most days, we are struggling to make time for ourselves after a tiring work day and week. We barely have time left to focus on the things we love and our hobbies. We don’t want to spend a majority of it washing dirty dishes from last night. Or clearing up the dust bunnies on the window.

This is why My Cleaning Angel offers the best house cleaning services in Fort Myers. Instead of worrying about tidying up the room before the guests show up, all you need to do is give us a call!

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Save Your Time

We understand how busy a working person’s schedule is during the week. There is so much on your mind, courtesy of your job, right? So you barely end up caring for what is waiting for you at home. Especially if you work from home, there is little time left to sit down with a cup of coffee and just enjoy the moment existing as you are. By hiring our top-notch house cleaning services in Fort Myers, you could be giving yourself the treat you deserve.

Our professionals know how to perform the maximum amount of work in a short time. If you let us help, you can come home to a delightfully clean living room ready to welcome you. Book cleaning service online has never been more easy. You should really try, get an estimate online with us.

Get More Productive

Think about all the hobbies and chores on your to-do list that you have been ignoring. Sometimes we procrastinate because we are scared of the outcome or have associated negative feelings with an activity. Being in a clean environment can give you the space you need to get more productive and put your pessimism aside. The little time you have left after a long working day can be utilized in the best way if the cleaning and upkeep of your house are already taken care of.

Bring in a Positive Mindset

As we mentioned earlier, a clean environment affects your mindset. If you have been following pop culture regularly, you will know of the Marie Kondo method where you remove every item that no longer brings you joy. This, we believe, is the best way to understand how detrimental hoarding can be. In a capitalist world, we are judged by the number of things we buy and that ends up taking too much space in our lives.

We offer professional house cleaning services in the Fort Myers area, and we can give you good advice on what to keep and what to get rid of. Eventually, this will help you keep your household minimally furnished and conducive to a positive mindset.

Houses with Children and the Elderly

If you have little children in the house, it is bound to get dirtier and unkempt sooner. Being a full-time parent is no less than labor, and a big part of it is cleaning up after your toddler leaving a hurricane in his wake. If you opt for our services, whether a one-time clean or a daily cleaning service, we can organize your space to the best of its potential. When the toys are in one place every time, your child will eventually learn to keep them in their designated spot.

Our services are also beneficial for the elderly living alone. It is much more difficult to worry about the cleanliness of a space when you have limited energy and spoons for the day. This is why we offer specialized packages for the elderly that encompass all the required cleaning rituals.

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Our Services

As the best house cleaning services in Fort Myers, My Cleaning Angel provides you with a number of different packages and services depending on your needs. Have a look at our offers below.

Daily Cleaning

Cleaning on the daily is a great way to lower the workload. Instead of attending to your home when it has reached its breaking point, it is better to clean a little bit every day so as to avoid a building up of bacteria and grime. When you hire My Cleaning Angel for a recurring cleaning, our team will make sure that your home is neat and sanitized. We leave no room for neglect. As in charge of your house, you decide how often we clean for you.

Although a daily cleaning is recommended, you can also get by with a weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleaning service if you so wish.   

One-Time Cleaning   

When you’re overwhelmed with life’s demands, there is little room left for mundane activities like cleaning. If avoided for too long, it can turn into a huge, depressing task. To make life a little bit easier for yourself, hire our best of the best house cleaning services in Fort Myers

We are aware of all the problem spots in your house; germs and fungi like moist, warm places where they can grow undisturbed. A one-time cleaning can ensure that there is more breathing room in your house, untainted by various dangerous microorganisms. 

One-time cleaning is also useful if you are too overwhelmed after a party to clean up after your guests. Be it a birthday party or New Years’ celebrations, we are more than happy to pick up the mess!

Post-Construction Cleaning

If your home has been recently remodeled, our heart goes out to you. Any time in-house construction is taking place, the whole place is a mess. Cleaning all that dirt and debris can be a back-breaking task. Moreover, there could be harmful chemical residue left behind from construction that needs to be neutralized ASAP. For your peace of mind, it makes sense to hire our post-construction cleaning services once the construction work has been completed.

Whether you have moved into a newly-built house or a home that has been remodeled, we can offer our top-of-the-line services for your satisfaction. It’s always good count on professionals, they are faster and probably better. See the benefits of hiring construction cleaning professional.

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Move-In Cleaning / Move-Out Cleaning

When moving into a new house, there are a bunch of things to keep in mind. The amount of planning and hard work that goes into setting up a new house is tiring and time-consuming. Plus, the house you leave behind is also in a state of chaos. Our move-in and move-out cleaning caters to both of these situations.

We can make sure that the house you are leaving behind for new tenants or homeowners is fit for living. We also ensure thorough cleaning and setting up of your new home before you begin your life there. Everything from cleaning appliances to disinfecting toilets is part of our job!

Green Cleaning

In the 21st century, more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious. They understand that the barrage of chemicals we use in our homes leaves off fumes and other detrimental residues. They also believe in the power of using organic solutions to clean their homes; so do we!

We have a set of eco-friendly and biodegradable products that do not harm the environment or individuals. Besides that, green cleaning can also mean using recyclable packaging or donating some of the profits to charitable causes. For those who are interested, there are a host of green choices that they can explore to create a safer environment for all.

Our five-star-rated house cleaning services in Fort Myers offer more than you can ask for!

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Why Hire Us?

My Cleaning Angel is a certified house cleaning company that only hires experienced professionals. We interview our cleaners and do a background check to ensure that we hire only the best. Moreover, our competitive and affordable prices are almost too good to be true! 

Besides our quality work, we also offer compassionate customer service to our clients. If within 24 hours of the cleaning you stay unsatisfied, you can give us a call and our cleaners will be back at your service. 

Our services can be tailored to suit your schedule and needs. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call and get in touch with our representative for a quote on your cleaning job!