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Slide Jennifer Z. | St Pete. FL Hi, my name is Jennifer, I’m a native from Florida, mother and a My Cleaning Angel’s client. I work full time in St Pete and rarely come home before 7 pm. The minute I’m inside the house, I only have energy to heat up the dinner for my two little boys and my husband. Sadly, it seems like every Friday, my husband and I negotiate who cleans the kitchen and who wipes the bathrooms. We can’t go a single weekend without worrying about cleaning. Luckily all of this has changed for the better. A few months ago I saw an ad for My Cleaning Angel after reading many Google reviews, I thought why not? I schedule a one time cleaning and have not stopped using them ever since. The cleaners take only 2 hours, which is half the time I take and does twice the job, leaving our kitchen and bathrooms spotless. They bring their own supplies and even fold clothes, change sheets and vacuum floors. All we have to do is get out of the house. At this point, my family has no reason to stop using My Cleaning Angel. It’s cheap, quick and safe. Now I just have to figure out where to take my family this saturday while My Cleaning Angel works their magic. Slide Lisa | Tampa, FL Hi there, my name is Lisa and I’m from Tampa, Florida and I’m just sharing my experience with My Cleaning Angel that recently came to my house. I had a wonderful experience using their services. Basically I found those ladies were extremely courteous and very professional, which just isn’t easy to find anymore. But what really impressed me was the results they got in the bathrooms, I mean, they took all the hard water marks that others couldn’t. And the smell of their green products, well, it’s just amazing. So look, give them a try, I know I’m super glad that I did, and I’ll do again, thank you so much My Cleaning Angel, you guys are the best. Slide Jane C. | Clearwater, FL Hello I'm Jane from Clearwater Florida. I am sharing today my experience with My Cleaning Angel. My husband and I recently moved to florida and were looking for a reliable cleaning agency we can count on. They did a deep cleaning the first time after construction on our new home. Then we've decided to keep them for bi-weekly cleaning services, we are getting older so some areas we can't reach anymore. They provide Green Products and they have been sending always the same cleaners, which is good, so that way they already know our house. I receive reminders by text and email so I don't forget about it. Just check all My Cleaning Angel reviews, you won't be disappointed. I have had them for over 3 years. I'll recommend them to anyone that is looking for professional work, reliability and consistency which is important. Slide Jonathan | Fort Lauderdale, FL Hey my name is Jonathan Chase and I have a small business here in Florida that I’ve had for many many years. I’ve had a few companies that would come in nights and weekends to clean up the space, and sometimes they did a pretty good job but I found more times than not they were slacking, they wouldn't all crash cans or they would vacuum some rooms but leave other rooms, because they look like they didn’t need to be vacuumed, they didn’t do the bathrooms every day like I asked them to do and so I’ve always found a lot of little issues here and there with some of the companies that I’ve used over the years. When I started using My Cleaning Angel, you know, I gave them their instructions, and now after 3 months I’m still incredibly happy. All the bathrooms smell fresh, the toilets smell fresh, all of the rooms are vacuumed, even if they look like it don’t need to be, I still see that there are things even if it’s just a little speck of paper that’s left on the floor, it’s vacuumed up. The windows are clean, they really do a great job and I’m incredibly happy, so I just wanted to tell you guys thank you so much, keep up the great work. You know, if this keeps going on I’ll be using it for a very long time, and that’s what I’m looking for, so thank you guys. Slide Sue F. | Coral Gables, FL My husband and I just purchased a home in Coral Gables and needed a move-in cleaning. We needed to clean and disinfect the entire house from top to bottom, especially with what's going on. My Cleaning Angel was referred to us by a friend, they sent their fantastic cleaners and did an amazing job. The house looks new. If you're looking for reliable, thorough cleaners and easy online booking, look no further. They are really good! Slide Joseph | Coral Gables, FL My name is Joseph, my wife and I live in New Jersey and recently bought a rental property in Florida that we put on Airbnb, Vrbo and Homeaway. When we have guests it is important for us to have a reliable partner to go in, clean, disinfect and get our unit ready in between our tenants. They really do everything for us including laundry, and don't miss any cleanings! I mean My Cleaning Angel reviews speak for themself. It's easy to use, with their phone app you can schedule, manage and track the cleaning whenever you want and we save a lot of time, and time is money! Give it a try, we did and we are very happy.
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