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Medical offices and facilities are extremely congested areas where a large number of people come and go on a daily basis. This means that these offices usually contain more germs and bacteria than most workplaces. It also makes them one of those business environments that need to be cleaned and sanitized strictly on a regular basis. Medical office cleaning is not just necessary because you need to protect the health of the employees and the patients who visit every day. But it also helps in leaving a good impression about the ethical and professional standards of your medical office.

All offices should try to be up to date with the health and safety regulations for the protection of their staff. But medical and dental offices need to comply with even stricter protocols. An inspection may come at any stage. So in order to deter severe penalties, medical and dental offices have to be very careful and regular with their hygiene and sanitation procedures.

Before beginning their medical office cleaning process, one question most people often tend to ask is how often they should clean their office. When it comes to it, there are several things to consider before deciding the right approach. Various sizes and spaces require varying cleaning methods and amounts of time. This is because an extremely high frequency of purification is essential to the medical sector. Read on and find out everything you need to know about making sure that your medical office cleaning efforts give you the best results!

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How Often Should You Clean Each Part of Your Medical Office?

As a professional cleaning service, we recognize the importance of cleaning and sanitizing a medical office properly and regularly. Here is our guide on how often you should be getting every part of your medical facility cleaned: 

The Waiting Room/Lobby:

To the patients, medical representatives and potential applicants who enter your medical office for the very first time, your waiting room will be your first impression. A clean and organized front room or reception will help people who visit your facility to make sure that your medical office is safe to enter. 

This is why you need to ensure that the waiting room is cleaned on a regular basis. At least once every three days. This includes cleaning the floors – which should be cleaned by washing, mopping, and even vacuuming thoroughly on a daily basis. Pay special attention to hard surfaces and those areas which are touched a lot. Such as door handles and light switches, as these need to be routinely sanitized. Furthermore, all stainless steel surfaces, glass doors and wooden tables should be cleaned every single day, as well. 

At the very least, make sure that you dust all the hung pictures. Vacuum the floor and any artificial lights or plants before turning in for the night. Thorough cleaning of your medical facility undertaken on a daily basis will make sure that your patients and workers feel comfortable. And reassured by the fact that their health is your top priority.

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Bathrooms are known to have some especially high contact areas including sinks, doorknobs, light switches, taps, etc. That can be the prime targets for bacteria, germs, and viruses to make their home. As a result, it is obvious that bathrooms should be extremely sanitized and cleaned as much as possible. 

During regular cleaning and disinfection, washrooms and toilets need to be your top priority. Extra procedures should be followed to disinfect the sinks, toilet seats, and even the restocking of hygiene supplies. In order to minimize disease transmission.

Basically, for the sake of cleanliness and general health care, bathrooms need to be washed every single day. If you hire a professional cleaning service, their cleaners will clean the sinks, floors and toilets. While ensuring that ample toilet paper is stocked in every single stall. In order to make your patients feel more comfortable, the sink counters, bathroom walls, and mirrors should also be washed down and sanitized thoroughly. 

The floor needs to be wiped and sanitized and the soap dispensers next to each sink should also be refilled. Maybe clients or patients use bathrooms regularly in your medical facility. Then they must be inspected by the medical office employees throughout the day.

Examination Rooms:

Examination rooms need to be disinfected and cleaned after every patient’s checkup concludes. This includes replacing the table runners with new ones and cleaning the table or chair used by the patient. 

Exam rooms need to be washed more thoroughly as compared to other rooms each day so that all those surfaces that are touched a lot are cleaned and disinfected. Such as examination tables and sinks, medical instruments, apparatus, fixtures, and countertops. Door handles, light switches, and computer touch screens and keyboards – particularly if your consultation room is shared with other doctors – must also be cleaned regularly. 

Due to daily interaction with sick patients, the medical devices and equipment in the examination rooms may hold all kinds of germs, bacteria, and viruses. They require frequent sanitation and disinfection so that infections are not easily spread among patients. 

It is necessary to remember that when it comes to the examination rooms in your medical office, only trained and professional cleaners can do a thorough job at complete cleaning and disinfection.

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Staff Desks and their Surroundings:

A professional cleaning firm will pay special attention and clean and disinfect some of the items that come in a lot of contact with your medical office employees. These include:  

  • Mouse  
  • Computer keypad  
  • Personal Computers 
  • Telephones and mobiles 

If you are cleaning your office yourself, you need to clean every day to remove bacteria and germs from these surfaces by using antiseptic wipes. 

If the top of your desk appears to be clean already, don’t be fooled. Germs and bacteria are invisible. Grab a clean dust rag and spray the desk with some furniture polish before finally wiping off the excess. Follow the same procedure for your chairs. Don’t forget to wipe the dust off of any bookshelves, books, and wall art. 


You should clean the windowsills of your office as regularly as you can. The general rule of thumb is to clean them once a week, but be sure to check every single day so that you are certain that they are actually clean. 

Most medical offices often employ a trained window cleaning service. You can also ask the cleaning and maintenance agency you have already hired if they also deal in cleaning windows. Most of the time, they have dedicated employees just for window cleaning, who do a very fine job of cleaning them. When deciding on a window washing routine, there are a few aspects to consider:  

  • The location of your medical office: The windows may get very dirty in case the office building is right next to a highway or a busy road. As a result, you may need to clean them up more frequently. 
  • The landscape or surroundings of the office: On the off chance that your office is surrounded by a lot of mulch and trees that also drip loads of sap, your office windows may require regular maintenance to remove the dirt and dust sticking to them. 
  • Climate: You will need to wash the windows a lot more if the office is located in an area where it rains a lot. Regular cleaning, in that case, is extremely necessary so that the mineral traces left by the storm can be washed away much faster.

Usually, it is wise to get your windows cleaned in detail at least twice a year. With a regular spot cleaning scheduled on a daily basis.

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If the floors of your medical office are carpeted, then that carpet must be vacuumed every night. To get rid of the dirt and debris that might have accumulated over the course of the day. Furthermore, the carpets and floors should be washed every week. Preferably on the last working day of the week so that they can dry over the weekend without anyone walking over them and making them dirty again. 

Dusty floors should be mopped at least once a day. And if the floor in the staff rooms is linoleum or tile, then it should be cleaned at night. If a lot of rain or snow has been brought by the staff or patients into the medical office, it is important to sweep the floors more frequently.

Once you are done with dusting the floors lightly, do some extra cleaning on the hardwood floors by using a damp mop or even a lightweight vacuum cleaner. At least twice a year, wooden floors and carpets should be properly polished and cleaned. To ensure that they are maintained and the built-up dirt and grime are removed promptly. 

Removal of Waste and Rubbish

This is probably the most overlooked yet the most important part of cleaning an office, especially a medical office. Your medical office cleaning staff should take care of removing medical waste and other rubbish at least once a day. If not multiple times. 

Make sure that the appropriate steps are taken in trash removal. And also that the right holding facility is being used to dispose of the waste. Once the waste has been collected, the waste bins should be disinfected properly. After which you should replace the liners. When you are collecting waste, you should never push it down into the waste bag. Because sharp or other hazardous materials can be found inside it, which may lead to a serious injury.

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Why Should You Hire A Professional Cleaning Service For Your Medical Office?

Do you want to ensure the maximum safety and comfort of your staff and patients? It will be a wise decision to reach out to a professional cleaning service to take care of all your medical office cleaning needs. There are any important reasons for so, such as:

  • The cleaning and disinfection process of a medical office is a lot different from the cleaning of other offices. In order to do the job effectively, safely, and reliably, specific techniques, equipment, items, and materials are required which only an expert cleaning firm can provide.
  • As maintaining a sanitary, safe and hygienic medical environment is a legal obligation. Only cleaners with proper qualifications and specialized skills should be engaged for undertaking the cleaning of your medical facility. This is why you should really look into employing an accomplished team of cleaners who specialize in sanitizing medical centers. 
  • Patients expect and demand cleanliness from all physicians and hospital. You might end up losing patients, and even staff members, if your medical office is not cleaned properly. 

In a nutshell, it is better that you should consider hiring professional cleaners who are specially trained in sanitizing and cleaning medical offices, instead of handing your medical office cleaning to the general janitor employed in your hospital.

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