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How To Do Your Move In Cleaning Successfully

How To Do Your Move In Cleaning Successfully

How to do your move in cleaning and feel great after. That’s why you are here. Your home sure did look spotless during the open house. However, no matter how clean your new home may seem, there are some dirty surprises awaiting your move-in day that you may not want to deal with.

Reduce Stress

One of the most exciting times is moving into your new home. A new house or apartment is the start of many possibilities. Moving into a new home can be stressful and exhausting. But before you get started on the fun parts of moving in, you must take care of the basics. A move in cleaning on the entire house. Whether you are renting or buying your new home is a big necessity. Cleaning services can be your best to minimize stress.

Cleaning a new house before moving in can take a lot of time from your day. Deep cleaning an empty house may sound easy to take on yourself, however, all the years of clutter, grime, and dirt that may have accumulated requires professional cleaning services. There may be areas which require advanced skills and service to make it clean.

We get it, with all the stressors of a move in, cleaning is the last thing on your to-do list.


Dust isnโ€™t relegated to floors and countertops. Ceiling fans, overhead lighting fixtures, shelving, and other features close to the ceiling are just as prone to getting grimy, but they often are ignored and donโ€™t get cleaned. They also tend to sprinkle dirt and dust to spaces below them when they finally get scrubbed down.

You donโ€™t know if the former home owners had pets. There is usually pet hair left behind. The pet dander can usually spark your unknown allergies and leave you confused. You wonโ€™t want to start off in your new home dealing with someone elseโ€™s past. In cases like this it is your best bet to have a cleaning service get rid of any pet scurf that you may have ignored.


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Often, the kitchen is the heart of a home. Youโ€™ll usually just think of cleaning the countertops and sinks and believe your kitchen is ready to use. Even though it is a common belief, there is always left-over dirt, grime, and dust behind your appliances, in your cabinets, refrigerator, etc. And if you want a good move in cleaning experience, kitchen is where you have to focus.

The same way you wouldnโ€™t eat your food off a dirty plate you wouldnโ€™t store your food in dusty cabinets or an un-sanitized refrigerator. Youโ€™ll also want your stove, microwave, and other appliances disinfected and ready to use when you move in. Surfaces around food must be pristine.


A super clean bathroom is a healthy bathroom. According to The Sun, Salmonella, Paratuberculosis and Staphylococcus Aureus are often found in household bathrooms and the kind of germs which can cause serious illnesses. Youโ€™ll want to ensure youโ€™ll get the cleanest bathroom from the get to go. You are in a new home, but you donโ€™t want to inherit a previous owners bathtub or sink rings too!


From wood to tiles to carpets and all the different possible floors you want all the leftover debris gone. There are things you may put off cleaning. Baseboards in your home are one of the most often ignored factor when you are cleaning. As long as the baseboards are dirty, they are going to attract attention and create an overall impression of neglect, dull and a less clean look to your home.

Cleaning your new home is taking the right step for your health. Living in an unclean home can cause tremendous stress and fatigue on top of all the other responsibilities of moving. Dust, pet dander, and mold may await and lurk in your new home which may trigger allergic reactions, decrease air quality, and increase chances of respiratory problems. A new house is a haven for other germs. You want to eliminate all the bacteria that are responsible for illness and infection. Properly cleaning your home is essential to a healthy start.


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How To Clean The Kitchen

How To Clean The Kitchen

As you may know, the kitchen is the most popular spot in the house. From cooking every day, have a glass of water, go for a snack to put trash in the bin. Clean the kitchen is essential for a home with a comfortable home. A cleaned house will improve the ambiance at home. You can also hire a cleaning house service that can provide you this type of service.ย ย 

Reasons to maintain the kitchen cleanย 

One of them is because itโ€™s where meals are cooked. Food we ingest might be contaminated by the bacteria that can be in the kitchen. Itโ€™s crucial to wash your hands and kitchen surfaces before and after making food. Bacteria can spread easily from one surface to another.

When cleaning the kitchen also be careful with the cleaning products you use. Since some of them are chemical. ย Maybe try to think green or greener when you clean, check here how. (link to green cleaning)

Pests! Scary right? Yep, if the kitchen is not cleaned properly and in a daily basis it might attract some unwanted guests such as rats, ants, cockroaches or mice. Letโ€™s avoid it โ€“ it was already scary enough writing โ€œcockroachesโ€ ????ย 

The kitchen might be one of the more expensive rooms we have in the house, so it is important to take it care so we can extend the life of our appliances.ย 

And of course, an organized and cleaned kitchen it will be so much easier to use it! Put your favorite playlist and let’s start!


Room to Room Spring Cleaning Checklist

What do you need to clean the kitchen?ย 

  • Micro Fiber cloths;
  • Sponges;
  • Broom and vacuum;
  • All-purpose cleaner;
  • Oven cleaner
  • Trash bags.

Like every cleaning, it has to be done from top to bottom, but how? Weโ€™ll tell you step by step! Put your favorite playlist and letโ€™s get to it!


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Are you sick and tired of doing domestic chores? Your time is precious.

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Clear out and organize

It will be much easier to continue! If you have dirty dishes, put them in the dish machine. Clear out the countertop and make sure that there is nothing that needs be arranged or taken to the trash.

How to clean kitchen appliances


The refrigerator can be cleaned once in a while. Itโ€™s also an opportunity to check what you have in it โ€“ sometimes we can forget about some products that can expire or not good to consume anymore! The best time to clean it is when itโ€™s getting emptier and you have some shopping to do. Firstly, empty the refrigerator and put them in the countertop that was cleared out previously. Wash shelved and drawers. Wipe down the interior and clean outer surfaces. Allow to cool it before putting back the food.

clean the kitchen


The oven is advised to be cleaned once in a while, depending of its usage. The later to take to clean it, the harder it will be. Find here 7 tips to clean your oven!

Don’t forget to clean small appliances such as coffee machine and microwave!

Cabinets: in and out

Firstly, you would start with the inside of the cabinets. That can be done once in 1 or 2 months, as the spot cleaning of the outside of the cabinets will be really easy to do. Once you want to clean the inside of it, take everything out and put them in the countertop. See if you have something that expired or not good to use anymore and put them in the trash. Wipe it down and put the products back inside, from newer in the back to older to the front.

Finish line: Dust, sink and surfaces (countertops, backsplash)!

Thatโ€™s right, you are almost finishing. While you did most part of it, the dishes are ready to be arranged. Dust the high surfaces. Wipe down countertops, sink area and backsplash.

Sweep and take out the trash

Trash can get smelly with time. Take out the trash every day, but since you cleaned the kitchen, maybe you have to take it out again. Before mopping we recommend to broom since dust and dirt need to be taken to trash, use a broom.

Clean the floor

Because you already sweep the floor, you only need to mop it. You can also use a towel to dry the floor. Depending of the type of floor, you will need to do it one way or another. Check our cleaning tips for ceramic and hardwood floors or vinyl if it is your case!

Thatโ€™s right, you did it! If you want to use some homemade tips to improve the scent of the kitchen, check here to see how you can make a pot-pourri. It will also look great! Now rest, you deserve it!


Cleaning Hardwood and Vinyl Floors

Cleaning Hardwood and Vinyl Floors

Cleaning hardwood or vinyl is very important. Itโ€™s not a hard job to do, but it requires attention.

Cleaning floors is quite simple but thatโ€™s if you know how to do it.

If you donโ€™t have time to do these chores, you can ask professional cleaners to do it in your place. Time is so precious, you donโ€™t want to spend it cleaning the house yourself. You can get a free estimate here.

There are several types of floor with specific needs. Check our blog for more tips of how to clean ceramic floors or other parts of the house.

Why it’s important to clean the floor

There are several reasons of the importance to have the floors cleaned. Here are some reasons:

  • To remove stains, dirt, litter and obstructions. Removing them will make the floor less slippery or trippy, preventing injuries at home.
  • Beautify the floors. Floors are one of the first things we look in a house so we want to keep them good looking.
  • To remove allergens like dust. Dust is one of the biggest enemies for people that tend to have allergic reactions.
  • Save money! Itโ€™s better to maintain the floor and protect it than replace it. Thatโ€™s one of the reasons why floor care should be an everyday task.

Looking for Professional Help?

Are you sick and tired of doing domestic chores? Your time is precious.

Let us take care of your home. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Cleaning Hardwood floors

There are several cleaning supplies for hardwood floors. But weโ€™ll give you one of the best homemade hacks we have for these kinds of floor.

You will just need two teabags and boiling water. Teabags are useful because the tannic acid present will go on to create a beautiful shine after.

You should start by letting the teabags steep in hot water for a couple of minutes after which you will proceed to pour the tea in a bucket.

Take the cloth that you use to clean your house with, put it in the bucket and wring it out. Ensure that the cloth is damp not soaked with the tea after cleaning the floor.

Using a damp cloth when cleaning helps in enabling the floor dry quickly and once you are done, you will be pleasantly surprised at how amazing the sheen looks!

Scratches on the hardwood floors?

In the event that there are scratches that are easily noticeable after cleaning, consider taking a crayon that is closest to the color of the floor then rub it onto the scratch till it fills the gap. With a blow dryer, you then turn it on high and heat the area where you applied the crayon and after doing so, buff the area with a soft cloth.

Cleaning Vinyl Floors

Normally vinyl floors are more located in the kitchen or bathroom, since itโ€™s easier to clean. Cleaning vinyl floors is really simple since you only need a bucket of warm water and borax to wash the floor. To know more tips for cleaning vinyl floors, visit this page for more info.

How to protect your floors

The best way to protect the floor is dusting and vacuuming everyday preferably. If there is a spill, wipe it off immediately or it might dry. If it dries it can damage the floor or leave stains harder to remove.

We understand that you might not have time for it, so donโ€™t worry. We also have recurring services to keep your home beautiful, disinfected and cleaned!


How To Clean The Bathroom

How To Clean The Bathroom

When it comes to clean to the bathroom, the shower, sink, toilet and tub, it is important to understand that they deserve special attention when cleaning. The bathroom is moister than the other rooms, making it very easy for the development for bacteria and mold.

Having a clean bathroom will help the health of your family, since the elderly and kids are more vulnerable to get affected from the bacteria.

Rest assured, we are here to tell you how to clean the bathroom efficiently, shiny with the perfect aroma!

Dirt off!

Sinks get all the dirt and grime usually from hair products or toothpaste dribble. To remove it you can use bleach formulated cleaners that will not only clean but will also sanitize the surfaces.

Using an all-purpose bathroom cleaner is important when removing a light film or soil. But when it comes to hardened deposits, soft scrub cleaners and abrasives can be used.

Shower and tub perfectly cleaned

Showers and tubs are usually plagued by bath oil, soap scum, body oil and hair products. Areas that are hard to reach such as tub rims, faucets and fixtures usually provide hiding spaces for mildew, moisture and mold. To effectively clean these areas, we recommend to spray and stand generously then get scrubbing. Using a cleaning toothbrush removes build up deposits where faucets and tub fixtures are concerned.ย 

Looking for Professional Help?

Are you sick and tired of doing domestic chores? Your time is precious.

Let us take care of your home. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Crystal clear!

For glass doors and fiberglass showers, youโ€™ll have to give them special treatment.

Usingย pine oil, an all-purpose bathroom cleaner or baking sodaย can make miracles! Just be careful,ย avoid using scrubbing pads or abrasive cleanersย since they will either dull the finish or scratch.

My Cleaning Angel Can clean your bathroom and more

A deep cleaning now and then is always a good call. Get rid of the germs, take care of your home and be ready to have visits!ย My Cleaning Angel can give you a professional service.

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