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See in practice how the weekly maid service works. Many working moms, peoples and busy professionals now and then feel like they could do with some professional cleaning help. Do you think you are one of them? Then naturally the next question is how much does cleaning my house cost? Ask yourself if you:

If the answer is yes, then you have just arrived at the right place! Before we start discussing numbers and finding the right prices for you, let us delve deeper into how much is it worth to assign your chores to weekly maids through professional cleaning services in the first place. 

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Your Time Is Money, Is It Not? 

Come to think of it: our free time is worth a lot more money if you think about it. Especially when you do not have much, to begin with. Getting all these extra precious hours to do whatever you like doing, instead of panicking to clean up your place. Sounds like a pretty good deal, and is well worth the money. 

So in a way, you are buying yourself some ‘me’ time by getting a regular maid or a weekly maid service. And here is the icing on the top: you enjoy the luxury of walking into a clean house without breaking your back for it. While you have enough time to grab a beer with your friends or focus on a hobby.

How Often Do You Need Your Maid To Come In? 

Most of the professional cleaning services out there have higher domestic cleaning rates per hour for chores that are less frequent – such as one-off cleaning. This is because more work is normally required for such occasional chores as compared to regular cleaning. Where your maid would already be familiar with their way around your house. So if you are looking for the lowest cost per hour, a weekly clean is your best bet.

Is a Weekly Cleaning Service Right For You?

Cleaning our homes can eat away at a big chunk of our waking lives. Every day, we find ourselves struggling to keep up with the dust, disorder and clutter. And if you are busy with other things in life, cleaning can seem like a next-to-impossible task to do consistently. Hiring a professional maid cleaning service to clean your house every week or so, can prove to be truly invaluable to your quality of life.

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Why Do You Need A Weekly Maid Service?

It Will Make Your Weekly Cleaning So Much Easier!

We all have some chores to take care of from day to day. When you sit down to add up all the monthly cleaning that you need to do, it all suddenly seems like too much for you to handle. Hiring a professional service to come in and do the weekly cleaning for you will enable you to focus on your more frequent tasks. Such as a day job, child care or even a hobby if you have one. It is quite common for us to never get around to doing our seasonal or monthly tasks. And that just results in having more work to do every day and eventually each week. It’s so easy to book cleaning services online, read more about here.

Weekly Maid Service Offers Consistency

Do you ever experience a burst of cleaning energy, and then it is nowhere to be found for the next couple of months? Does your house sway between complete chaos and variable degrees of cleanliness? When you hire a weekly maid service, you gain the benefit of enjoying a living space that is consistently orderly and spotless. Without having to lift a finger, you will be able to enjoy a house that is clean as a whistle as well as cosy. 

Weekly Maid Service Gives You Mental Peace

When you come back to a house that is organized and clean, you will be less stressed and more productive. It may also help to boost your social confidence because you will not be worried about what other people might think when they drop by your place.

Getting your house cleaned by a weekly maid can also prove good for your relationship with your family. It is a common thing for fights to break out because of a missing toy that someone tripped over or a broken vase. You can avoid this by hiring a cleaning maid who can help maintain order in your household.

Weekly Maid Service Helps Reduce Pet Odors

If you are an animal lover, odds are that you have a house that smells a certain way. By hiring professional help to come in every week, you can effectively keep any unfortunate pet smells to a minimum. Resulting in a house that smells clean and fresh. Professional maids usually come equipped with cleaning products that can easily and effectively deal with most pet-related odors.

Human beings tend to get used to the smell of their own living spaces. So it is highly possible that you do not even notice that your house smells of your furry friends. By having a pro come in and clean your house can make a huge difference. Especially if you like to invite friends over at your place from time to time. In addition, hiring a weekly maid who takes care of this problem means a healthier, safer and more sanitized indoor environment. For you and your family.

If you still need help with odors from your pets, read more about on this article.

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How Much Does A House Cleaner Cost?

In the market, you will find lots of professional cleaning companies that offer daily to weekly to monthly cleaning services. Usually, most established companies charge between 40-80 dollars by the hour exclusive of VAT for a standard cleaning service. Some companies offer premium services tailored to your specific needs. So they might add some surplus charges in the standard fee.

Usually, the average maid service costs around an average of 168 dollars. But this also depends on how large your family is. Homeowners roughly end up spending around 116-235 dollars. Charging the clients is normally done on an hourly basis or per square footage. Your hourly cost can amount to anywhere between 40 to 80 dollars per cleaner or maid. For square footage charges, the size of your home matters a lot. For example, if a cleaner is working with an area of less than a thousand square feet, the average would come out to be approximately 90 dollars. While a property that is larger than 3000 square feet in size could cost you around 250 dollars.

Weekly maid services usually charge flat rates when it comes to cleaning. However, they can also sometimes charge 0.07 dollars to 0.15 dollars per square foot. If you consider the number of rooms you have, then that could amount to a flat fee of 30-60 dollars per room. These prices might seem high at first, but a lot of factors come into play when hiring professional cleaning help. Your property’s location, the number of family members and pets can increase or decrease the rate. Some of the factors you can look into in depth are discussed next.

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Does Your Entire House Need Cleaning Or Some Specific Areas?

If you are the type of person that has the habit of cleaning your bedroom nice and clean. Then the chances are that you will not be needing a maid to tidy up that area for you. But if you do find yourself in the majority that struggles to keep their bedroom clean, then you will be better off telling the help to clean that room as well. This will lead to an increase in their working hours and thus the overall costs but it will also make your life easier. 

Have You Considered How Many Bathrooms You Have?

Generally speaking, cleaning a bathroom normally takes up the most amount of time out of all the cleaning tasks in your home. If you live in a house that has more than one bathroom, then you may require a maid for more hours weekly as compared to other chores. 

Do You Have Kids?

We all love our kids. But there is no denying the fact that they generate more mess in the house than any adult would do. Kids love to play around and tend make a bit of a mess with their toys – something which can lead to you having to do all the cleaning. You can end up finding their toys in the inexplicable of places. And this might make your maid’s job that extra bit tougher – thus adding up their hours for the week. 

Do You Live With Your Pets?

Pets are bundles of joy that are great to have around the house. But they also come with their hair and mess that can stick to so many places around the house – from your ceiling fans to your carpets to bedding to clothing. This can cause more work for your maid to deal with. 


How experienced your cleaner is can help you save a lot on the overall cost of your weekly maid services. Because a professional would not require as many hours needed to clean the house from A to Z. This is why it is so important to pick an agency which is affordable and trustworthy. As they can thoroughly interview maids to ensure you get the best one suited to your needs. 

The Location of the Weekly Maid Service

The location where the cleaning agency operates can influence the overall cost of your weekly maid service. Competitor rates, costs of transportation as well as the cost of living can have a great impact on how much you will end up paying at the end of the week. In areas where the cost of living is higher, you can expect the weekly rates for maid services to be high as well. 

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Any Specific, Environment-Friendly or Generic? 

Cleaning products are one of the major factors that can cause a hike in the rates of your weekly maid services. So choosing the right product is crucial if you want to save some money. Generic cleaning products are readily available and are inexpensive, making them a better option if you are on a budget. This, however, does not mean that they are the end-all, be-all because environmentally-friendly, branded and specialty cleaning products ensure that you reduce your impact on the environment, all while having a better cleaning job. You can request your main to opt for the cleaning products you prefer based on your budget. We present practical tips on weekly cleaning service and we hope they will be very useful.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are tackling a demanding project like move-out cleaning, running short of time. Or you simply need a professional cleaning service for the weekly workload. A weekly maid service is a wise choice! Even though you are going to be paying someone else to clean your house, at the end of the day that is so much better than not having any time for yourself. Another benefit of a weekly maid service is that you get to have a clear view of how much money is going into the service. So you can manage your finances better. Hiring a weekly maid service does not have to put a dent in your budget if you list down your tasks and chores properly. Letting a professional take care of things for you can free you up to spend more time with family, relax at home or pursue your interests and hobbies.

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Maid Services At Your Service

Suppose you don’t get enough time to do all the things to make your home feel like home, don’t worry. Get yourself a maid service and problem solved. Get the best maid service in your budget and work freely without the tension of doing household.