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If you live with pets, you know better than anyone the challenge of keeping a house clean with your furry friends in your home. It doesn’t matter if you have a habit of tidying up after them, or if you’ve created a habit of cleaning up every day; a house clean with dogs isn’t all that common, and can only be achieved if you are diligent about the habits you form along with your pets!

Let’s take a look at some handy tips and tricks about house cleaning that can help you keep your things neat and tidy regardless of how many pets you own!

house cleaning

1. Invest In a Sturdy Vacuum

Whether it’s a Dyson or a Roomba, having a good vacuum cleaner is one of the essentials of keeping your house clean with dogs. If you think your dog isn’t going to create a mess just because they have less fur, or are low maintenance, think again! Dogs tend to bring in the dirt, leaves, and all manners of muck on their fur and paws. 

2. Brush Your Pet’s Hair on a Regular Basis

You can keep it on a calendar or put it in your habit app, but brushing your dog’s hair at least 3 times a week can have a major impact on the amount of fur and dirt flying around in your house. Not just that, but regular brushing also helps keep your dog’s fur healthy. 

3. Wipe Their Paws Whenever They Come Inside

If you don’t have a high-quality mat outside your entrance (or dog-door), then now’s the time to get one. You can train your dog to wipe their paws as they come inside. Another way to keep their paws clean is to have a washable sheet or rug on the inside that you can help them wipe on, so that house clean with dogs is easier! 

4. Trim Their Nails Weekly

This one is pretty obvious if you’ve had your pet for any amount of time; keep their nails trimmed and short so that they don’t scratch up your furniture, floor and most importantly, you! 

5. Have a Professional Groomer

Since every dog and cat is different, not just in breeds but also in personalities, it’s important to find and pick the right haircut for them. Different fur and hair require different types of care and a good haircut can go a long way in ensuring that your pet doesn’t shed as much as it normally would.

house clean

6. Stock Up On Basic Cleaning Supplies and Keep Them Close

Things like cloth mops, though not at the top of the list for pet owners, have a huge impact on how easily you can trap dirt, muck, hair and fur that’s on your floors. Keep it handy in places where your pets tend to play and hang out the most, and you’ll find that house clean with dogs isn’t as much of a chore as it used to be!

7. Stop the Mud And Dirt At The Threshold

This may sound silly, but try keeping a bucket of room temperature water near your door so that you can clean up your pet’s muddy paws before they drag the mud inside! Not only does it help stop the dirt and dirt from coming in, but it can also train your pets to wait on the mat to get clean before they venture inside.

8. Take Your Pet for Daily Walks

Much like children, tiring out your dog with a daily walk (where they can release all their energy through running and playing around!) will lead to a much calmer dog in the house. A daily walk is good for your health, and it’s good for your dog’s health.

9. Don’t Forget Dusting!

Dusting is no one’s idea of a good time, but if you let the dirt and fur buildup, it will have turned to grime the next time you take to the task. While it may seem like an invisible and unnecessary chore, no house cleaning is complete without dusting. Dusting your surfaces on a regular basis helps you appreciate just how much dirt our furry friends manage to bring into the home (and how many surfaces it rests on!). Home owners that have pets should keep your home clean with weekly cleaning. So no fur would accumulate and your home would be sparkly clean.

10. Bathe Your Dog Regularly

Some pets shudder at the thought of it, but most pets enjoy a good bath. Dogs can get pretty smelly and stinky, and while it’s not the best idea to wash them too often (since it can lead to dryness), giving a good rinse helps to keep their hygiene intact and gets rid of the dirt that collects deep on their skin.

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11. Keep Your Bedding Clean

It’s impossible to keep your pets off your bed; who wouldn’t want to cuddle with them? But hair and fur tend to stick easily on bedding like quilts, comforters, and bed sheets. Make this easy to manage by washing and changing all your bedding at least once a week (washing on the weekend makes for a good habit!)

12. Put Away Clean Clothes ASAP

And while we’re on the topic, even if your dog isn’t actively shedding and you don’t see their fur, you must know that fur is all over your clothes. Pets love the smell of newly washed clothes, so try to put them away in your wardrobe as soon as they’re dry to prevent them from sniffing and sitting on them.

13. Make Some Areas Off-Limits

When training your pets, it’s a good idea to keep some parts of the house, like the kitchen or bedroom, off-limits. This will help in teaching them where they’re allowed and not allowed, and a good way to do this is through doggy doors! You help them create a habit, and your house cleaning is reduced by rooms!

14. Have a Dedicated Sleeping Space for Your Pets

If you’re working on teaching them to stay out of certain areas, it’s a good idea to also teach them which spaces are theirs alone. Giving them a bed of their own in their favorite area of the house, surrounded by their favorite toys, encourages them to maintain a habit of their own and discourages them from sleeping anywhere and everywhere, keeping your sofa, beds, and chairs clean!

15. Add Oils to Your Dogs’ Diet

Lastly, if you feel like you want to make an extra effort to keep doggy fur away from your home, try adding some moisture-laden food to your dogs’ diet. Mix in a little bit of flax, olive or coconut oil into their food to help make their skin and coat shinier and decrease shedding at the same time.

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