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Getting the keys to your new house after a lot of struggles added with the journey of moving into your new home is truly an indescribable feeling. The happiness that accompanies your new home is priceless and your brain constantly fires ideas of new decor, set-up plans, and renovation to give you the feeling of belonging that you deserve. But before you unpack your belongings and get to decorating, an extensive move in cleaning must be your priority. 

To make the place truly yours, you need to give in adequate effort and dedication. Your new home needs the affection of its new inhabitants. It is well known that to accomplish great things, you need a great plan. With this complete guide to move-in cleaning, you will get the help needed to come up with a great move-in cleaning plan!

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Why Do You Need To Do A Move-In Clean?

Moving into a previously occupied space or a new one requires some deep cleaning. Even if the requirements of your newly bought home included a move out clean, you can be unsure about what you might be dealing with once you start living there. 

Not only is cleaning a good way of getting to know the house better, but it is also a great way to gain peace of mind when your surroundings are sanitized. It also helps in giving your home a personal touch, which will make you feel cozy and welcome. 

To ensure absolute cleanliness, overseeing cleaning or doing it yourself will give it the standard that you approve of. So, while your house is empty and your belongings are still unpacked, make the most out of this opportunity and give your home a thorough cleaning before you shift your focus on other tasks that your new home requires. 

What Do You Need For A Move-In Clean?

Before you officially begin the cleaning, a trip to a supermarket will prove beneficial for you. We have compiled a checklist for the perfect cleaning toolkit you need to carry out the move-in cleaning smoothly. 

  • Vacuum cleaners are essential to remove the debris from floors and upholstery.
  • Cleaning sprays for the kitchen, bathroom, glass, and general surfaces.
  • Concentrated cleaning liquid for tough, stubborn cleaning challenges.
  • Disinfecting and sanitizing liquids are vital for a safer environment.
  • Microfiber cleaning mops and cloths are better at catching dust and absorbing liquid. 
  • Cleaning tools such as squeegee, sponges, including melamine foam sponge and scrubs, aid the deep clean process.
  • Protective gear such as hand gloves to keep the chemicals from harming you

To protect you from the use of harmful chemicals, we recommend sticking to natural cleaning methods. Store-bought cleaners have harsh chemicals which impose a threat of degrading different materials and are regarded as health hazards in case of spillage or accidents. Therefore, natural products are much safer and inexpensive move in cleaning alternatives.

In this case, baking soda and vinegar can do most cleaning jobs far more effectively. Baking soda, specifically, is also helpful in removing foul odors without any sort of negative impact. 

Vinegar is a multi-cleaning homemade product that allows you to remove buildup and gunk in showerheads and cleaning the inside of the microwave when heated. 

For an effective disinfecting spray, all you need is a solution of rubbing alcohol and vinegar, along with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Your antibacterial disinfectant will help you in cleaning and ensuring that your surfaces are sanitized.

Another effective homemade product is a solution of hydrogen peroxide and distilled water, with few drops of scented essential oil. This makes an excellent DIY-all-purpose cleaner ready to clean use.

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Essential Places You Need To Take Care Of

There are some areas of your new home that might require special attention. This will satisfy you in terms of cleaning standards and prevent any health risks that an unclean environment might promote. It is a sizable cleaning job initially, but once you work your way through the move-in cleaning process, you will realize that it was worth it. 

Cleaning Your Bedroom

Living in a home filled with allergens is not ideal, whether it’s a new or a previously occupied one. To avoid starting up or flaring up existing allergies, a move in cleaning of your rooms is highly recommended. If you have multiple bedrooms a great tip is to clean all the bedrooms first, excluding the flooring. Then collectively work your way from room to room, vacuuming and mopping the floors without having to constantly switch between different cleaning supplies. 

Here’s everything you need to do: 

  • Dust all light fixtures and ceiling fans.
  • Dust other surfaces such as blinds, intake vents, return vents. 
  • Clean glass surfaces such as window panes, mirrors, and doors.
  • Deep window cleaning including window sills.
  • Vacuum the carpets and floors.
  • Clean the closet interior and exterior.
  • Clean any marks or cobwebs on the walls and baseboards.
  • Wipe the doors, door frames, and handles.
  • Disinfect all surfaces. 

Cleaning Your Bathrooms

Cleaning your bathrooms thoroughly is very important even if they appear clean on the outside. You need to disinfect them with an effective bathroom cleaner and once they are clean, don’t forget to wipe, mop, and dry the floor.

Things you need to ensure are as follows: 

  • Cleaning all light fixtures.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing bathtubs, shower walls, and shower screens.
  • Getting rid of molds.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the toilet inside out. 
  • Wiping countertops and shelves.
  • Cleaning cabinet interior and exterior.
  • Deep window cleaning including window sills.
  • Cleaning bathroom floors, including the scrubbing of tiles.
  • Cleaning any marks or cobwebs on the walls and baseboards.
  • Wiping the doors, door frames, and handles.
  • Disinfecting all surfaces. 

Cleaning Your Kitchen

The risk of toxin exposure in the kitchen is not just limited to contact, it can also harm you through ingestion. Therefore the move in clean of your kitchen is vital, and it is one of the most satisfying cleaning experiences if done right. 

Here’s everything you need to take care of when it comes to cleaning your kitchen.

  • The dusting of all light fixtures
  • Cleaning and sanitizing sink, backsplash, and taps.
  • Wiping countertops and shelves.
  • Cleaning cabinet interior and exterior.
  • The dusting of blinds, ledges, and frames.
  • Washing and organizing the dishes and cutlery.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting all appliances inside and out such as oven, stove, microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher, etc.
  • Cleaning glass surfaces such as window panes, mirrors, and doors.
  • Deep window cleaning including window sills.
  • Vacuuming the carpets, rugs, floors; especially the ones under appliances or furniture.
  • Cleaning any marks, grease, and cobwebs on the walls and baseboards.
  • Disinfecting all surfaces. 

Things You Need To Get Rid Of

Unfortunately, in most cases, the previous owners of the house left behind some of their used belongings. Tackling that is a hassle, considering you already have to deal with your own belongings and their setup. 

Here are some of the most common items left by the old inhabitants that you must immediately get rid of while you do your cleaning: 

  1. Toilet seats and shower curtains: There is no question that you need to get rid of these bathroom products as soon as possible. Reinstalling this isn’t as expensive and can ensure proper hygiene and cleanliness standards. 
  2. Old mattress and pillows: Getting rid of the mattress and pillows is equally important. Your sleeping environment must prevail with the best quality and getting rid of used bed sets is the first step in achieving so. 
  3. Cutlery and utensils: Once again, you must not use previously owned kitchen items and must get rid of them before you unpack your own, to avoid confusion. These are a source of pathogens you don’t need near you, therefore taking care of them is highly important. 

The circumstances differ for everyone, depending on the fact whether you’re moving into an old or new home. However, in case you’re dealing with any of these items you must take appropriate measures.

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A thorough cleanup of your home to your preference will help you gain a better understanding of your new house which is important when making decisions regarding decorating or renovation. It will help you figure out how to go about your renovation or decoration so that you don’t run into any problems.

Finally, once your move in cleaning finishes, your new living space will gain a personal touch, taking you one step closer to calling it home. Instead of cleaning, book cleaning service online can be a solution. Book a move in cleaning with My Cleaning Angel and have one less thing to worry.