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Move In Cleaning Jacksonville

Having the property in good order is important whether you are selling it, renting it out and want your security deposit returned, or returning a house. Book online in 60 seconds, choose move in cleaning in Jscksonville, and then enter the size of your house.

Thorough Checklist, Upfront Pricing

Two easy options to choose from. Regular cleaning to do a good cleaning on the basics of the home. Add the Move in Cleaning Pack to be more thorough.

Home Dusting (Furniture, TV, Picture Frames etc...)
All Floors Vacuumed and Mopped
Bathrooms: Tub, toilet and sink area thoroughly cleaned and disinfected
Kitchen: Wipe down all counters, backsplash, sink area, spot cleaning the outsides of cabinets
Small Appliances In and Out. (Microwave, Coffee Machine)
Bigger Appliances Only Outside. (Fridge, Oven)
Ceiling Fans and Blinds
Baseboards and Doors
Inside Fridge +$20 +$40 ✔*
Inside Oven +$30
Inside Cabinets +$60 ✔*
Inside Windows +$60 +$100 +$60 +$100 +$60 +$100

*If empty

Move In Cleaning Checklist


Full Residential Cleaning Checklist


Services We Don’t Offer

  • PWipe Bulbs and Glass Fixtures
  • PPutting Away Dishes
  • PClean Chandeliers / Glass Lamps
  • PClean TV's and Computer Monitors
  • PMoving Or Lifting Anything Over 25 lbs
  • PCleaning Bio-Hazards (Mold, Blood, Bodily, Fluids)
  • PCleaning Up Animal Waste
  • PCleaning Cat Litter Box and On Floor
  • PCleaning Insects / Rodents
  • PHeavy Scrubbing Walls / Doors
  • PCleaning High To Reach Areas & Windows
  • PWashing Exterior Windows
  • PCleaning Anything Outside The Home
  • PHoarding, High Levels of Trash / Debris
  • PStepping Higher Than 2 Steps On A Ladder

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move in cleaning jacksonvillemove in cleaning jacksonville
move in cleaning jacksonvillemove in cleaning jacksonville

Move In Cleaning Jacksonville

To Settle In Easily

Why do you need Move in Cleaning in Jacksonville?

Moving can be a daunting and stressful process. From packing and organizing to managing everything in between, it can be a lot to handle. Not to mention, the added responsibility of cleaning your previous home or apartment before handing it over to new tenants or homeowners. However, with move in cleaning Jacksonville, you can take some of that stress away and ensure that your previous living space is left in excellent condition.

A move in clean is an essential task that can help you meet the expectations of the next occupants. These services can also assist in ensuring that you receive your full security deposit without any deductions for cleaning fees. In addition, move in cleaning Jacksonville can help sanitize all surfaces, ensuring that everything is clean and disinfected, including kitchen equipment like ovens and refrigerators and bathrooms. They can also eliminate any unpleasant odors from your previous home.

By hiring move in cleaning services, you can rest easy as you transition to your new residence. With everything taken care of professionally, you can have peace of mind knowing that your old home is in top condition for the next occupants.

How Move In Cleaning In Jacksonville Is Done?

Are you in the process of moving into a new home or apartment? If so, it’s likely that you want to start fresh without any dirt, dust, or grime left behind from the previous occupants. This is where move in cleaning in Jacksonville can make all the difference. This process involves a thorough, deep cleaning of every aspect of the living space to ensure that it’s fresh and sparkling clean.

From sweeping or vacuuming all floors to wiping down surfaces, cleaning windows and mirrors, and scrubbing bathroom and kitchen fixtures, no detail is overlooked during a professional move in cleaning in Jacksonville. Additionally, experienced cleaners may mop floors, dust and wipe down baseboards and ceiling fans, and remove any cobwebs or debris to guarantee a spotless home.

While it’s possible to tackle move in cleaning independently, hiring professional cleaners can be a smart choice when it comes to saving time and ensuring a comprehensive job. So, why not consider investing in move in cleaning services and start enjoying your gorgeous new home with total peace of mind?

How to Clean a New Home In Jacksonville?

Cleaning a new home in Jacksonville can be an overwhelming task, but with proper planning and approach, it can be a manageable task. Here are some tips to help in cleaning a new home in Jacksonville:

1. Start with dusting: Dust all surfaces including baseboards, cabinets, ceiling fixtures, and other high areas to remove debris left behind during construction.

2. Clean the floors: Vacuum and mop all floors, including carpets and hardwood to remove any dirt or dust left behind.

3. Clean the windows: Wipe down windows, doors, and mirrors with a glass cleaner to remove smudges and fingerprints.

4. Clean the bathrooms: Scrub the bathrooms thoroughly, clean the toilets, sinks, showers, and tubs.

5. Kitchen Cleaning: Wipe down cabinets, countertops, and appliances, and disinfect sinks and countertops.

6. Air Quality: Open windows and doors and run fans to refresh the indoor air quality.

7. Hire a professional: Consider hiring a professional cleaning company that specializes in post-construction cleaning with trained staff and the right equipment to handle the job.

By following these tips, one can achieve a clean, dust-free, and healthy living environment in their Jacksonville home.

Why You Should Choose My Cleaning Angel?

Moving into a new home can be a stressful process, and the last thing anyone wants to deal with is the hassle of move in cleaning Jacksonville. But worry not, because at My Cleaning Angel, we understand the importance of having a clean and fresh start to your new life in Jacksonville. We take pride in providing excellent move-in cleaning services to ensure that your new home is spotless and welcoming.

Our team comprises experienced and professional cleaners who have the necessary expertise and skills to tackle any cleaning task. We believe that every home is unique, which is why we offer personalized cleaning services tailored to your specific needs and preferences. We care about the environment, which is why we use only eco-friendly cleaning products and methods that are efficient, thorough, and safe for you, your family, and the environment.

Our detailed checklist covers every corner of your new home, from scrubbing the kitchen appliances to disinfecting all the bathrooms and everything in between. You can rely on us for reliable, efficient and affordable move-in cleaning services in Jacksonville. We stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee, so you can always feel confident in our services. Let us help you save time and energy, so you can focus on settling into your new home. Choose My Cleaning Angel today!

Getting Move In Cleaning With My Cleaning Angel

Relocating from one place to another can be strenuous and may require tedious effort, time, and energy to ensure a smooth process. Unfortunately, cleaning your old or new property is one less task you do not want to think about. But there is no need to fret when you have My Cleaning Angel – a professional move-in cleaning service with top-rated services that will give you one less thing to stress about.

With My Cleaning Angel, you can be rest assured that your new home will be clean and ready for you to move in. Their move-in cleaning services involve the cleaning of all surfaces, including floors, walls, countertops, bathrooms, and kitchens with deep cleaning. Additionally, they offer an array of personalized cleaning like the cleaning of inside cabinets and drawers or organizing all your closets. This will provide you with the opportunity to save time, energy, and focus on other aspects of your move without worrying about cleaning.

Moreover, their team of experienced cleaners will provide excellent service, paying attention to detail and making sure that your home is spotless and free from any dirt or debris. Contact My Cleaning Angel for all your move-in cleaning needs, and you won’t regret it!

What Should You Clean Before Move In?

Before moving into a new home, it’s essential to clean it thoroughly to ensure a healthy living environment. The following areas should be cleaned before move-in:

1. Kitchen: Clean all the surfaces, cabinets, refrigerator, and oven to get rid of any dirt or germs left by the previous occupants. Wipe down the kitchen drawers and shelves thoroughly.

2. Bathroom: Scrub the bathroom sink, toilet, shower, and tub. Ensure that the bathroom is sanitized to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.

3. Floors: Vacuum and mop every room to remove any dust or debris that could trigger allergies.

4. Walls: Clean the walls to eliminate any smudges or stains that could detract from the property’s overall appearance.

5. Windows: Dust and clean the windows to enhance the level of natural light in your home.

6. Other miscellaneous areas: For instance, dusting light fixtures, cleaning baseboards, and airing out the home works wonders.

With a few cleaning solutions and a little elbow grease, a thorough cleaning can enhance the overall living experience in your new home.

My Cleaning Angel Offers Many Cleaning Services

We also offer Recurring Services (Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly) leaving your home squeaky clean all month long. Our Rental Cleaning is for you that have a rental house like Airbnb or Homeaway. Move In Cleaning when you’re getting into new home and Move Out Cleaning for you that are leaving. Done some remodeling? Consider our Post Construction Cleaning Service, those cleanings are very intense and we can bring back your house new again. We clean houses and apartments. Contact us to learn more.

Why Get A Move In Cleaning

Questions Left?

We are here to make your life simple. Still have questions?
Don’t hesitate to contact us.

What's Included In Move In And Move Out Cleaning?

All items included in a regular cleaning plus some extra items, that’s what is included in a move in cleaning. You can check in our checklist the full list of items we clean in a move in cleaning. There are some listed below so you can check.

Move in or move out cleaning:
– All  Floors vacuumed + mopped,
– Dusting of the entire home,
– Bathrooms: tub, toilet and sink area thoroughly cleaned and disinfected,
– Kitchen: Wipe down all counters, backsplash, sink area, spot cleaning the outside of cabinets
– Baseboards
– Blinds and cabinets
– Ceiling fans

If you still wonder what does a move in cleaning include, check our article.

How To Do Your Move In Cleaning Successfully?

The world nowadays is blazing fast and very few manage to be able to match its pace. The best possible way for you to catch up with the rapid hustle and bustle of the surroundings lies here with our ‘Ready, Set, Go!’ guide. It entails all the necessary steps to perform beforehand before you move in into your already-cleaned new unit. 

Ask yourself if cleaning is a project or a practice for you. If it’s a project and you cannot deal with the stress of doing it all on your own, you can always hire help. If it’s a practice, here’s a list to get you familiarized with some cleaning pro-tips. Doing things in advance is never a bad idea; cut your work in half by having the apartment ready and clean enough to settle down. The post-move in cleaning will ensure an unhackneyed space, resulting in a clean sheet move in.

Do You Have Tips On Move In Cleaning To Landlords?

While owning a property certainly has its perks, preparing for a change in tenancy can be quite tough. Move in cleaning is undoubtedly one of the most stressful aspects of renting out a property, as your place needs to be well maintained and in tip-top condition. Every tenant moving into your place deserves to have a clean and hygienic environment, and it is your responsibility as a landlord to make sure you hand them over the house in its best shape. That’s why we gathered 8 tips for landlords when your tenants are moving.

Are you confused about how to clean your property during tenancy changes? Look no further! My Cleaning Angel brings to you the ultimate checklist about move in cleaning, complete with tips and tricks to leave your property gleaming! 

Do I Need A Move In Cleaning?

If your house is empty and you are moving in to a new home, we sure do recommend that type of cleaning. Last professional cleaning in the last 60 days.

Do I Need To Be Home During The Cleaning?

The first time you use our services it is better for you to be home to welcome the cleaner. Show the cleaner around and at the end be present to see the results.

If you’re a regular don’t forget to add notes on how to access the home. If we can’t access the property you’ll be charged. You have 24 hours to call for complaints.

How Does The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Work?

We require our first time customers to be home when they use our services to avoid dissatisfaction. In fact by being there at the end of the job we make sure you like the job before we left your home.

Now if you notice something after the cleaner leave you have 24 hours to contact us and we’ll resend the same cleaner to finish.

When Will I Be Charged?

To book a cleaning we require a credit or debit card to hold the reservation. The amount is put on hold 24 hours before the cleaning crew arrived to make sure we have a valid card. The charge only occurs at the end of the cleaning.

Do We Have Insurance?

Yes, our cleaners are protected and we have insurance up to 1 million dollars.

How Much Will Move Out Cleaning Cost?

The price of your Move-out Cleaning will vary depending on the square footage of your home. We have a standard cleaning that is priced by the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and then you need to select the pack MIMO for the size of your home.

How Do I Book My First Appointment For Move Out Cleaning?

We made booking fast and easy, you just need to go to our booking page, add your home informations to get an instant quote and book your home cleaning. If you prefer it, you can call us at (813) 576-2009 and one of our employees will gladly tell you all about our services.

How To Clean My Apartment Before Moving In?

A new apartment brings endless possibilities. Imagine you are finally moving into your new apartment with your new and exciting ideas of décor. The feeling is indescribable such that you cannot wait to unpack! But before you get started on the fun part, you have to focus on performing an extensive cleaning ritual.

This ritual is known as a move in cleaning. Only a few individuals realize its importance, but it is nonetheless vital for the health and well being of anyone moving into a new apartment. A move-in clean makes your place truly yours, which means it is just as important as a move-out clean. 

A house may look clean when you move in, but in reality, it is likely to contain loads of hidden dirt, dust, grime, and filth which might be lurking with disease-spreading germs. An apartment  move in cleaning helps you become more familiar with your space and have complete peace of mind as you sanitize along. 

A move-in clean is also the easiest to carry out when the apartment lies empty. While some apartment owners prefer to do it themselves, deep cleaning before a move-in is always best done by a professional cleaning company like My Cleaning Angel. Our specialist apartment move in cleaning services will give your new apartment a thorough cleanse, ready for you to move in! Check more on our article.


How Much Will Move In Cleaning Cost?

The price of your Move In Cleaning will vary depending on the square footage of your home. We have a standard cleaning that is priced by the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and then you need to select the pack Move In/Move Out for the size of your home.

Do You Offer Green Or Eco-Friendly Cleaning For Move Out Cleaning?

Many of our cleaning products are green cleaning products, but, if these gentle liquids aren’t enough to do the job, we will use stronger, non-green ones. Please let us know if you would like to limit our products to green only or you. canselect the exrra on the options.

Do You Service My Area For Move In Cleaning?

You can find all the locations we serve at

If you don’t find your city here, please call us at (813) 576-2009

Are There Any Services You Don't Offer?

We are specialized in Residential Cleaning Services and small offices. We don’t do anything outside homes and anything taller than a step stool.

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