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By simplifig the entire process we made it so easy so our customers understsand our services so we can focus on just putting a smile on your face.


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What customers are saying

  • I highly recommend My Cleaning Angel. It is so easy to book a cleaning - just give them a call. Vickie and Felipe are absolutely wonderful!

  • Diane Schaaf

    Went above and beyond I could not have asked for a better job 110% commitment the house looks amazing I will be hiring again for monthly clean Went above and beyond I could not have asked for a better job 110% commitment the house looks amazing I will be hiring again for monthly clean. Andre in Maricopa were amazing

  • William Cicarro

    I’m amazed on the cleaning they did for me, Loved all the details they did and I’m so happy I found a company I can now stick with went through plenty company’s before I found the right one!

  • Melissa Myers

    I hired My Cleaning Angel for the great reviews they had. I wanted to have an easy booking and front pricing. I search so I booked directly through their website. I didnt want to be present and I couldnt be present for my cleaning since I work from monday to friday. They when I got home all was done. I was so happy. at the end of the day I received an email asking if everything was ok. Everything ws so easy. I would recommend this company to anyone that want an super easy process and upfront price. GO to the site its all there like magic. Thank you so much.

  • Me You

    Excellent cleaning service. Go the extra mile to ensure all clean. Thank you Max and Isabel

  • Karen Doig

    On time, outstanding job done in the expected timeframe. I will call them again!

  • I couldnt ask for betther, thank you so much!

  • Md Riaz uddin

    My house cleaning service always find quality house cleaning company. Carpet cleaner is very important for dust remove. House cleaning near me Tampa FL ???? my cleaning angel. They have quality workers discounted price for house/ home cleaning near me.

  • Max, Isabelle and Leslie cleaned our house thoroughly in less than two hours. We were well pleased. I highly recommend this company for a job well done.

  • Florence

    Vickie and Philippe, worked well together as a team and did a Great Job! I will request that team when I use the service again. Thanks for Everything

  • sonia bravo

    They are wonderful people such hard workers

  • William Lefort

    Katia cleaned the whole house like a true profesional. When compagnies i had before sent 2 ladies she was able to do the same job alone.

  • The cleaning associate arrived on time, did what was requested at the time of scheduling and finished early. Our customer was very pleased with the results, which makes us look good too. We did have an issue with the billing and Louis was able to identify the issue and take care of it right away for us. Great customer service!

  • Judite Da Silva

    They have very profissional cleaners because they pay them better than their competitors. I had Juliana she comes here on a bi weekly basis. She can get areas me and my husband cant longer reach.

  • Meg

    I got a one time cleaning for my one bedroom apartment with no add-ons. The cleaners went above what I thought they would do. It’s so refreshing to have a clean home!!

  • Nicole comes to my house every week and does an amazing job. I recommend her to everyone, she's very detailed oriented, she provides her own supplies and is very polite.

  • Diane Schaaf

    Tatyana was amazing the team goes above and beyond never disappointed.

  • elaine wise

  • Tony Carlesimo

    Excellent results. Vinnie provided the service and did a fantastic job.

  • Decided to hire some extra help with some deep cleaning in my home that I could not seem get to. Being a Mom of 3 littles under 4, my Hubby and I stay barely afloat with the day-to-day tasks, let alone extra cleaning tasks like hand prints on walls or caked on dirt that falls in sliding glass door tracks, the randoms that need your attention. I have to say, I thought I was being so boogie hiring a cleaning service but I am so glad I did! I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!!! We had Vini and he was AMAZING! He remembered everything I asked of him and more. Not only was the deep cleaning done but he even picked up the toys under my kids beds, amazing touch! I was just blown away with his service and I WILL be using My Cleaning Angel in the future! Thank you Vini! #givehimabonus

  • Vicki Clark

    "Team Vinnie and Lucia" were by far the best cleaning team ever. They were on-time, professional, extremely thorough, kind, and courteous. They went above and beyond any other cleaning crew I've worked with, and I highly recommend them for deep cleaning or any other cleaning service required.

  • Celia Henson

    Vinny and Suela did an amazing job on our house. They were on time, professional, and very nice. I will be reaching out to have them clean regularly.

  • Dan Bade

    the reviews talk for themselves folks. I've tried other agency none compare to those guys. They are efficient you book a cleaning through their online form and in a few seconds its done. No need to call someone that barely speaks english sometimes. I don't care we all from somewhere but what a step ahead. I put the notes the lady comes here. All their cleaners seem very happy to work with them. But of course you have to pay a little more than the average to get a little better job than the average no secrets there. I feel better when the cleaners receives the biggest part for the job and not someone sit on a chair on the beach somewhere. I'm very happy I've tried their services thank you so much for the great work. Lucia and Soeli and Luis were my favorites.

  • Mary Snyder

    They are excellent, I can’t believe how clean they got my house, especially the bathroom. They were here for two hours and never stopped. It’s amazing what a difference. And you can trust them. I can’t recommend them enough, trust me I’m very particular and they do a fantastic job.

  • Nilo Frota

    The team (Vinícius and Suely) were awesome! They did everything I asked for perfectly.

  • First time ever using a cleaning service and Vini did an extremely wonderful job! I’m so happy with the result and would highly recommend cleaning angel and Vini. He did a deep cleaning that was great. They will be my go to.

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