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Tips To Keep Your Home Cleaner For Longer

Tips To Keep Your Home Cleaner For Longer

Imagine this: you just spent your precious weekend getting down on your hands and knees to clean your house. You scrubbed the countertops, swept the floors, dusted the furniture, vacuumed the carpets, and even cleaned the sinks. Only to face the disappointment of having to see it all get messy again the minute you turn your back! No one wants to spend their weekend cleaning only to have to go through the ordeal of repeating it all over again on Monday. Especially when there are so many more interesting things to do. 

Considering the amount of effort and time you put in into making sure your house is squeaky clean, the least you deserve is the opportunity to live the satisfaction of seeing your house spotless through the weekend. So, what’s the solution to keeping your home cleaner for longer? The key is to clean smarter. The best advice any expert home cleaner can offer you is not to clean more frequently. But to clean smarter. With a little additional effort, you can manage to keep your house stainless for fairly longer than you’re accustomed to. Saving you both time and labor. 

A handful of preventive tips and tricks can go a long way towards keeping your house tidy without having to put in too much effort. Here are a few resourceful and creative strategies you can implement into your daily housekeeping to keep your home cleaner for longer.

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1. Layer Rugs on Top of Carpets

Carpet cleaning can be one of the biggest and most difficult hassles amongst all your monthly chores. From kids running around the house to guests bringing in dirt. Carpets are one of the most high-traffic areas of the house. Which is why it is always a good idea to layer the carpets with rugs. Rugs tend to be much easier to vacuum and wash which makes a big difference. Specially when it comes to keeping the house clean. This way you only have to wash your carpet once in a blue moon!

2. Keep a Doormat at the Entrance

A doormat presents an attractive welcome for your guests when they step into your house. But more importantly, it keeps them from tracking mud and dirt inside the house by allowing them to wipe the sole of their shoes before entering. This prevents your carpet from catching any stains and protects them from germs and contamination. The humble doormat acts as the first line of defense against dirt and germs by trapping them outside your entrance. Also saving you the effort of costly carpet maintenances. Even something as simple as keeping a shoe rack at every entrance of your house can keep less dirt from being tracked all over the house. 

3. Seal Your Countertops

Since countertops made of stone are pervious to liquids, they tend to absorb liquids such as wine, oil, or juice quickly which can lead to stains. Sealing your countertops with a sealant protects them from stains and makes cleaning them after a hectic day of cooking much easier. Without having to even scrub. Sealants also have the added advantage of reducing damage to countertops caused by etching and cleaning chemicals.

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4. Use Drain Covers

Drain covers in your kitchen or bathroom go a long way when it comes to keeping gunk away from your sewage line. Cleaning a clogged pipe can be an extremely horrendous task to deal with. One that can be prevented by the use of a simple drain cover. Simply clean out the covers every once in a while rather than dealing with clogged drains every week. Additionally, drain covers are also good for the ecosystem as they reduce environmental contamination from chemicals that are flushed down the drain into the nearest body of water. 

5. Organize Your Belongings

One of the best strategies to keep your home cleaner is to de-clutter and organize your belongings into separate spaces by keeping a place for everything. Investing some time into organizing all your and your family’s belongings in the house can drastically cut down on the amount of time spent on cleaning daily. And can allow you to work towards a more peaceful and organized house for you to relax in. Start by designating separate spots that are easy to reach and put away for everything in the house. Such as toys, keys, mail, and shoes and train your family to keep those items in their designated spaces.

Fewer items on surface tops and floors cut down the time spent on dusting and sweeping. Making tidying up a lot easier. Move on by making separate spaces for everyone in the house by decluttering everything you don’t need. A good tip you can follow is to assign everyone in the family a basket or a separate closet for them to store their stuff close to where they spend most of their time. This will save you the effort of having to pick up piles of everyone’s stuff later.

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6. Clean Your Ducts and Vents

When there is dirt and debris inside your air vents and air conditioning ducts, it is bound to end up in your house and subsequently on your walls and furniture. This is why an in-depth cleaning of your vents and air filters can significantly reduce the amount of dust and airborne allergens inside your home. And protects the air circulating inside from harmful allergens and micro-organisms. A thorough periodic cleaning of your air ducts and filters can help keep anyone in the house with respiratory ailments safe. And reduce the amount of interior cleaning essential to maintaining a hygienic lifestyle. 

You can remove all the ducts and grids, wash them and let them dry before installing them back again. Or you can simply employ the services of a specialized company, like Advanta Clean for a deep clean of all your air ducts. It will have everyone in the house breathing fresh air in no time!

7. Make Cleaning Supplies More Accessible

Cleaning supplies are the staples of a healthy and sanitary living environment. Stashing cleaning supplies in convenient locations all around the house and especially in high traffic areas like the bathroom and living room can help you quickly clean up as you go when you’re in that location, keeping your home cleaner. Additionally, it will also promote everyone in your family to take responsibility. And clean up after themselves as they’ll be more likely to clean up a mess that they make. If they have access to the proper cleaning supplies within arm’s reach. You could take a good advise on how to clean like a maid service.

8. Use Pillow Covers and Protectors

Not only do pillow covers and mattress protectors extend the lifespan of your bedding. But they also protect you from micro-organisms by blocking mites and bed bugs from penetrating it. Pillow covers and mattress protectors are made of water-absorbent fabric that prevents stains by keeping liquids from seeping into your bed and pillow. Keeping your pillows and mattresses spick and span. An added benefit is that they are extremely easy to wash too! So if you ever spill anything on the bed, you can simply remove the covers and throw them in the washing machine for a quick wash. Saving you lots of time and hefty mattress cleaning costs.

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9. Clean As You Go

Taking out opportunities to do short consistent cleanings over the course of your day by inculcating effective and hygienic practices into your daily routine can help you keep your home cleaner for as long as possible. Don’t wait for your house to become a total mess before you decide to do a deep clean. Adopting some simple ongoing cleaning habits such as washing the dishes after every meal instead of piling those on the kitchen counter. Or folding the laundry as soon as it’s done drying can make quite a big difference.

But if your house already needs a deep cleaning or more heavy cleaning, a professional house cleaner is the best option for you. Find out what you need to know when hiring a cleaning company.

10. Seal Your Garage Door

If you wish to keep your home cleaner for more than five minutes, sealing the garage doors can be a highly effective strategy towards achieving your goal. Your garage door plays a huge role in bringing in dirt indoors. But sealing your garage door can play just as big of a role in keeping your home cleaner for longer. Gaps around the edges of a garage door can allow rainwater, debris, pests, and dirt to creep into your garage. Which can then be tracked by you inside the house. Mice can even squeeze through the spaces in the gaps while leaves and dirt can be blown by the wind into your garage. Sealing your garage door forms a robust defensive barrier against these external contaminants and reduces the amount of dust you have to sweep up inside the house

11. Close Your Shower Curtain When You Get Out of the Shower

As part of the wettest area in your house, your shower curtains are the most susceptible to the build-up of mold and mildew. To keep your shower clean so that you don’t have to clean it every time someone decides to take a shower. Make sure you and everyone in the house close the shower curtain behind them when they get out after wiping the floor. This will allow the shower to dry out; thus, preventing the growth of grime and mildew. Alternatively, you can also open your windows or turn on the ventilation to let the moisture out of your shower so that it can dry quickly. Today.com explained how to clean your shower curtains, take a look.

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12. Use Dryer Sheets

Every clever home cleaner’s ultimate secret weapon is dryer sheets. Wiping your furniture or décor with dryer sheets eliminates static clinging of dust from your furniture. And leaves behind a unique anti-clinging residue that repels dirt and dust from surfaces after you wipe them with it. With just one wipe of your baseboards and furniture with dryer sheets, you can make your furniture spotless. And keep it that way for much longer by keeping dust and debris at bay.

13. Don’t Forget to Clean Under the Furniture 

Keeping up with your daily chores and cleaning can be such a drag and oftentimes, understandably so, you can get lazy and forget to clean beneath your furniture. But, investing some time and effort into cleaning under your furniture will pay dividends when you will see your floors stay spotless. Even days later following the first sweep. If you don’t clean out the dust and dirt nestling underneath your furniture, you are missing out on a lot of dust that is bound to definitely show up from beneath. And leave a quarter of an inch of dust on your furniture. 

14. Close Your Windows

As much as it is important to let fresh air in, it’s important to keep the dust and dirt outside the house to keep your home cleaner longer. The best way to do this is by closing your windows most of the time during the day, especially when you’re not inside the house. This strategy works the best in areas where dust storms are a frequent phenomenon by sealing dust, debris, and allergens outside the house.

15. Teach Your Kids to Play Outside

Not only does introducing your children to the outdoors advance their motor skills and cognitive development, but it also helps keep your home cleaner longer by keeping the mess outside the house. Sending your kids to the backyard also gives you the space and time you need to clean your house by keeping them busy.

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The Ultimate Goal

It can get frustrating to see all your hard work go to vain when you see your house getting dirty immediately after you clean it. Besides, no one wants to live in a house that is in a constant state of disorder. But, at the end of the day, your final goal should be to keep your house sanitary and clean for everyone to ensure a healthier and more hygienic lifestyle. If you’re looking for a thorough, deep, top to bottom, and professional clean-up of your house, reach out to My Cleaning Angel to make your house a safer environment to live in.

House Cleaning At Your Service

House Cleaning Services can be a hard task to do, and experienced cleaners provide the best cleaning strategies for your apartment or home. Consider getting it cleaned as soon as the home is empty. This ensure you leave the home cleaned and increases the chance of getting your deposit back. Book now online your move out cleaning with us, we get the job done!

Cleaning Tricks You Should Totally Steal From Your House Cleaner

Cleaning Tricks You Should Totally Steal From Your House Cleaner

Everyone loves a neat and clean house but not everyone loves to make it so. Some people seem to have the gift of cleanliness but not all of us are natural-born cleaners. If you’re an average person, you sure look at these natural-born, professional house cleaners and wonder which magic wand they use to clean up the area. Even though it can sometimes seem as if we simply do not possess the talent. There are certain really simple and beneficial cleaning tricks we’ve stolen from house cleaner. You can easily add them to your old cleaning habits, making you a pro house cleaner! 

In this blog, you’ll learn how to redefine your approach to cleaning and learn some life-changing house cleaner habits you should immediately adapt to make your cleaning endeavors more efficient than ever before! If you’ve ever hired a professional cleaner, you’ve probably wondered how they get your house so clean in such a short space of time. Well, here are several tips and tricks stolen from house cleaners to ease your cleaning process and make it seem like a job professionally done!

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1. Strategize – The Room-By-Room Approach

Most of us are always unsure of where to start the house cleaning process. Should we dust or vacuum first, should we leave the kitchen for last or the bathroom for last? After much research and talking to many house cleaners for their expert opinion we’ve figured out the perfect house cleaning strategy; go room by room. Instead of taking the task approach and ending up down the very strenuous and time-consuming rabbit hole of dusting up the whole house and crashing before reaching the vacuum stage. Strategize and go room by room. Taking this zone approach helps you reach your target sooner and helps you feel accomplished bit by bit. Instead of cooking up a dust storm in the entire house all at once.  

2. Gather All Your Cleaning Tools in a Bucket Beforehand

The key to cutting down cleaning time is by having all your cleaning tools sorted and gathered in a bucket. Having everything you need to clean in one portable place makes it much easier to get the job done. Instead of wasting time looking for tools and cleaning products while you clean just put them all in a nice portable caddy. And take it to each room as you tackle it. This way you don’t have to worry about gathering them all over again every time.

3. Clear the Clutter

Before you even start the actual deep clean process, go from room to room and pick up the clutter. Such as extra blankets, magazines, the book you read last night and never put back, and the ten pairs of shoes that are out! Just put things back to where they belong and you’ll see how much easier the cleaning seems after that.

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. 4. Start Top to Bottom

Part of strategizing is how to tackle the room itself. Expert house cleaners say starting top to bottom and then going from left to right is the most efficient way of cleaning a room. Start at the top by dusting your ceiling fan, then dust off your tables and blinds and then move down to the floor. If you stick to the random way of dusting and cleaning, you’ll just be cleaning all day. For instance if you clean your coffee table and then realize the fan needs to be cleaned, all the dirt will fall on what you just cleaned.

5. Dust, Wipe, Vacuum – In That Order. 

Once you’ve ensured your ceiling fans are clean, start dusting the tops of furniture such as the bed headboard, tabletops, etc. To achieve professional house cleaner cleanliness, concentrate on the undersides of shelves, picture frames, handrails, doorknobs, and TV screens. For hard-to-reach areas, like blinds and upper shelves, tie a microfiber cloth to the end of a mop or broom.

Remember, when you’re dusting, take everything off of a table or shelf before you clean it. This step is crucial to achieving that squeaky clean feel! Give each item a quick wipe with a microfiber cloth then re-wipe it using a disinfectant, particularly the things that might deliver germs to people’s fingers and faces. Make a nontoxic disinfection solution by mixing one-fourth to a half cup of white or apple cider vinegar with a cup of water, then wipe! Now you can put everything back in its place. Take all the shampoo bottles, soap, and other items out of the shower before you clean there, too. Otherwise, you’ll have a clean-looking bathroom but a gunky little soap dish! 

Start the vacuum only once the entire room and all its little knickknacks are thoroughly dusted. Since the whole purpose of the vacuum is to pick up all that dust from the floor. 

Pro-tip: Change the sheets in the bedrooms before you vacuum.

Thinking about hiring a house cleaning service, but have no idea what to expect from a maid service? Check our blog post and find out what they are gonna clean and do.

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6. Use The Right Product

No cleaning can be done right if you don’t have proper cleaning products and tools. Any house cleaner you’ve ever hired from a professional cleaning service will never show up to your home empty-handed. They come prepared and ready with the right supplies. Now that you’ve taken on the cleaning duties, the one trick to steal from the professional house cleaner would be to have your home stocked with multi-purpose cleaners. So you don’t have to lug around a specific surface cleaner for each material, microfiber towels, sponges, scrub brushes, a vacuum that can work on carpet and tile or wood, a duster, and a microfiber mop. If you have all the tools, you’ll be ready to clean like a professional.

Pro tip: Invest in microfiber cloth immediately, instead of using old newspapers or fabric to wipe your glass and mirror surfaces. The reason why the mirrors look so clean and sparkly once the cleaning lady cleans your house is that they use a microfiber cloth for it. And not that old t-shirt you put away to use as a wipe. 

7. Clean Your Cleaning Tools

Don’t forget to routinely wash your cleaning tools as using a dirty mop or duster will only add to the mess and not effectively clean up the space. Instead you’ll probably end up with a dirtier floor. Cleaning tools especially the ones you use for the bathrooms need to be cleaned regularly. Yes, that sounds nasty but what’s even nastier is you using dirty tools in hopes to “clean”. So pour in a few drops of all-purpose cleaner in a big tub and throw in all your toilet brushes and mop and let it sit for at least ten to fifteen minutes. Rinse once more and you’re ready to go clean. 

8. Make It All Shine

Do you know that your kitchen sink possibly has more germs and bacteria than a toilet? Do you also wonder how the sink shines when the house cleaners clean it. But somehow, it’s never the same when you do it? Here’s the trick you need. Fill the sink with a solution of bleach and water, let it soak for three to five minutes and then let it all run down the drain. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the sink dry and there you have it! A shiny good as new sink cleaned all by yourself. 

You can do the same for your bathroom sinks, if they are marble or glass material then use apple cider vinegar instead of bleach. In need of more tips on how to clean your bathroom and make it shining? Read what DIY Network wrote for you.

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9. Clean Under the Sink

Be it your kitchen sink or the bathroom, the space under it is often the most frequently used space in every household but also the most overlooked one. Most amateur house cleaners tend to ignore such spots thinking they aren’t the most noticeable areas. However if you’re planning to clean like professional house cleaners it is important to clean every little spot. A lot of bacteria live under the kitchen sink so be sure to empty out the trash from under there and wipe the area clean with a disinfectant and a surface cleaner.

10. Let Your Product Sit

Let your product dwell a little. Don’t be in such a rush to clean that you end up wasting time instead of actually cleaning the house perfectly! The product needs reaction time to cut the grease off or to disinfect. Giving a product time to sit for a minute or two will lead to great results and if you’re really in a rush the while the product sits, you can start by wiping off the other surfaces or organizing something else meanwhile. You must keep in mind that products are designed to work well and to clean, this means that you need to let the product do its just job by applying it to the surface and leaving it for a while. A pre-treated surface will save you much time and effort; you won’t have to scrub will all your force nor will you have to go over it multiple times.

11. The Eye Level Test

Wiping a surface and then looking at it from the top will most likely make it seem perfectly clean but once you crouch down and look at it from eye level, you’ll get a whole new perspective and notice many tiny crumbs just lying there. So take the eye level test especially when you’re cleaning your kitchen so you can see under the appliances and clean it perfectly just like a professional and efficient house cleaner would!

12. Zig-Zag Cleaning

Always clean side to side like a zig-zag pattern instead of a random all-over-the-place motion. This tip works best especially while cleaning things like your fridge since most of them have a stainless-steel door on which every little mark is very obvious. Going in a zig-zag pattern reduces the chance of missing a dirty spot and leaving random marks on the surface. This also saves time because you don’t have to go over the surface repeatedly because you probably caught all the stains the first time!

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13. Walk Your Way Out

When you get down to moping the floors, remember the key is to walk your way out! Now, this really is as simple as it sounds. Always start from the back of the room and then walk your way out of the room and the reason we do this is because you don’t want to step in and out and go back and forth to clean the floor. 

14. Layering

Layering is a technique most professional house cleaners use. It definitely is one of the most efficient ways to getting things done. Layering is the concept of doing multiple things at one time, for example, having things happen passively in the background while you’re actively cleaning.

The perfect example for this would be while cleaning your bedroom, you know you’ll require clean sheets so why not quickly strip those off the bed and throw them in the wash. This way while you’re busy cleaning the surfaces and organizing things in the room, the washing machine is handling the other task for you. Once the laundry is washed, chunk them in the dryer and get back to dusting and wiping! By the time you’re done with your part, you’ll have a freshly washed sheet ready to be used. 

Now that we’ve listed down all the magical tricks professional house cleaners use to make the house look as clean as ever, we hope you’ll use them to your benefit and get cleaning using these extremely useful tricks. Remember to strategize; store all your cleaning products together, go top to bottom and left to right, bend down to eye level and LET that product sit! Get that washing machine running while you tackle other things and walk your way out of the room when you mop and don’t wipe things haphazardly, stick to the zig-zag pattern for wiping.

Booking online house cleaning services has never been faster and easier. Read how to book online cleaning services for your home.

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House Cleaning At Your Service

House Cleaning services is hard, and experienced cleaners provide the best cleaning strategies for your apartment or home. You can use the tricks you just read, or hire professional house cleaning services. You’ll save time and energy. Professional house cleaners can do the job a lot faster and efficiently. Book now online your house cleaning with us, we get the job done!

Hiring A House Cleaning Company

Hiring A House Cleaning Company

Beat the Germs Out

 If you’re used to working long hours after which picking up a vacuum and dragging it around the carpet is akin to moving a mountain, you need a house cleaner! For first-timers looking to hire a house cleaning company, some hurdles and uncertainties are common. Trusting someone to come into your house, albeit for cleaning, is something a lot of people are hesitant to do. However, if that monstrous pile of dirt and grime isn’t cleaned routinely, you are in the danger zone for many illnesses.  Hiring a house cleaning company is a process and one that requires several clarifications.

Necessity or Luxury? You Decide 

If you are used to cleaning your own house, have the know-how of the products, and have the time to spare, house cleaning services may not be ideal for you. If you are always faced with an increasing list of things you need to clean simply because you cannot spare time, hiring a house cleaning company is a necessity.

You may think you are clearing out the pesky germs by half-heartedly dusting your shelves. But instead, you’re wasting time. If the situation is dire and your house may turn into a biohazard (we sure hope it’s not that bad!), forking over some extra dollars to hire professionals cannot hurt! Remember, you will be getting what you pay for since the house cleaning company will expertly clean your place. Living in a clean, comfortable, and sanitary home is what all workaholics would prefer after wearing themselves out at the office- so go for it! 

Sometimes you need your house spruced up for the holidays, are moving out, or just want some spring cleaning done. You can hire one-time services if that is the case. Remember, most services like ours do offer you flexible scheduling. Ranging from weekly, bi-weekly to regular, you choose what you prefer!

After all, are you wondering how much would be for you to hire a house cleaning service provided by professionals? Find out the average cost of a maid service.

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Terms of Service

This is an essential document you should read before you make a financial commitment to any house cleaning company. Things like the policy for cancellation, changing services, etc., are important, especially to avoid the extra fees or hidden charges companies can sometimes throw your way unexpectedly. It is common industry practice to charge cancellation fees since rescheduling cleaners at the last-minute is a huge cost. Especially covering their wages. If you’re aware of the charges and cancellation policy, you can avoid any last-minute miscommunication. As well as prevent spending more than what you were expecting to spend.

Companies for Cleaning 

Heard the myth going around of people thinking hiring single janitors is a good decision? Sure single-maid services may get the job done if you need just some arbitrary cleaning. But the assumption that this is more cost-efficient than the services offered by a company is not always true! If the price is a concern for you, one cleaning lady may keep you sufficiently happy. However, house cleaning companies have a full team of trained, skilled, and well-equipped staff to revive and thoroughly sanitize your house. The main benefit of these professionals is that they know what they are doing- and are insured! 

What You Get

The services house cleaning companies offer you are multi-faceted and efficient in tackling germ-prone areas in your house. You may miss some hard-to-reach areas in your general cleaning. But the professional cleaning staff is knowledgeable in identifying these spots and cleaning them thoroughly. If you’re paying a one-time flat fee, house cleaning companies may inform you of the packages they offer which that fee may cover. If you are a regular client, moving companies usually ask for lump sum fees for general cleaning, with a surcharge for specifics. Some tasks that cleaning companies undertake: 

  • Washing the dishes;
  • Emptying the trash;
  • Changing the linens; 
  • Cleaning bathrooms and high-frequented areas;
  • Cleaning kitchens and kitchenettes;
  • Dusting, mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming.

The extra tasks that these companies offer usually cost you a surcharge or additional cleaning fees. These aren’t generally on the roster for the services of house cleaning companies, but some cleaning companies do perform these on request. These generally involve extra sprucing up of your house/business premises or a very thorough sanitation of appliances and other areas, such as:

  • Laundry;
  • Window washing;
  • Polishing baseboards, countertops, blinds, windowsills, banisters, and woodwork;
  • Cleaning the oven, refrigerator, cabinets;
  • Waxing floors and countertops;
  • Carpet Cleaning;
  • Ceilings, light fixtures, and chandeliers cleaning;
  • Cleaning under the furniture;
  • Cleaning drapes and upholstery.

These services aren’t generally the regular offerings of a house cleaning service- but if you’re hosting a family party or just require a once-in-a-while thorough cleanse, they are your best bet for getting the job done well.

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References, Reviews, and Recommendations 

When looking for cleaning companies to spruce up and sanitize your house, the three Rs come in handy. Hop online to see reviews and recommendations on the websites that pop up for cleaning services (while you’re at it have a look at the testimonials on ours!). Family and friends in the same residential area as you can help us by giving you referrals to tried and tested moving companies. Company offerings can be very clear on the website,. But if you are still hesitant about making a commitment, customer testimonials can greatly help! Go for the website that represents the company authentically, is well-suited to your needs, and has been recommended by a trusted person in your acquaintance. 

Insured and Registered 

The major advantage that you get when you hire a house cleaning company is that they will almost always have insurance. Sure, cleaning jobs don’t entail a huge risk, but people are always concerned about leaving cleaning staff behind while they are away at work. With cleaning companies, you have the added assurance of all damages being covered if theft or injury occurs. Companies like ours take the responsibility we owe to our customers very seriously. It is for showcasing that same commitment that while perusing cleaning companies, you should always note if they have the means to cover stolen items, damage to property, or an injured worker. Just simply request them to share with you their coverage policies, and you’ll be good to go. 

The assurance these companies bring to clients results in a slightly higher cost of hiring since insurance coverage results in increased costs. However, these extra precautions are vital- we live in a litigious world and you don’t want to risk anything by letting complete strangers into your home!

house cleaning company

Efficiency, Experience, and Proficiency 

The next big thing to look at in your pursuit of hiring the company best-suited to your cleaning needs is how good they are at what they do. One of the biggest indicators of a company’s service standards is how long they have been in business. This will give you a good idea of how well-trusted this company is to be operational and profitable for this long. The second thing you should look for is company accreditation and affiliations. Industry awards and acknowledgments given by magazines and authorities also represent that the company is doing well. This offers you that extra edge of reassurance you may need before opening up your house to a cleaning company. 

In our case, we have received a 5-star rating across trusted social media platforms like Yelp, Facebook, BBB, and Angie’s List. This showcases that we are committed to maintaining an excellent standard of services, keeping in line with tailored customer requirements. This also helps our team bask in praise for their hard work and maintain those high standards in every cleaning job they tackle! Make sure to check for affiliations, reviews, and testimonials to see what customers are saying about cleaning companies. This gives you an array of options to choose from, and sufficient warning to not spend your hard-earned dollars consulting those that don’t have the same credentials. 

Thoroughness to the T 

Companies that are handling every facet of the service should be a big indicator that they do their job well. Prior to them coming to your house to actually undertake the cleaning, they should ask to see it in pictures. Or discuss a plan with you in detail over the telephone or email. You may be thinking: why such a fuss over cleaning? Simply because of the number of things that could go wrong: if the cleaning isn’t undertaken properly, if damages occur or if you come back home to a pungent smell of disinfectant.

A company’s consultation procedures and pre-cleaning discussions with you go a long way to exhibit their commitment and thoroughness. How will they go about the cleaning? How many people will be on the team? What packages do they offer? Do they take requests? What’s the fixed charge for general cleaning? Do they charge extra for other tasks, and by how much? If they customize the services for you, they should tell you what the package entails. If it involves the same service each time irrespective of your particular needs, that has to be clarified ahead of time as well.

All these questions being answered ahead of time are fundamental in helping you determine their ethos of dedication and communication. Let’s be honest: nobody wishes to pay a disorganized or mismanaged team of people to clean their house. And therefore getting answers to all your queries prior to the service is very important.

house cleaning company

Compensation for Dissatisfaction

Without mincing your words or falling over backward on politeness, you should make sure to ask the hard questions. These revolve around the compensation the company offers for damage, breakage, and unsatisfactory results. 

What the company does if a customer is satisfied with the service performed is another indicator of their policies. It’s a common occurrence for things to break or dislodge while cleaning. It is the response, apology, and compensation on the company’s part that makes or breaks the service. 

Who’s the Team? 

It is important to note that when a cleaning company is coming into your house, they have access to your most sacred places and are within reach of your cherished valuables, and it is, therefore, essential to understanding who you are actually opening your doors for. Making sure that the company performs background checks on all employees is the first thing you should look into. If they don’t- well then that’s it, you cannot be expected to let strangers into your home, especially in your absence. 

Another important thing to find out is whether the employees at the cleaning company are hired on a rotating basis or are permanent members of the team. A company with a consistent roster of employees offers you the assurance that they are all trusted. And for long-term or regular work, you can hire them comfortably. You can also ask the company what their vetting process comprises and whether all employees are subject to that vetting. Since the employees are going to be in such close quarters with your home, it’s important to hire only the company which does the most stringent checks while hiring. If you are a busy person and wants to book an easy and fast cleaning for your home, read how to book online house cleaning services.

house cleaning company


A good workman never blames his tools. But this doesn’t mean old, low-grade cleaning supplies will excuse shoddy work! At My Cleaning Angel, we use only industry-standard, non-abrasive, and environmentally-friendly cleaning products while we clean your premises. Why is this important? Heavy disinfectants and scrubbers can ruin the shine on your furniture and floors. Not to mention that they smell up a storm! You should make sure the company you are hiring doesn’t use harsh chemicals that can leave a problematic residue or harmful fumes. 

Nobody would like to walk into a house that reeks of industrial, pungent disinfectant. Some companies can be different in that they require you to provide the products. Enabling you to have control over the supplies, which also costs you a bit less.

“One mop in one house” policies are always the best to adopt or the cleaning will be counter-productive. With the dirt of someone else’s house arriving on your doorstep. Green-friendly, low-waste and sweet-smelling products and supplies such as reusable microfiber cleaners are a must-have for any good cleaning company. Minimizing cross-contamination is very important during these times. So make sure not to compromise on non-biodegradable disposable wipes for your beloved home!

Need reasons to start green cleaning? The Spruce put together 10 reasons for you to start green cleaning in your home.

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House Cleaning At Your Service

House Cleaning Services can be a hard task to do, and experienced cleaners provide the best cleaning strategies for your apartment or home. Consider getting it cleaned as soon as the home is empty. This ensure you leave the home cleaned and increases the chance of getting your deposit back. Book now online your move out cleaning with us, we get the job done!

How To Do Your Move In Cleaning Successfully

How To Do Your Move In Cleaning Successfully

Move in cleaning is an essential first step when starting your life in a new house. Whether you are renting or buying a new apartment, move in cleaning requires a whole new level of patience. It asks for twice the effort of everyday cleaning, as previous damages always exist. Cleanliness contributes to half the attraction, even if it is a simple-looking place. This is why you can double the beauty of your space through a deep cleanse. 

Cleaning the new house after having cleaned the apartment you left, can seem like too much effort. Particularly when the last residents were not as considerate in cleaning out your new home as you were about cleaning your old one. Moving in is even more so difficult than moving out, as it takes quite a long time for you to settle in. Sometimes as long as a year! Things always seem to be out of place, deteriorating, needing to be fixed, cleaned, or repaired. If you are moving out, we put together 10 things to do before booking a moving out cleaning.

What This Guide Offers

Previous tenants may have had differing levels and understanding of cleanliness than you. Which might give you a hard time. The purpose of this guide is to enable you to deep clean the new unit and come home to an uncluttered space. A blank canvas of a house that you can call ‘home’ on the very first day. Offering to make your apartment a brand new, absolute state-of-the-art piece, this article points out the details in the tiresome proceedings of cleaning. To keep the excitement of moving into a fresh, new flat alive, this article here will direct you towards the essentials of effective move in cleaning.

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Best Way to Do a Move In Cleaning

The world nowadays is blazing fast and very few manage to be able to match its pace. The best possible way for you to catch up with the rapid hustle and bustle of the surroundings lies here with our ‘Ready, Set, Go!’ guide. It entails all the necessary steps to perform beforehand before you move in into your already-cleaned new unit. 

Ask yourself if cleaning is a project or a practice for you. If it’s a project and you cannot deal with the stress of doing it all on your own, you can always hire help. If it’s a practice, here’s a list to get you familiarized with some cleaning pro-tips. Doing things in advance is never a bad idea; cut your work in half by having the apartment ready and clean enough to settle down. The post-move in cleaning will ensure an unhackneyed space, resulting in a clean sheet move in.

Make a To-do List

Dealing with places harboring incessant dirt and germs is a relatively tedious process. The first and foremost initiative towards any task that comes your way should be making a checklist. As moving in is a chaotic process, a list helps to have some order amidst all the chaos. If you’re already a ‘to-do lister,’ you know the oddly satisfying feeling of checking the box against a task after it has been accomplished. This way, you not only get to move on your routine promptly. But also get to experience the sweet relief after every little accomplishment. Listing is the first step towards making your new home get set to its originality and give off vibes of glee.


A clean place is a safe place. Bring your organizational skills into action because they will be necessary for helping you get this job done. ‘What to do when’ is the key here. Go through your to-do-list one by one and start organizing it to adjust it in your busy schedule. Being orderly will be helpful while moving-in and extremely so in case of a short-notice move-in. You have to make your home as clean as a whistle. Do you clean, then move in your belongings? The apartment will get dirty faster than a blink of your eye! So, do you move in and then clean? Decide beforehand to avoid any future discomfort.

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Gather Supplies

Gathering correct, perfect-for-the-job supplies should be your number one priority to finish the cleaning in one swift go. Fetch all the necessary supplies, mops, step ladder, broom, toilet. And other brushes, scrubs, gloves, tubs and buckets, soaps. A plenitude of cleaning chemicals, and disinfectants to get rid of any allergens and infectious agents lurking about. 

Be careful in choosing safe and certified products. Avoid any future health concerns and create an overall healthy indoor and outdoor environment. Make sure you are fully equipped to handle the hard-to-tackle cleaning a move-in requires. Not only do you have to pay for the expensive gear. You’ll also have to learn how to use it perfectly if you’re not already familiar with the mechanisms.

Top to Bottom

Before you move in, you must know that the apartment should be spotlessly clean. Eliminate any possible health hazards caused by the mess left behind by the former occupants. You want your family and yourself to come home to the scent of soaps and cleaning gels. To a lush home and not the one filled with disgusting bathroom odors, cobwebs, and dust bunnies. 

Be especially careful about cleaning out all hard-to-reach places, as though you are planning to have a housewarming party the very next day. Only guests can inspire this level of cleaning! Give a clean sweep to every high and low inside and out of the house. This will take time and effort as you won’t know every out-of-the-way corner in your new home. Take heed of any kind of potential damage to your carefully-kept leather and other upholstery in the absence of a filter or the presence of a filthy one.

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One Task at a Time

Don’t over strain yourself by trying to achieve everything at once. Remember, you’re not a machine and even some machines can’t do that. Take gradual steps as you have to be discreet about the cleanliness of a place you will be living in. The matter of health and hygiene is not one to be taken lightly hence the seeming cleanliness will NOT do. You have to transform your new house into a sanitary one where you can easily acquire peace of mind in a delightful state of surroundings.  

Cleaning Before You Move In

Cleaning a place before you move into it is the most ideal way to go. Everyday cleaning of your home, while the family is present, is hard enough. No one wants to imagine the ruckus caused if you try to do a deep cleanse of the house after when nothing seems to be at the right place. Cleaning in the presence of people is like being caught in a revolving door. Inspect if the previous homeowners owned a pet and take care of concerning dander to avoid allergies. Welcome yourself to glistening surfaces to make new memories at informal dinners and family breakfasts. Convert germy surfaces of the kitchen to glinting ones for further gatherings around the table with your friends with a nice cup of coffee and a good chat.

Cleaning: A Task That Requires Persistence Above All

Pulling out someone else’s hair from a place you just rented or bought is icky! Therefore, you must brace yourself for things that came with the house but are not worth using. There may be some ancient layers of dust, grime, and gook. If you’re not a person with a persistent nature, you will have to become one to do move-in cleaning. Cleaning is a task that requires determination and a firm resolution. A move in cleaning requires double the effort as the place is unfamiliar and unknown to move around to new and challenging spots and edges. Scrub those moldy walls and gunky ceilings and deep clean the excavated backyard or patio, so you have your nice and clean patio furniture set there. This way you will have a fine corner to sit back and relax with a drink or two and then get back to organizing your flat. If you’re in the Tampa Bay area, read why you should hire house cleaning.

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Why Hire Us?

Most of us have fantasized about getting our own cleaning crew after watching Cinderella have her cute little birds do chores for her. Well, forget Cinderella and her birds, because we’re offering you Angels! Get a step ahead with your cleaning needs. You will not have to worry about whom to trust. Our team has been assembled after having passed our detailed system of hiring via in-person interviews and background checks. Following are the answers to the most-asked question: ‘why hire someone for something you can do by yourself?’

Is Cleaning a Form of Therapy For You?

Is your to-do list inducing anxiety and you want to avoid unnecessary mental stress and fatigue that comes with having to do it all on your own? If you’re an easily stressed, anxiety-prone individual then it might be best in your interest to hire a cleaning service amidst all the move-in chaos. Have the service clean the unit before you move-in to get a head start on things as they have the eye for detailed cleaning. A greasy, unhygienic apartment for a home adds to the undesired stress that comes while leaving an old place of habit. 

Moving Can Be Cause of Anxiety

The usual daily duties delay the settling in process, making the apartment spotless and ready to live. Cleaning is a therapy for some people and a stressful business for others. For far too many, moving in a new home becomes cause for anxiety. If you belong to the latter category, hire the help. Dealing with this anxiety when moving is hard, so Clarity Clinic wrote a interesting blog post to help you deal with it. Our professionals provide satisfactory cleaning and wouldn’t need point-by-point guidance. Unlike most self-hired maids who don’t measure up to your standard of cleanliness.

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Save Time, Money, and Effort

Save your energy, time, and effort by hiring pros at the task you’re trying so hard to accomplish. Juggling between your daily chores, packing-repacking, and whatnot; who would say no to the offer of doing the bare minimum of one of the jobs on your list? At other times, cleaning your apartment by yourself might sound like a good idea, but moving in is a long process and you don’t want it hauling you along with it. Steer clear of any unnecessary costs as you might not own all the cleaning supplies required. If you are a person who dreams of a clean house but does not dream of actually doing the cleaning, hired help is the path for you.

Catch a Break

Catch a break, lay back, and relax. With our careful, experienced cleaners who come with the best products, watch your home being deep cleaned. You want for yourself a fresh new start in a brand new apartment, so why not opt for a new trustworthy crew to make your life easier? Let My Cleaning Angel be your fairy Godmother and take care of your move-in deep cleaning while you’re overwhelmed by other commotion. Heal from the move-out by taking time for yourself in your already-cleaned new home!

Get in touch with your soul in your lush space as cleaning is a substantial step towards a healthy life. With our efficient methods and high standards of cleanliness, you won’t have to pull your weight. We will exceed your expectations!

Services Provided

With all the move-in workload you’re caught in, here’s an idea of the services provided by the hired help so you don’t have that worry on your back. The services include home dusting (TV, furniture, picture frames, etc.), vacuuming, and mopping of floors and carpets; detailed cleaning and disinfecting of bathrooms and kitchen. The inside-and-out cleaning of small appliances, like microwaves, the coffee machine, etc., and bigger appliances, like ovens and fridges, is also inclusive. Furthermore, cleaning ceiling fans, blinds, baseboards, and doors, thorough cleansing of the insides of cabinets, windows, and much more is covered! You can choose from our packages according to your needs and convenience.

Reliability and Expertise

You need not worry if you were unable to clean your furniture and appliances prior to your move-in; you can get that done now. Follow your daily schedule with ease, do your daily chores, cook, work, or do the laundry. Rely on My Cleaning Angel services completely and let them fast-forward your move-in process. Vacuuming may sound easy but it sure doesn’t seem so at the end of a long workday. Furthermore, hired professionals like us adhere to industry standards related to dusting, disinfecting, customized chemicals, and ultimately vacuuming.

Hired services are ideal for those with kids and they fit into your move-in process at a reasonable cost. Move-in elbow grease must be stealing your focus from other chores needing dire attention. To rid you of unwanted troubles, we have solutions tailored to your needs. 

Booking Move In Cleaning Has Never Been So Easy

Cleaning has never been a click away but now it is! Avail yourself of the best prices according to the size of your home. If you like the move in cleaning service, you can book our maid service for your day-to-day cleaning.

Come home to an unused apartment that won’t need any repainting; one that matches your personality. Be it a residential or a commercial move-in, we stand 3 easy steps away: book, pay, and see the magic unfold! 

Call us now and speak to our representatives to get a tailored package for your move-in!

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Move In Cleaning At Your Service

Move In Cleaning services is hard, and experienced cleaners provide the best cleaning strategies for your apartment or home. Consider getting it cleaned as the home is empty. This ensure when you arrive at your new home, it’s feeling as fresh as new. Book now online your move in cleaning with us, we get the job done!

How To Clean Like A Maid Service

How To Clean Like A Maid Service

Our homes are a lot of things for us. They are our constant source of pride and joy. A reminder to our wonderful families, and a constant headache source. Wondering what we are talking about? You guessed it, clutter! Any home sees its fair share of clutter and disorganization that sometimes needs days to be cleaned up properly. It is typically greater for large families, where the amounts of discarded clothes or rooms that require an urgent makeover are greater. Add to this a severely fast-paced schedule that is becoming a part of our everyday lives. We are left with a set of chores that we often do not simply have time for. We’re gonna talk about how to clean like a maid service now.

So what does one do to tackle all the mess? One can take either of the two possible avenues. Firstly, you can hire a maid service that takes care of all your cleaning and maintenance professionals. The second option is to find a way to take care of it yourself. We shall now take a look at the services that a maid service provides. Then look at how you can do them yourself. 

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Services provided by a maid service

Maid services have been gaining popularity in many modern and working households recently. They offer professional services that help keep your home in excellent shape. Even when you are not there to manage the process. It is a great option when you just don’t have the time to handle the cleaning yourself. Some of the important points about the services provided by a maid service are discussed below. If you want to hire a maid service, but has no idea how much would cost, read our article. We discuss maid services prices.

Remember to differentiate between a housekeeper and a house cleaner

When you are hiring a maid service, you need to be clear about whether you are getting a housekeeper or a house cleaner. This is the first step in understanding exactly what duties you can expect your maid service to fulfill. A housekeeper is often a more constant presence; you can expect regular visits, either daily or a few times a week. They go through a daily checklist of duties that they need to complete to keep your house in proper shape. A house cleaner is more of a one time hire, where you hire a professional to clean your house or do a complete make-over thoroughly. Most maid services provide housekeeping services, but it’s still necessary to clarify exactly what type of service you expect while hiring a maid service.

Some Common duties of a maid service

Apart from any specific duties which you may put on the job request, all professionals from a maid service are expected to perform some general duties:

Living Areas:

This includes regular cleaning practices such as dusting and vacuuming of the living spaces. Such as the living room, bedroom, etc. Both sweeping and mopping of the floors are expected as well.


This includes cleaning bathroom surfaces and utensils such as sinks, mirrors, toilets, etc. 

Cleaning the kitchen:

this covers cleaning the kitchen along with the kitchen surfaces such as the tabletops and kitchen appliances. Cleaning and drying of any dishes that might be present.


this includes getting rid of any unnecessary mess that might be leftover. From strewn toys to leftover food, there’s always a lot of clutter to sort out.

Amongst Others

  • Making beds and changing sheets.
  • Washing of clothes and drying them, and stowing away the folded clothes.
  • Cleaning of windows and doors.
  • Taking out garbage and sorting out recyclable and non-recyclable items.
  • Restocking of toiletries.

Running errands: some housekeeping services can even include running small errands such as going out for groceries or restocking on cleaning supplies. These are not essential services of a maid service. Make sure you communicate with the maid service before hiring them. If you want to know more about in what’s included in a maid service, find out, read our article.

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A maid service won’t cover everything

There are certain things that a usual maid service won’t cover under their services. This commonly includes child or pet care, which often requires specialized training and expertise. It also includes outside cleaning or heavy cleaning of windows or walls, which requires specific equipment and safety precautions. Moving furniture or moving heavy objects is also not under the purview of a housekeeper. All of the above situations would require you to hire a professional who specializes in those tasks. 

A maid service can be costly

Now that we have covered the duties that a maid service is likely to provide you with let us get to the next important point, namely, how much does a maid service cost, and is it economically feasible for you. To start, there isn’t any standard price range for a maid service. It varies from service to service and might depend on many other factors such as the size of your house and the number of days in a week you want the maid service to come.

When you have a big home, it can often be economically more viable to hire a maid service, despite the higher price range. This is because when balanced against the amount of time it takes you to handle it on your own, a maid service is a much better option. However, for smaller homes, a maid service can often turn out to be a too expensive option. This is where one needs to find a way to tackle cleaning and decluttering on their own, as professionally as a maid service.

To have an idea about pricing, we already discussed that on a previously post, “What’s the average cost of a maid service?”.

like a maid service

You can take on cleaning and decluttering your home on your own

Now that we have discussed the different aspects of hiring a maid service, it is quite clear which situations warrant hiring of a maid service and which situations are the ones where you need to take it upon yourself to handle the mess. So if you are looking for an economically viable option while also keeping a spotless home, there are a few things you need to put on your cleaning checklist.


Decluttering is one of the simplest yet most efficient ways to ensure that your house has a lot less mess when cleaning. So what does decluttering mean? Simply put, decluttering involves putting things into their rightful places, ensuring nothing is lying about where it shouldn’t. From putting toys back into their box or ensuring clothes are folded and kept in the wardrobe, decluttering involves everyday items and often takes just a little time. But it can go a long way in the overall cleaning of your home. This is because while decluttering itself tidies up a house, it also helps a lot in the overall cleaning process by ensuring you can clean much more efficiently with no random items lying about in your path. It saves time while cleaning and improves efficiency. 

Find the right tools for the job

Like every other job on the planet, cleaning and maintaining your home requires the right set of tools to be done efficiently. For example, when you are cleaning the hard-to-reach surfaces, such as the ceilings or fans, you need to have a long enough duster for efficient cleaning. Similarly, a vacuum cleaner goes a long way in cleaning multiple surfaces and floors. A good quality mop helps in faster and more efficient mopping, and so on. Another important thing to remember is to use the right kind of cleaning materials while cleaning. For example, a wooden surface would require a different type of cleaner than one to be used on a window or any other glass surface. It is also advisable to use good quality cleaning materials, as it ensures you clean much more efficiently, and often much more quickly.

like a maid service

Multi-cleaning products are an alternative

As mentioned above, different surfaces and materials usually require different types of cleaners. However, this can take up a lot of time, changing materials, and making you prone to mistakes. A quick and efficient solution to this problem is using multi cleaning products. These products typically work equally well on multiple surfaces and are a great way to save time and resources while getting cleaning supplies. Finding the right multi-purpose cleaner can make your cleaning drive a whole lot easier. 

Keep all your supplies at hand

We have discussed earlier the importance of decluttering while cleaning. This applies to your cleaning supplies as well. Make sure before you get started on your cleaning drive that you have all the necessary materials and tools at hand. This ensures you don’t have to waste valuable time finding the right cleaning agent or tool amid cleaning. A simple organization of the cleaning tools can go a long way in saving time significantly.

DIY hacks can help with cleaning 

While you are dealing with cleaning your home, many DIY hacks can make your life a lot easier while cleaning. DIY hacks are easily available on the internet, and a quick look on the internet can help you find the DIY hacks that you can try out for yourself. For example, using newspapers for cleaning windows is a great method. Newspapers clean glass surfaces very well, so using them to clean your windows or any other glass surface is a good way to be efficient with your cleaning.

Take special care of your kitchen

Kitchens require special attention while you are cleaning. This is because the kitchen is the place where you prepare your food. In addition to this, kitchens also contain a lot of additional utensils, including kitchen equipment such as microwaves, refrigerators, etc. And dishes that need to be cleaned thoroughly. Kitchen surfaces such as sinks or utensil racks can be made of stainless steel, which requires special care and the right cleaner to make sure they are cleaned properly. If you have dishes lying about, make sure you clean them up as soon as you can, as decluttering the sink is as important as any other room in the house when it comes to cleaning.

Dishwashers are sensitive

Dishwashers can be a lifesaver when you are cleaning your kitchen. They help you in getting rid of those dirty dishes in a flash. However, with regular use and not so regular cleaning, dishwashers can be a source of the build-up of food residue, which can create an environment for bacterial propagation. This is a serious issue as it can result in infectious sources spreading to the dishes while being cleaned.

like a maid service

Bathrooms should be kept cleaned

Bathrooms are another part of a home that needs special care. From water stains to wet towels to dirty showers, there can be a lot of things to take care of in a bathroom. A clean bathroom ensures a hygienic environment for you to enjoy, which is a big essential. Restocking toiletries such as toilet paper and soaps should also be a part of your cleaning drive, as these are essentials.

Make your bed after you sleep in it

Sometimes the simplest things can go a long way. A good example of this is making your bed after you wake up in the morning. A change of sheets and a properly made bed can be a sight for sore eyes when you return home tired at the end of the day. It also helps you get off to an early start with your daily cleaning and decluttering routine.

Cleaning and decluttering is an essential part of every home’s daily schedule. If you have an extremely busy schedule or a house that is too big to handle on your own, hiring a maid service can be a good way to ensure proper maintenance. However, for smaller families, or those with pets or children, hiring a maid service can produce less than efficient results.

To Sum It Up

It is best in such situations to take up the maintenance routine upon yourself. By following a checklist and using a few well-placed hacks, you can easily keep your home sparkling clean without the need for any professional help.

My Cleaning Angel won the best of Porch.com awards in the House Cleaning Services category in Tampa, we’re so happy! Hire us and you won’t regret.

like a maid service

Maid Services At Your Service

Suppose you don’t get enough time to do all the things to make your home feel like home, don’t worry. Get yourself a maid service and problem solved. Get the best maid service in your budget and work freely without the tension of doing household.