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How Important Is Fall Cleaning

How Important Is Fall Cleaning

Fall is the perfect time to do a thorough deep clean of your home before the winter season approaches in full swing. Although the term “fall cleaning” may not be as commonplace as “spring cleaning,” it’s an important time of year to declutter and organize your home. A deep cleaning puts you in a great headspace for the rest of the year. 

Whether it’s feeling more relaxed when you wake up in the morning. Or giving yourself a more peaceful place to unwind at night. Keeping your space tidy can have a huge impact on your overall well-being. With that in mind, here are a few reasons why cleaning in the fall should be your top priority.

Five Reasons Why Fall Cleaning Is Important

Fall season means the kids are back in school, you have a little more time on your hands. And it’s just getting cool enough that you can open up your windows and let some fresh air in! It’s the ideal time to bring the cleaning supplies out. Or, you can also choose to hire from several cleaning services available, like MyCleaningAngel. Here are a few reasons why fall cleaning is important.

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The Crisp Weather Means More Time Spent Inside

The idea of cleaning the house before the cold hits is arguable. You might wonder what’s the point? You’ll just have to clean it again after Thanksgiving, right? 

When the temperature drops outside, you close your windows and start cranking up that thermostat. This means that all of the air inside your house will be recirculated through your HVAC system for weeks on end. Without being replaced by any fresh air from outside. This can lead to a buildup of dust and allergens (and don’t forget those pesky dust mites!) that could cause health risks like severe allergic reactions and respiratory issues to anyone who is exposed.

The Holiday Season Is Around the Corner

If the holidays sound like more of a headache than a happy time, it might be because you’re not prepared. If you’re not prepared, it’s probably because you don’t have a good place to start. Luckily, fall cleaning can help with that. It’s the perfect time to clean everything from your closets to your kitchen – anywhere there might be clutter or unfinished projects; before the holidays arrive and bring even more gift boxes and leftover packaging! So when your relatives come over for Thanksgiving, you’ll be glad you took the time to do a little cleaning beforehand.

You’ll clear out Unwanted Clutter

Decluttering is the best way to make your home organized. If you’ve been hoarding clothes, shoes, accessories, and other items, now is the time to get rid of them. Discard anything that you haven’t used in a long time or give it away.

Clean out drawers and cabinets. If your kitchen cabinets or drawers and not organized, then you’re likely wasting time looking for things when you need them. Cleaning out requires only a few minutes, but it can save you lots of time in the long run. The same goes for bathrooms: get rid of old makeup and hair products that are past their expiration dates or that don’t work well anymore. 

Decluttering helps you prepare for the upcoming months. You can use the extra space you create during fall cleaning to store items that you’ll need over the holidays or for winter. This will make your life easier.

Cleaning is Therapeutic

Cleaning is just plain satisfying, and it can help you de-stress, too. You might want to turn on some music or make a playlist of songs that make you happy to get in the zone. Once you’ve started, you’ll find yourself enjoying the process rather than dreading it. Fall cleaning is the perfect opportunity for you to prepare your home for the hectic holiday season approaching. It helps to stay organized so you can focus on other aspects of your life! Fall cleaning is also a great way to manage stress, which can help prevent anxiety disorders.

Keep the Pests Away

Now that summer is over; it’s time to get your home ready for fall. As the weather cools, pests such as ants, mice, and cockroaches will be looking for a place to stay warm. And they’re more likely to find their way into your home if it isn’t properly cleaned and maintained. If you don’t want spiders and other pests invading your home in winter, it may be wise to do a thorough fall cleaning before they come looking for warmth and shelter.

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Fall Cleaning Tips

It’s that time of year again! Fall is here, and the leaves are changing colors, the temperature is dropping, and we’re looking for ways to get our homes ready for the cold winter months. If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to clean your home this fall, here are some useful tips that will help you along the way. 


Vacuum all of your floors, including rugs, carpets, and hardwood floors. The best way to do this is with an upright vacuum, but if you have stairs or hard-to-reach places, consider using a handheld vacuum instead. Make sure you thoroughly vacuum under the furniture, as well as upholstered chairs and sofas.

Dust All Over the House 

In addition to vacuuming, dusting is an essential part of any good cleaning routine. Dust surfaces in your living room, dining room, and kitchen. Use a microfiber cloth or duster made specifically for this purpose.

Wash Windows Inside And Out 

Wash the window with equal parts vinegar and water. Use a squeegee (or even just a sponge) to dry the windows after you’ve washed them. This will help prevent water spots from forming on your glass when it freezes or rains later in the season. You can also use newspaper to dry off small areas as needed. Don’t forget about your screens! They’re just as important as the rest of your windows because they protect against insects and keep out pollen that can cause sneezing and other allergies. 

Wash All Bedding and Linens 

It may seem like a hassle, but washing sheets and towels can help make your home smell fresh and clean; especially when there isn’t much air circulation inside your home.

Clean and Check Your Heating System

If you have a fireplace, hire a chimney sweeper to clean out any soot buildup from last winter, because it is very difficult to do on your own. You may also want to consider testing your furnace or other heating systems before it gets too cold, if it turns out you need some repairs done, it’s better to find out now while the weather is on the warmer side!

Clean Out Your Gutters

If you notice leaves already gathering in your gutters, now’s the time to scoop them out. Otherwise, they’ll build up and block water from draining from your roof properly. This could lead to a bigger maintenance issue when it rains or snows later.

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Benefits of a Fall Cleanup

Fall is the perfect time to get your home ready for the winter. It’s a great time to take advantage of weather that’s not too hot or cold, and there are plenty of benefits of fall cleanup that most people are unaware of. Some of the benefits are discussed below.

You’ll Prevent Illnesses by Keeping the Germs Away

Changing seasons bring an inevitable wave of viral diseases that find a way into your home easily. This is where fall cleaning comes in. Fall cleaning eliminates the chance of these germs from entering your home through door knobs, light switches, and window sills.

You Can Get Organized Before You Get Busy With the Holidays

Fall is a great time of year to start getting organized before holiday shopping starts! The holidays are stressful enough without having to worry about where everything should go once Christmas arrives. Getting organized now will help keep things running smoothly once December rolls around! Winter stuff takes a lot of space that you can make by decluttering before fall.

Improve Your Mood and Focus

Keeping an orderly and clean space has been shown to reduce anxiousness and improve mood. In fact, a study found that people who had tried cleaning in the fall reported feeling less anxious, as well as having improved relationships with family members and friends!

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Consider hiring Angels for Fall Cleaning!

MyCleaningAngels offer top-notch professional cleaning services that will help freshen up your home and leave your house neat, clean, and in order for the holidays!

While decluttering and cleaning the house can be therapeutic for some people, some people get overwhelmed just by thinking about it. Leaving it to the professionals can save you time to do other important stuff on your to-do list, or just sit back and relax. You can rest assured that everything will be taken care of in a way that’s both safe and effective. Book cleaning services online, it’s fast and easy.

Professional cleaning companies have trained experts who know how to deal with various types of deep cleaning practices. They use specialized equipment and products that will ensure everything is squeaky clean. You can always depend on professional services like MyCleaningAngel to provide you with the best fall-cleanup services, suitable for your needs!

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Tips on How To Deep Clean A Kid’s Room

Tips on How To Deep Clean A Kid’s Room

Deep cleaning a kid’s room can help your child learn responsibility, respect for the environment, and self-esteem. Kids love to live in clean, orderly spaces, and a clean bedroom helps them establish healthy habits early. 

Keeping a clean kid’s room is essential for preventing illness. Keeping a clean home is vital not only for health reasons but also to ensure the child’s safety. There are some simple and useful tips to deep clean a kid’s room, which we are going to discuss in this cleanup guide in detail. Deep clean a kid’s room should not stress you out. Your kid will be thankful you took the time to clean it!

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1. Declutter the Room

The first step to start to deep clean a kid’s room is decutler it. When decluttering a child’s room, break the chore up into smaller parts. For example, set a timer for fifteen minutes and ask your child to declutter the room during that time. This way, you won’t create a huge mess or exhaust yourself or the kid.

Start by decluttering flat surfaces in your child’s room. Take one or two passes around the room, if needed. Make sure to pair up toys and other items by size. This will help you make the room more organized and usable. You may also want to pair up books and toys. Next, sort out clothes. This is the easiest item to sort through, so you may want to help your child do it. Put away items that don’t fit and that you no longer use. Also, make sure to get rid of items that are too old to keep. These old or unused clothing items can be donated to a local charity.

In A House With More Kids, More Work To Do

If you have several kids’ rooms, declutter each one separately. It’ll take longer if you declutter all of them simultaneously, so it’s best to focus on one room at a time. Getting rid of clutter will help your child to take more ownership of their room, so ask her for help as needed. 

Another important step in deep clean a kid’s room is to get rid of toys and other items that are cluttering the room. Leaving things scattered all over the floor is not only a messy sight but it can cause accidents and damage. Also, you should put dirty clothes in the hamper, clean clothes in the closet, and shoes in the shoe rack. Also, make sure to clean underneath the bed and on side tables. Change the bedding and smooth out the comforter. Put toys in appropriate places and keep random tech items in a separate basket.

2. Start by Dusting the Light Fixtures and Fans

Before you can tackle cleaning light fixtures, start by dusting them thoroughly. It is important to remember that cleaning can cause damage to light bulbs, so make sure they are completely cooled before you begin. Use a damp microfiber cloth to remove any excess dust from the bulbs. Once you’ve removed dirt and dust, clean the bases of the light fixtures and fans. If necessary, replace any light bulbs with new ones.

You should also disinfect the room, as kids tend to bring germs from outside into the house. Wipe the light fixtures and fans, as well as the walls. You should also dust the bookshelves, dressers, and ceiling fans. In addition to dusting, you should sanitize everyday toys and play surfaces. Finally, make sure to vacuum the floor and baseboards of the room.

It is a good idea to enlist the help of the kids with the cleaning and organizing of their rooms. If they are old enough, they can help you with folding clothes, sorting toys, and dusting fixtures. You can even ask them to help with cleaning the windows. 

Dusting light fixtures and fans should be cleaned regularly to prevent the growth of dust mites and other allergens. You should also clean the fabric shades on light fixtures. You can use a microfiber cloth or a lint roller to remove dust. If the buildup is heavy, you should consider using a vacuum attachment.

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3. Dust the Furniture

Around 40% of the dust comes from indoors and 60% comes from outdoors, which causes allergies. If you want to keep your child’s room clean, dust the furniture frequently. This is because children’s rooms tend to have more dust than other rooms in the house. They use their bedrooms more often for sleeping, playing, and indulging in hobbies. Their toys can also collect dust. Books and magazines tend to attract lots of dust too. Changing bedding and pillows regularly can help prevent this problem.

Once the furniture is clean, you can clean the walls and baseboards. You can purchase a furniture cleaner at a store like The Home Depot. Once you have a solution, use a soft cloth to wipe down all surfaces. Make sure to remove any items that aren’t required to stay in the room. Try to involve the child in the process. By having them help you clean, they will feel more responsible for their personal space. If they can help you with the cleaning process, it will encourage them to take care of their room later. Give them a short-term job to get them started.

4. Vacuum the Floors

The first thing you should do when vacuuming the floors in a child’s room is to remove any objects that may hinder the process. This includes shoes, coats, backpacks, and toys. Also, make sure to pick up any large food particles or debris that might be on the floor. It is impossible for a vacuum cleaner to work properly if it is full of dust or dirt.

You can also combine vacuuming with learning colors. Give your child a color and ask them to pick up any items of that color. This will get them excited about cleaning and learning. They can even vacuum under the furniture, which may be hiding dirt and germs. This way, the floors are kept clean and hygienic.

Carpets and other floor coverings are notorious dust magnets, and they need to be cleaned as often as possible. It is recommended that you vacuum these floors at least two to three times a week. Carpets and floor coverings are especially dusty because children walk on them and transfer dust from other items.

5. Clean the Bedding

You can wash the bedding in your child’s room several times a year. Similarly, a clean mattress cover will keep a child’s room free from bacteria. Kids tend to sweat more frequently during the puberty years when their body glands become most active. It is best to clean the bedding every couple of months so that it stays in good condition.

Washing the bedding in a child’s room is very similar to cleaning adult bedding. You should wash bedding every ten days to a week, and you should wash it at 60°C to kill any bacteria. If you have a child with allergies or the flu, it is best to wash their bedding more frequently than others. If you wash all the bedding on the same day, it will help to maintain a consistent frequency.

When washing children’s bedding, choose sheets that have a high thread count and feel soft. You can even get sheets that come in 24 different colors, which are inspired by Crayola crayons. Pillowcases should also be washed regularly. Because they are often touched by the body, pillowcases are more likely to harbor allergens, so it is best to remove them from the bed after every use.

It is also a good idea to consider the season when choosing bedding for a child’s room. For example, in the summer, a child will need a different amount of warmth than in the winter. You should buy bedding that comes with a summer and winter tog rating to cater to your child’s specific needs. Proper temperature regulation will improve your child’s sleep.

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6. Wash and Sanitize Toys

If your child plays with toys that can become contaminated, you should wash them regularly. It’s part of deep clean a kid’s room. To clean them properly, you should use a gentle or delicate washing cycle. Make sure you use a detergent that is fragrant and dye-free. You can also use a cleaning wipe to clean the toys. You should also dry them thoroughly.

The toys should be washed to remove stains and germs. You can use a steam cleaning machine or a carpet cleaner attachment to wash the toys. If you don’t have one, you can just use a natural stain remover to disinfect the toys and remove the stains. After washing all the toys and clothes, you should organize the toys in the room. Make sure the storage areas are easy to find and keep organized. You should also get rid of any outgrown clothes and toys.

When washing the toys, you should use warm water and soap. This is a safe and effective way to disinfect them without the risk of damaging them. If you’re using a cleaning solution with bleach, make sure to dilute the solution with water. Another option is to use a disinfectant mist. This is EPA-approved and will kill 99% of bacteria, viruses, and germs on surfaces. It is non-toxic for children and will disinfect the toys without leaving any residue on them.

7. Wash the Trash Cans

A child’s room can be a haven for germs. Not only do they have soiled clothes, but they are also the home of dirty tissues and shirt-sleeve germs. Keeping their trash cans clean will help keep the room sanitary and healthy for the child. If your child has a trash can in their room, make sure to put a trash bag in it to catch any crumbs. A bare trash can is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. If possible, wash the trash can in the shower. If this is not feasible, use plastic Target shopping bags as liners and make sure to wash the trash cans every few weeks.

It can be fun to get your kid to help you clean by putting a room cleaning checklist of things that they need to do. This can also be a great teachable moment, as it will help them learn responsibility and the importance of doing a good job. Start by gathering all the cleaning supplies. Then, prepare your child’s room by putting the supplies where they can reach them easily.

To start, remove old clothes and toys from your child’s room. Toss out items that are no longer needed. This will also make the room look less cluttered. Clean the toys, clothing, and other surfaces with warm water and dish soap. You can also use a cleaning wipe to clean doorknobs and window sills. 

The trash cans should be thoroughly cleaned inside and out. Make sure to use a cleaning solution that kills the bacteria that cause bad odors. You can also use Lysol Disinfectant Spray to disinfect the trash cans. Be sure to rinse them thoroughly with water afterward.

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8. Wipe down Surfaces with Anti-bacterial Wipes

It’s essential to disinfect surfaces that are touched by hands often. This includes bathrooms and playrooms. Using a disinfectant wipe and washing your hands after each use is recommended. It’s also important to disinfect personal items. Use antibacterial wipes or wash them with regular soap and water.

Disinfecting wipes are EPA-approved and are widely available. These wipes use a non-bleach disinfectant that kills germs and bacteria. They’re recommended for hard surfaces and are available in both single-canister and six-packs. However, they take longer to disinfect than Clorox wipes. This means you should wait at least 10 minutes between uses to make sure that they’ve fully disinfected the surface.

Disinfecting wipes are safe for most surfaces, but make sure to read the label carefully and test a small area before proceeding with a larger cleaning project. Some disinfecting wipes can be harmful to your child’s skin, so always check the labels and avoid these brands. Disinfecting wipes are not a miracle product, but they do have many benefits. According to the Soap and Detergent Association, 71% of Americans use wipes to disinfect surfaces. In addition, 77% keep two wipes containers in their home. A quarter of these wipes are used daily.

You can also invest in an air purifier to keep your home clean and free of viruses. A thorough cleaning can help your child breathe easier and sleep better.

9. Sanitize the Bed Area

When deep cleaning your kid’s room, one of the most vital steps is sanitizing the bed area. You can use biological washing powder or a disinfectant to kill bacteria and viruses. When you are using a disinfectant, be sure to keep the bedroom well-ventilated, preferably with windows open. This will prevent you from breathing in chemical fumes during the cleaning process. Sanitizing the bed area involves washing surfaces with soap and disinfectant and letting the solution sit for 30 seconds before wiping them clean.

Before you begin the cleaning process, start by taking all clothing and toys out of the room. Toys should be put away in a hamper or stored in a basket. Other trash should be emptied into a garbage can. You should also clear away the trash from under the bed and the side tables. Make sure to remove any piles on the bed, smooth out the comforter, and clean the bed area. If your child has a four-post bed, you should clean the headboard and any other items around the bed as well.

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It is important to regularly deep clean a kid’s room. Children tend to accumulate dirt and mess much faster than adults do. It’s recommended to perform deep cleans three or four times a year. This will keep the mess to a minimum. It’s also a good idea to take your child’s help in cleaning the room so they can be less likely to create messes.

My Cleaning Angel is a cleaning company you can trust to provide outstanding residential deep cleaning. We ensure that our deep cleaning and spring cleaning solutions meet the highest industry standards and maximum hygiene requirements. Book cleaning services online, book fast and easy your next deep clean with My Cleaning Angel today!

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Fall Cleaning Tips to Keep Up  Your Home

Fall Cleaning Tips to Keep Up Your Home

Fall cleaning is as important as spring cleaning for many reasons. A fall cleaning is particularly important for preventing illness. Because the holiday season brings many people inside their homes, it’s vital to keep your living space as clean as possible to reduce the risk of catching a cold or flu.

Fall cleaning is also essential for homes with multiple people, as well as those that experience frequent travel. It’s much more pleasant to come home to a clean environment than to one with a pile of clutter.

If you’re looking to improve the look and feel of your home, there are several ways to get your house ready for the changing seasons. A fall cleaning is almost as like a deep cleaning. By following these fall cleaning tips, you can give your home a new lease on life. You can use these tips to clean the fireplace, fire pit, and outdoor areas.

Here are some of the most common cleaning tasks you’ll have to perform to keep your home looking and feeling its best.

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Fall Cleaning Rituals

As the colder months approach, a lot of people prefer to thoroughly clean their homes beforehand, to get their homes ready for winter. Winter months are great for staying indoors but they also require a thorough cleaning of your home. While there are many things you can do to make sure your home is clean and welcoming, there are also some rituals you can implement to keep your home in tip-top shape. 

While spring cleaning may receive all the attention, the benefits of fall cleaning are just as substantial. Fall cleaning leaves you with plenty of time to prepare for the winter months, and the cooler weather means you won’t be opening the windows or turning on the air conditioning as frequently as you do in the spring. Taking the time to de-clutter your home now will help you relax and enjoy the cooler temperatures that come with the season.

Another important part of fall cleaning is ensuring that your home is safe. Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Invest in a security system, which can detect intruders and fires. Without these devices, your home is 300% more likely to be burglarized. Also, install storm windows and check window screens for broken glass. Replace filters in your furnace and clean gutters, if necessary. And finally, check the insulation.  

Fall Cleaning Checklist

Use a fall cleaning checklist to stay on top of your house cleaning. This checklist can be broken down into different sections of the property and can be personalized to your schedule. You can organize the cleaning by room or assign each task to different people in your family. 

Fall cleaning also involves deep cleaning, especially undertaken in bathrooms and kitchen areas. Make sure to keep the refrigerator and freezer clean – these places can hold tons of dirt and dust. Don’t forget to dust baseboards and kitchen cabinets, empty the trash, and clean out the clutter from under the sink. Deep cleaning the dishwasher is a good idea as well. Try doing a pantry challenge to use up the food you already have before the holidays.

Start the fall cleaning process early, especially if there is a forecast for snow in the coming months. The earlier you start the fall cleaning, the less you will feel overwhelmed and more likely to finish the task. You can also add tasks to your checklist as you go along.

Fall cleaning can also include outdoor chores like putting away summer entertainment furniture and cleaning the poolside. You can also keep up on pest control and general cleaning tasks. So, get your checklist together and get started!

Fall Cleaning Rituals for Outdoor Fire Pits

If you want to enjoy fall campfires, consider buying a metallic fire pit. The metallic fire pit is a beautiful, inexpensive addition to your landscape. To clean the interior and exterior of the pit, mix water and muriatic acid. Depending on the finish, you may need to add more acid to the solution. Regardless of its material, it should be cleaned thoroughly once a season.

To maintain the beauty and longevity of your fire pit, regularly clean the glass and metal surfaces. You can use an eco-friendly dish soap to clean the glass. You can then rinse it with a garden hose. Afterward, dry it thoroughly before storing it. This is especially important if you like to toast marshmallows over the fire. The cleaning process will prevent the embers from catching fire and spreading, thus preventing the risk of a major blaze.

Clean your outdoor fire pit after each use. After every time, you should make sure the interior is completely dry, otherwise, it will rust. You can also use a dry cloth to wipe it off after use. Whether you have a metal or cast iron fire pit, it is important to clean it regularly. Cast iron is easy to rust, so you need to take extra care to clean it.

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Fall Cleaning Rituals for Indoor Fireplaces

Keeping up with your home’s cleanliness requires a deep clean of your indoor fireplace. First, you should clear out any fallen leaves and other debris. A dirty chimney is a potential home for animals and can also be a fire hazard. Also, fireplaces emit polluted air, which is unhealthy for humans and animals alike. Aside from the ash, fireplaces also produce dirty air.

You should also check the CO and smoke detectors in your home. These appliances are designed to last for 10 years and longer. Another great indoor project is emptying planters, especially those made of clay or ceramic. This will ensure that the plants survive until the next season. You can even fix up some of your furniture to make it look better. This is an easy and fun way to improve the appearance of your home and impress guests.

There are a few more reasons to clean your indoor fireplace. For one, the warm humid air from summer can interact with the creosote to produce an odor-causing acid. Aside from wearing eye protection, you should also put on a dust mask. Gas fireplaces require less work than wood-burning fireplaces, but you should still clean and check maintanante of them once a year. If you choose to clean a gas fireplace, remember to turn off the gas and pilot light and wait until the area is completely cold before you continue.

Fall Cleaning Rituals for Windows

One of the best ways to enjoy the vibrant colors of fall is by keeping your windows and blinds clean. A clean window can help prevent ice dams in your home, and the spring thaw can make them look like a ghost town. If you have a view of the river or the sky from your backyard, you want to make sure you can enjoy it without worrying about dirty windows or telescopes.

You can wash your blinds and drapes, and wipe the windows using a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water. Essential oils help purify and cover up any negative energy. You can also focus on intention when cleaning windows. Make sure to shake the mixture well, and pay special attention to the direction of wiping. You can add more essential oils if necessary. 

It is important to hire a window cleaning company like MyCleaningAngel that does a thorough job. When selecting a window cleaning service, make sure to ask questions regarding the process.

Fall Cleaning Rituals for Gutters

The autumn months bring pleasant weather and vibrant landscapes, but they also bring with them a new to-do list for the exterior of your home. Changing the tools you use to maintain your lawn to ladders, you must take care of your home’s gutters to keep them clear, clogged, and damage-free. Follow these routines to maintain your home’s gutters, and your gutters will be in tip-top shape come wintertime!

You should clean your gutters at least twice a year – preferably, in the spring and fall seasons. You can even clean them more often, especially if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions. By regularly cleaning your gutters, you prevent costly water damage that can ruin your home’s siding, foundation, and landscaping. Make sure to use a sturdy ladder to clean your gutters, and be physically fit and strong enough to perform the task safely and efficiently. Otherwise, these are jobs best left to the cleaning professionals. 

After cleaning your gutters, it is time to clean downspouts. While cleaning the downspouts, don’t forget to remove any debris that may have accumulated inside them. This debris can easily become dislodged from the downspouts and clog them up. When cleaning them, you can use a garden hose to flush out any debris that has collected inside. Afterward, wipe them down with a sponge.

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DIY Fall Cleaning vs. Professional Fall Cleaning

As autumn approaches, it’s time to get deep cleaning done around your home. But fall cleaning doesn’t have to be all that hard work. By hiring cleaners, you can save yourself lots of time, money, and elbow grease.

Cleaning professionals know exactly what to do and what not to do. They’ll know how to reach hard-to-reach spots and can get the job done thoroughly. Professional cleaners are used do deep cleanings, they know how to do a fast and efficient job. Hiring a professional cleaner is a smart decision that will reduce your stress levels and make your home look cleaner than ever.

In addition to their knowledge and experience, they’ll also provide tips for maintenance. With a professional cleaning service, you won’t have to worry about hiring employees or how they’re getting paid. And with insured, qualified cleaners, you’ll get an impeccable cleaning service that will make your home shine.

The Fall Cleaning Season is Here!

Fall is the perfect time to clean the house and take care of household chores. While the summer season gets most of the attention, fall cleaning is just as important as spring cleaning. The cooler temperatures of fall allow you to prepare your home for the winter season.

While fall cleaning is not as extensive as spring cleaning, it’s still a good idea to tackle maintenance tasks to make your home safer and more sanitary. Although fall cleaning may seem like a tedious task, it’s crucial to keep your home clean. Whether you’re hiring professional cleaners for a one-time service or planning to hire a regular company for a deep clean, a professional cleaning service can do the work for you.

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At My Cleaning Angel, It’s Easy To Book

At MyCleaningAngel, we offer the best fall cleaning services to create the happiest fall-time memories. In addition, our services guarantee dedicated customer service, flexible bookings, and secure and convenient payments. You can book cleaning services online, it’s fast and easy. In less than 60 seconds you can book any type of cleaning.

While you may want to slack off with Halloween activities, it’s important to keep the house tidy. Even if the weather is chilly, you’ll be spending more time inside your home in the fall, so it’s best to schedule your cleaning tasks accordingly. And don’t forget to reward yourself with a hot cup of coffee to keep yourself motivated.

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A Back To School Cleaning Plan For Your Home

A Back To School Cleaning Plan For Your Home

Back to school cleaning can help you prepare your home for the upcoming school year. It’s important to deep clean your whole house. Disinfect, de-clutter, and clean thoroughly to create a healthy environment for them. Back-to-school cleaning tips include deep cleaning, enlisting the help of family members, and setting up reward systems for chore completion. You can even involve the kids in the cleaning process by assigning them specific tasks and allowing them to earn rewards for good performance. Older children can work on more challenging jobs, while younger ones can take on easier ones.

After all, a clean and happy home means a stress-free back-to-school week. So, get started by following our back-to-school cleaning tips and tricks. Read on!

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Healthy Cleaning Habits

It’s important to maintain healthy cleaning habits to prevent the spread of diseases like the coronavirus. Even the smallest details can help keep kids healthy during the new school year. Use a hand sanitizer regularly and try to talk with your kids about their new schedule and environment. This way, you can keep them from bringing the germs home with them.

Organize Your Desk 

A clean desk is the first step towards a healthy school year. Sorting items into containers is easy if you follow a few basic steps. For a desk, you’ll need to set up three containers: one for keeping, one for donating, and one for tossing. Once you’ve sorted the items, you’ll need to put them away. And don’t stop until you’ve done everything.

Don’t forget about school supplies. Those plastic lunch boxes and other school supplies can get dirty easily. You can use specialist screen wipes or a half-and-half solution of white vinegar and water. A damp microfiber cloth can also work wonders. If you’re worried about food stains, make sure you wipe off the stains before washing them. You can also rub an old toothbrush with vinegar to remove greasy marks.


The first step in your back-to-school cleaning plan should be to clear clutter. Over the summer, your home can become cluttered and this will only add to your cleaning time and effort. It will also ruin the atmosphere of a relaxed back-to-school week. To keep your house clutter-free, make a back to school cleaning list. Go room-by-room and clear out old, outdated, and useless items. When you are finished, donate them to charity, sell them, or give them to a friend.

It’s easy to neglect housekeeping during the summer when you have time to relax and spend quality time with your children. However, during the school year, you’ll be interested to know that 83% of teachers noticed an improvement in students in a de-cluttered and clean classroom, the same can be said for the home. Set up a cleaning schedule and stick to it. 

Back-To-School Cleaning 101

Before your children go back to school, you should clean your home thoroughly. High-touch areas are more prone to the spread of germs and bacteria. You should disinfect these high-touch areas before the school year begins to ensure the safety of all of your children. It’s important to follow the proper cleaning protocol and make sure all family members understand the safety precautions of cleaning products. It will be worth the extra effort in the end!

Clean During School Time

7 out of 10 people have confessed that they do not have time to clean their homes. A recent survey conducted by O-Ceader Research found that parents find it easier to clean the house when the kids are at school, which is a very effective back-to-school cleaning tip. However, parents are still looking for easy-to-use cleaning tools to make the process efficient and faster. This survey reveals that stay-at-home moms feel it is easier to keep the house clean when their kids return to school. While most full-time moms disagree, the majority of stay-at-home moms agree with these findings.

Disinfecting frequently-touched areas with a disinfectant is also a great way to keep germs from spreading. Ensure that you clean faucets, light switches, dispensers, and door handles with a disinfectant. You can learn more effective back-to-school tips at our website MyCleaningAngel. You can use this disinfectant to disinfect surfaces on the computer, light switches, and door handles. You can also disinfect the toilet with an acid solution and wipe the surfaces to prevent cross-contamination.

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Detailed Back to School Cleaning Tips

Creating a detailed back-to-school cleaning plan for your home can help you get through the hectic season. After decluttering, you can tackle tasks like organizing drawers, cupboards, and pantry. Afterward, tackle the floor. And while you’re at it, clean the bathroom, too. Here are some helpful tips:

Create a Weekly Cleaning Checklist

People spend near 6 hours every week cleaning their homes. If you want to keep your house clean and organized all year, make a weekly cleaning checklist and stick it on the fridge. If you have children, you can assign them to help. Make sure to include daily tasks and sort paper clutter as well. You can even use a printable weekly cleaning checklist. There are several options for creating a weekly cleaning schedule, including using apps and printable checklists.

After the kids get out of school, it’s time to clean the house. Create a weekly back-to-school cleaning checklist for your children so that they can help with the chores. Make it fun and use an award system for them to complete the chores. They’ll be more motivated to help if they have a sense of accomplishment. 

Stick to the Schedule

Regardless of your child’s age, they will have a different schedule than you. When you create a weekly cleaning checklist and a back-to-school cleaning plan, make sure everyone on your team sees it. Be sure to write down the day and time that they will be able to complete the job. This will make the entire task more efficient and easier. It’s also easier to delegate a job when you know exactly when it needs to be done.

One great tip is to group chores by frequency. You can then schedule them according to frequency. Group the cleaning tasks by frequency if you’re a busy professional or a mom with a young family. This way, you’ll have a clear idea of what to do each day and every week. This way, you won’t spend a whole weekend cleaning up after a hectic week.

Draws and Cabinets

As part of your back-to-school cleaning plan, you should tidy up your cabinets, drawers, and pantry. Use an all-purpose cleaner to thoroughly clean the inside and outside of cabinet doors. To make cleaning easier, line cabinets with drawer lining paper, which can be purchased at IKEA or Homesense. This is especially helpful for storing condiments and other sticky items. It also helps keep drawers from scuffing or sliding.

The Pantry

Summertime is full of fun, but it also means that you’re rummaging through your refrigerator to pack snacks for the week. With so many snacks stored in your fridge, it’s no wonder that your pantry and fridge are so cluttered. Try utilizing these back-to-school cleaning tips to simplify the cleaning process and make it a habit. You’ll thank yourself for it later when you get busy with your kids’ school routine.

Organizing the pantry can be a fun part of your back-to-school cleaning plan. By separating food items into separate sections, you’ll have easy access to what you’ll need for lunch and snacks. When organizing your pantry, remember to label everything so that you’ll know where to find something when you need it.

openned grey drawer with organized spices


In addition to organizing the pantry, organize your clothing by color. Purchasing new storage containers and labels can also help you keep everything in their proper place. Arranging the clothing is an effective back-to-school cleaning tip that will also help your kids to put their school attire and other things in one place, saving time as a result.

The end of summer can mean disaster in the fridge and freezer. Back-to-school cleaning week is a great time to reboot the fridge and freezer, making room for healthy foods. You can make a shopping list of nutritious food for your children, and sanitize the refrigerator and freezer using unscented liquid chlorine bleach. You can also leave the refrigerator open to air out any foul odors.

The fridge-freezer should be cleaned on a regular basis, and the surfaces should be spotless. Store meats in the bottom bin and fish in a spill-proof tray. Group like items together to make finding things easy and avoid clutter. Organizing your fridge will help you save money on food and groceries and reduce wasted time. Deep cleaning of the coils can also make your fridge run more efficiently. Finally, a clean fridge is more appealing for food prep.

Keep the Floors Shining

With children returning to school, parents are enjoying some much-needed downtime to clean their homes. The end of the school year also means more parent meetings and student parties, which can make the house a mess. 

Keeping a clean home is a great way to reset your life. With your children back in school, it’s much easier to tackle all of that summer clutter and stick to your back-to-school cleaning plan. Consider hiring a professional home cleaning service like My Cleaning Angel to handle the task for you as the floors receive the most traffic.

Bathroom Cleaning Schedule

You should make a cleaning schedule for your home, especially if you have a busy lifestyle.  Perhaps you can only devote one day a week to deep cleaning your home, while the other days will be devoted to tidying and sweeping up. Or you may be able to dedicate one day each week to cleaning the bathroom completely. If that’s the case, consider scheduling a family cleaning day. 

A cleaning checklist doesn’t necessarily improve cleanliness, but it’s convenient. The bathroom requires more frequent cleaning than any other room in the home, so putting it on your monthly checklist will ensure you don’t miss any of the areas.

bathroom after cleaning by My Cleaning Angel

Finally, Organize Your Space

First, get your entryway organized. This area gets battered over the school year. Invest in a rack or shelf to corral shoes, coats, and keys. Set up hooks on the walls. Every day, go through the entryway and make sure everything has a designated place. Then, reset the area to the way you would want it to be. If the mess still persists, consider hiring a professional organizer.

Take a complete inventory of your space. Decide why everything is there and how you can keep it organized. If you aren’t sure, take a photo. You’ll enjoy the transformation later. Measure your space, too. You may want to buy storage bins, baskets, labels, and other items to organize your space. And, once you’re done, return items to their proper places.

The next step in your back-to-school cleaning plan is to make the entryway functional. Many families don’t spend the time necessary to organize their mudrooms and entryways, and the last thing they need is to deal with a clutter-filled mudroom or entryway.

Back-to-school Cleaning Tips for School

Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and objects is essential to reduce the risk of spreading germs and viruses. It’s also important to involve students in classroom cleaning. This will be fun and help kids understand how important it is to have a clean working environment. Once the kids get used to helping, they can help you out by cleaning.

While you’re at it, don’t forget about the new school rules. They can be intimidating for children. Use repetition to help them adjust to the new school routine. Playing “school” with your kids will help them to get used to the new rules and behaviors. Using back-to-school cleaning tips and tricks will help prevent germs and illnesses.


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My Cleaning Angel

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Back to School Cleaning Tips

Back to School Cleaning Tips

Did you know that you can burn almost 200 calories after a two-hour clean? This means that a good back-to-school cleaning can help you burn calories and prepare your home for the upcoming school year. A person spends 85% of their time indoors, which increases when kids are cooped up during holiday time, so it’s important to clean home before school; disinfect, de-clutter, and clean thoroughly to create a healthy environment for them. 

Back-to-school cleaning tips include deep cleaning, enlisting the help of family members, and setting up reward systems for chore completion. You can even involve the kids in the cleaning process by assigning them specific tasks and allowing them to earn rewards for good performance.

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Tip # 1 – Create a Cleaning Checklist

The back-to-school season is an exciting time for most parents, and this means more time for cleaning. Whether you’re bringing your kids back to school, organizing a garage sale, or donating unused items to a charity, you can take advantage of this time to get your home clean and organized. Another effective back-to-school cleaning tip is to create a cleaning checklist and delegate tasks to other family members.

You can even include your kids in the cleaning process. Make sure to make a checklist for each day, and assign tasks to each other so that the entire process is more efficient. It is also a good idea to limit the amount of cleaning on weekends, so you can have time to relax.

Also, create a daily routine for sweeping, dust mopping, and mopping floors. If you’re short on time, you might want to consider a 15-minute nightly clean-up. You can even implement a mat in the doorways to keep the dirt at bay.

Tip # 2 – Start with the Fridge

The number two back-to-school cleaning tip for parents is to start with the fridge. Towards the end of summer, the typical household’s refrigerator resembles a war zone. Restarting a fridge-freezer in preparation for fall is a great task for the return to school cleaning week. To assist your kids adapt to life back at school, check expiration dates, toss out old food, and complete a shopping list with nutritious, high-energy meals.

Each year, there are around 300,000 instances of food-related sicknesses. Use a sanitizing spray or a mixture of white vinegar and water to thoroughly clean your refrigerator. Put a cup of baking soda in the back of the refrigerator to get rid of smells that have been there all summer.

In order to reduce cleaning time, it’s a good idea to soak the dishes in warm soapy water before you start to tackle the fridge. This will make your job easier and faster.

Tip # 3 – Cleaning the Pantry

Cleaning the pantry is an essential part of keeping the home clean. Each month, it’s a good idea to clean out the pantry and move expired items to an area where they can be used. Once the pantry is clean, move on to the bedrooms. Ask your kids to pick a day to clean up their rooms. This should include vacuuming rugs and putting things away.

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Tip # 4 – Compile a List of Cleaning Products

If you’re getting ready for the new school year, it’s a great idea to stock up on cleaning products for the entire house. 

  • All-purpose Cleaner and Vacuum Cleaner

Investing in a good all-purpose cleaner and a vacuum cleaner is a great start. Whether your child is a first-year student or a parent with a busy schedule, you’ll want to provide them with the necessary tools for the job.

  • Microfiber Cloth

Invest in a microfiber all-purpose cleaning cloth. It’s versatile and works well on any surface. The tiny fibers grab dirt, dust, and hair effectively. This allows you to clean more in less time. Use it to wipe down backpacks and other surfaces. You can also use it to spray with your favorite organic cleaning solution.

  • Anti-Microbial and Antibacterial Products 

Buy anti-microbial and antibacterial products. Kids are prone to viruses and bacteria, and these can be dangerous to their health. Avoid using harsh cleaning agents, and buy safer antimicrobial products to help combat bacteria and germs. There are some great cleaning products on the market that are safe for the whole family.

One of the most important back-to-school cleaning tips for parents is to wash your hands before picking up your kids. Use hand sanitizer and keep it with you. Make sure that your children sanitize their hands right after they get in the car. 

Tip # 5 – Safety First

Back-to-school cleaning tips also include buying cleaning supplies that are safe for both the students and the teachers. Teachers should also wear protective equipment and wash their hands often. Always remember that mixing cleaning products is dangerous for young children, so be cautious. In addition, you should only purchase products you know are safe for the environment.

Some cleaning agents are harsh and require eye and glove protection. Also, you should avoid mixing different cleaning agents because they can create toxic chemical reactions. For example, mixing bleach and ammonia cleaner can cause serious health problems.

Tip # 6 – Involve the Kids in Cleaning

Enlist your children’s help in back-to-school cleaning. Kids can get a lot done in minutes if they’re competitive. This way, they’ll get a sense of accomplishment and the process will be fun for all of you. If you have older kids, give them more challenging jobs. For younger kids, assign easier jobs.

  • Bonding As a Bonus!

Getting the kids involved in the cleaning process is a great way to bond with them. It will teach them responsibility and change their perspective on cleanliness. For example, if you have a reward system, giving your kids a gift or pocket money for doing a good job can encourage them to clean more often. Many parents work from home, which is a great way to bond with your children and teach them good work habits.

  • Make Them Understand 

They may not be as experienced as you are, so you’ll need to be patient. You may think it’s easier to do the cleaning yourself, but it’s important to make sure that they understand the process. This way, they’ll have a better understanding of what they should be doing when it comes to home cleaning and will understand their role in home cleaning in general, not just back-to-school cleaning.

  • Assign Chores According to Their Expertise

You can also give your kids a list of chores that they can perform well. It will also help them feel valued, which will encourage them to take on larger jobs. As long as the children are having fun, they will be more motivated to work with you.

  • Declutter Rooms One By One

The beginning of the school year is a good time to declutter rooms and organize your space. After the summer, sports gear, toys, and clutter can pile up. Getting rid of all of the excess items is a great way to organize your space and make it easier to find things.

back to school cleaning

Tip # 7 – Clean Home before School – Time to Organize!

The next tip for back-to-school cleaning is to organize your kids’ room. Kids tend to keep so many things in their rooms that they don’t have space to put the necessary stuff. Making the room a “zone” allows you to put high-activity items out of sight. Make sure they have a designated area for school. This area should include hooks to hang their clothes. Sunday is a great day for kids to pick out their outfits for the week. 

Keeping the room organized will make it easier for them to focus on their school work. Having the kids study with you will help them stay focused and will help them to complete their assignments with minimal distractions.

Tip # 8 – Go Through Outgrown Clothes

One of the most productive back-to-school cleaning tips is to go through your kids’ closets and drawers for outgrown clothes. If your child has outgrown certain items, put them in a separate pile for donation or packing. Sort out clothes that no longer fit by color or size and set aside the items that need to be donated. Once this step is complete, make sure to label the bins. You should put the items in separate plastic bins or boxes.

This will help you keep clothes that can be worn again by younger children. 

Children are notorious for hoarding and collecting. You can use plastic tubs with lids to store outgrown clothes. Sort them by size and season. 

Tip # 9 – Establish a Shoe Station

30% of the dirt is brought into the first three feet of your house, with the rest going up to 25 feet within the rooms. Everyone in the house is going to have some dirt, mud, and other contaminants on their shoes; it’s unavoidable. You can spend half an hour setting up a shoe station on the front and/or back porch, where guests are expected to remove their shoes before entering the house. You could even want to put some thought into it and put a creative sign up at your shoe station. 

Important Suggestion: If you have hardwood flooring, place a mat in your shoe station to collect dirt before it can get on the floor.

Clean any shoes before donating them.

Tip # 10 – Designate Chore-Time and Make It Fun

Make chores fun by providing your kid with a time-limitchore time for your children. This will help them establish a routine and help them develop a sense of structure. It can also be fun to make a chore chart. The kids can choose a color and grab a balloon when they complete a chore.

You can also create a chore binder, where one page can be devoted to each room. Each page can have illustrations of what needs to be cleaned. You can even use clip art to illustrate the steps of cleaning. Put the pages in clear page protectors and place them in a binder for easy access. You can then pull out the binder when you have company coming over, or when a room needs a good clean. It may also be a good idea to let each child take a room of their choice.

Choose a time and place for the children to help out. For example, let them help you clean the kitchen or put dirty clothes in the hamper. You can even designate chore-time for the entire family. This will reduce resistance and conflicts. In addition, having everyone participate will teach them that everyone contributes to the mess in the house.

Tip # 11 – Disinfect High-Touch Surfaces

To prevent the spread of germs, disinfect high-touch surfaces frequently. This includes doorknobs, taps, elevator buttons, keyboards, computers, and favorite toys. Use disinfectants designed for these surfaces. Make sure to follow the product label’s directions for use and to wear gloves while cleaning.

Regular cleaning is crucial to prevent the spread of COVID. In addition to disinfecting high-touch surfaces, you should also clean sleeping areas and washrooms regularly. It is important to wear a proper respirator and wash your hands thoroughly after handling contaminated laundry.

Tip # 12 – Use the Best Cleaning Equipment

If you want to give your home a fresh, clean look, invest in quality back-to-school cleaning equipment. You can purchase an Extendable Duster to get in high places, or a Backpack Vacuum to reach tight spaces with ease. Both have an HEPA filter that removes harmful particles.

Maintain Cleaning Equipment

Routine maintenance of cleaning equipment can increase its lifespan and efficiency. For example, check the filters in your vacuum machine regularly, clean the mop heads and replace dirty ones, and change the buckets and rags as needed. It’s also important to organize and label your cleaning equipment so it’s easy to find and use. Performing routine maintenance can save you a lot of time.

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