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Beat the Germs Out

 If you’re used to working long hours after which picking up a vacuum and dragging it around the carpet is akin to moving a mountain, you need a house cleaner! For first-timers looking to hire a house cleaning company, some hurdles and uncertainties are common. Trusting someone to come into your house, albeit for cleaning, is something a lot of people are hesitant to do. However, if that monstrous pile of dirt and grime isn’t cleaned routinely, you are in the danger zone for many illnesses.  Hiring a house cleaning company is a process and one that requires several clarifications.

Necessity or Luxury? You Decide

If you are used to cleaning your own house, have the know-how of the products, and have the time to spare, house cleaning services may not be ideal for you. If you are always faced with an increasing list of things you need to clean simply because you cannot spare time, hiring a house cleaning company is a necessity.

You may think you are clearing out the pesky germs by half-heartedly dusting your shelves. But instead, you’re wasting time. If the situation is dire and your house may turn into a biohazard (we sure hope it’s not that bad!), forking over some extra dollars to hire professionals cannot hurt! Remember, you will be getting what you pay for since the house cleaning company will expertly clean your place. Living in a clean, comfortable, and sanitary home is what all workaholics would prefer after wearing themselves out at the office- so go for it! 

Sometimes you need your house spruced up for the holidays, are moving out, or just want some spring cleaning done. You can hire one-time services if that is the case. Remember, most services like ours do offer you flexible scheduling. Ranging from weekly, bi-weekly to regular, you choose what you prefer!

After all, are you wondering how much would be for you to hire a house cleaning service provided by professionals? Find out the average cost of a maid service.

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Terms of Service

This is an essential document you should read before you make a financial commitment to any house cleaning company. Things like the policy for cancellation, changing services, etc., are important, especially to avoid the extra fees or hidden charges companies can sometimes throw your way unexpectedly. It is common industry practice to charge cancellation fees since rescheduling cleaners at the last-minute is a huge cost. Especially covering their wages. If you’re aware of the charges and cancellation policy, you can avoid any last-minute miscommunication. As well as prevent spending more than what you were expecting to spend.

Companies for Cleaning 

Heard the myth going around of people thinking hiring single janitors is a good decision? Sure single-maid services may get the job done if you need just some arbitrary cleaning. But the assumption that this is more cost-efficient than the services offered by a company is not always true! If the price is a concern for you, one cleaning lady may keep you sufficiently happy. However, house cleaning companies have a full team of trained, skilled, and well-equipped staff to revive and thoroughly sanitize your house. The main benefit of these professionals is that they know what they are doing- and are insured! 

What You Get

The services house cleaning companies offer you are multi-faceted and efficient in tackling germ-prone areas in your house. You may miss some hard-to-reach areas in your general cleaning. But the professional cleaning staff is knowledgeable in identifying these spots and cleaning them thoroughly. If you’re paying a one-time flat fee, house cleaning companies may inform you of the packages they offer which that fee may cover. If you are a regular client, moving companies usually ask for lump sum fees for general cleaning, with a surcharge for specifics. Some tasks that cleaning companies undertake: 

  • Washing the dishes;
  • Emptying the trash;
  • Changing the linens; 
  • Cleaning bathrooms and high-frequented areas;
  • Cleaning kitchens and kitchenettes;
  • Dusting, mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming.

The extra tasks that these companies offer usually cost you a surcharge or additional cleaning fees. These aren’t generally on the roster for the services of house cleaning companies, but some cleaning companies do perform these on request. These generally involve extra sprucing up of your house/business premises or a very thorough sanitation of appliances and other areas, such as:

  • Laundry;
  • Window washing;
  • Polishing baseboards, countertops, blinds, windowsills, banisters, and woodwork;
  • Cleaning the oven, refrigerator, cabinets;
  • Waxing floors and countertops;
  • Carpet Cleaning;
  • Ceilings, light fixtures, and chandeliers cleaning;
  • Cleaning under the furniture;
  • Cleaning drapes and upholstery.

These services aren’t generally the regular offerings of a house cleaning service- but if you’re hosting a family party or just require a once-in-a-while thorough cleanse, they are your best bet for getting the job done well.

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References, Reviews, and Recommendations 

When looking for cleaning companies to spruce up and sanitize your house, the three Rs come in handy. Hop online to see reviews and recommendations on the websites that pop up for cleaning services (while you’re at it have a look at the testimonials on ours!). Family and friends in the same residential area as you can help us by giving you referrals to tried and tested moving companies. Company offerings can be very clear on the website,. But if you are still hesitant about making a commitment, customer testimonials can greatly help! Go for the website that represents the company authentically, is well-suited to your needs, and has been recommended by a trusted person in your acquaintance. 

Insured and Registered 

The major advantage that you get when you hire a house cleaning company is that they will almost always have insurance. Sure, cleaning jobs don’t entail a huge risk, but people are always concerned about leaving cleaning staff behind while they are away at work. With cleaning companies, you have the added assurance of all damages being covered if theft or injury occurs. Companies like ours take the responsibility we owe to our customers very seriously. It is for showcasing that same commitment that while perusing cleaning companies, you should always note if they have the means to cover stolen items, damage to property, or an injured worker. Just simply request them to share with you their coverage policies, and you’ll be good to go. 

The assurance these companies bring to clients results in a slightly higher cost of hiring since insurance coverage results in increased costs. However, these extra precautions are vital- we live in a litigious world and you don’t want to risk anything by letting complete strangers into your home!

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Efficiency, Experience, and Proficiency 

The next big thing to look at in your pursuit of hiring the company best-suited to your cleaning needs is how good they are at what they do. One of the biggest indicators of a company’s service standards is how long they have been in business. This will give you a good idea of how well-trusted this company is to be operational and profitable for this long. The second thing you should look for is company accreditation and affiliations. Industry awards and acknowledgments given by magazines and authorities also represent that the company is doing well. This offers you that extra edge of reassurance you may need before opening up your house to a cleaning company. 

In our case, we have received a 5-star rating across trusted social media platforms like Yelp, Facebook, BBB, and Angie’s List. This showcases that we are committed to maintaining an excellent standard of services, keeping in line with tailored customer requirements. This also helps our team bask in praise for their hard work and maintain those high standards in every cleaning job they tackle! Make sure to check for affiliations, reviews, and testimonials to see what customers are saying about cleaning companies. This gives you an array of options to choose from, and sufficient warning to not spend your hard-earned dollars consulting those that don’t have the same credentials. 

Thoroughness to the T 

Companies that are handling every facet of the service should be a big indicator that they do their job well. Prior to them coming to your house to actually undertake the cleaning, they should ask to see it in pictures. Or discuss a plan with you in detail over the telephone or email. You may be thinking: why such a fuss over cleaning? Simply because of the number of things that could go wrong: if the cleaning isn’t undertaken properly, if damages occur or if you come back home to a pungent smell of disinfectant.

A company’s consultation procedures and pre-cleaning discussions with you go a long way to exhibit their commitment and thoroughness. How will they go about the cleaning? How many people will be on the team? What packages do they offer? Do they take requests? What’s the fixed charge for general cleaning? Do they charge extra for other tasks, and by how much? If they customize the services for you, they should tell you what the package entails. If it involves the same service each time irrespective of your particular needs, that has to be clarified ahead of time as well.

All these questions being answered ahead of time are fundamental in helping you determine their ethos of dedication and communication. Let’s be honest: nobody wishes to pay a disorganized or mismanaged team of people to clean their house. And therefore getting answers to all your queries prior to the service is very important.

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Compensation for Dissatisfaction

Without mincing your words or falling over backward on politeness, you should make sure to ask the hard questions. These revolve around the compensation the company offers for damage, breakage, and unsatisfactory results. 

What the company does if a customer is satisfied with the service performed is another indicator of their policies. It’s a common occurrence for things to break or dislodge while cleaning. It is the response, apology, and compensation on the company’s part that makes or breaks the service. 

Who’s the Team? 

It is important to note that when a cleaning company is coming into your house, they have access to your most sacred places and are within reach of your cherished valuables, and it is, therefore, essential to understanding who you are actually opening your doors for. Making sure that the company performs background checks on all employees is the first thing you should look into. If they don’t- well then that’s it, you cannot be expected to let strangers into your home, especially in your absence. 

Another important thing to find out is whether the employees at the cleaning company are hired on a rotating basis or are permanent members of the team. A company with a consistent roster of employees offers you the assurance that they are all trusted. And for long-term or regular work, you can hire them comfortably. You can also ask the company what their vetting process comprises and whether all employees are subject to that vetting. Since the employees are going to be in such close quarters with your home, it’s important to hire only the company which does the most stringent checks while hiring. If you are a busy person and wants to book an easy and fast cleaning for your home, read how to book online house cleaning services.

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A good workman never blames his tools. But this doesn’t mean old, low-grade cleaning supplies will excuse shoddy work! At My Cleaning Angel, we use only industry-standard, non-abrasive, and environmentally-friendly cleaning products while we clean your premises. Why is this important? Heavy disinfectants and scrubbers can ruin the shine on your furniture and floors. Not to mention that they smell up a storm! You should make sure the company you are hiring doesn’t use harsh chemicals that can leave a problematic residue or harmful fumes. 

Nobody would like to walk into a house that reeks of industrial, pungent disinfectant. Some companies can be different in that they require you to provide the products. Enabling you to have control over the supplies, which also costs you a bit less.

“One mop in one house” policies are always the best to adopt or the cleaning will be counter-productive. With the dirt of someone else’s house arriving on your doorstep. Green-friendly, low-waste and sweet-smelling products and supplies such as reusable microfiber cleaners are a must-have for any good cleaning company. Minimizing cross-contamination is very important during these times. So make sure not to compromise on non-biodegradable disposable wipes for your beloved home!

Need reasons to start green cleaning? The Spruce put together 10 reasons for you to start green cleaning in your home.

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House Cleaning At Your Service

House Cleaning Services can be a hard task to do, and experienced cleaners provide the best cleaning strategies for your apartment or home. Consider getting it cleaned as soon as the home is empty. This ensure you leave the home cleaned and increases the chance of getting your deposit back. Book now online your move out cleaning with us, we get the job done!