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Considering the effort and time deep cleaning requires, it is certainly an exhaustive task in today’s busy life. This is because it is difficult to give your house the attention it needs. Specially when you are a working adult living on a tight schedule. However, that does not make deep cleaning any less important!

While cleaning your home regularly is crucial, it is equally necessary to give your space a professional deep clean every 6 months or so. Professionals deep cleaning aims to target the places that often get ignored during a regular cleaning,. Like light fixtures, washing the carpets, organizing and cleaning the cabinets and drawers, etc. 

Thus it can be easily said that deep cleaning is no less than an art of its own and requires a specific set of skills and equipment. But you don’t need to worry as this guide will tell you all about how to professionally deep clean your home.

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How to Professionally Deep Clean Your Home

To make your home germ free, you may either resort to contacting professionals deep clean service. Or you might want to undertake the process of deep cleaning on your own. 

If you plan on doing the latter then begin by making a checklist. Firstly, list down the name of the cleaning supplies that you will need. Start by looking for those things in your home before you go out to make any purchase.

For a professionals deep clean you must declutter the house. Make necessary repairs, clean ceilings and walls (including fans, blinds, and windows). Also organize the storage spaces, clean the bathrooms, kitchen, appliances, and floors. Finally dust and disinfect.

Let us take you through the process step by step, which the professionals follow.

Step 1: Gathering Supplies

The fundamental step to beginning your professionals deep clean is to get the right supplies for the task. Under this category, you will need the following necessities: 

Broom, sponges, dusters, vacuum cleaner, cleaning chemicals. Including but not limited to glass cleaner, surface cleaner, bleach, vinegar, and baking soda. And protective wear (such as gloves and masks). 

Once you have geared yourself with these supplies, move on to the next step. 

Step 2: Decluttering the House

A detailed deep clean begins with a decluttering of your house. The most convenient spot, to begin with, is your bedroom. Clear off everything from your bed and closet while taking note of things you need to dispose of. Follow the same procedure around the house and collect waste items in boxes or large garbage bags to get rid of. 

Such items would typically include empty cans and bottles, overused tools, old cleaning equipment. Also dirty utensils, worn-out towels, old clothes, etc. At the end of decluttering, take a final look at the collected items to see if anything can be donated.

Once you are done dealing with these items, move on to the next step.

Step 3: Repair and Maintenance

To properly repair and maintain your house, you must take off all the frames, clocks, and decoration items placed on your walls. Then take a thorough look around and note the places which require specific attention and repairing. 

The easiest way to repair damaged walls is to buy some putty. And fill up the holes with it so that they can be easily painted over.

Once the walls are taken care of, move to the appliances, the sinks, pipes. And any other drainage units around your house. Deeply inspect for any leaks or clogging and then assess whether or not you need to call a plumber. 

Similarly, take a look at other appliances and ventilation systems to be certain that everything is functioning properly. Once your house is fully maintained, only then you can move on to detailed professionals deep clean.

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Step 4: From the Ceiling

The most convenient way to give your house professionals deep clean is to follow the very steps of an expert. 

Grab a broom and a cloth, take a stool and start with the wall. Remove all the spider webs and other filth that may have accumulated on your walls. This is the step where you need your mask so you don’t inhale any dust particles. 

After the walls, move to the fans. To professionally deep clean your fans, you may want to try this easy trick. It’s known as the pillow case technique. 

Simply place a pillowcase on the blade such that it is fully covered. Then slowly wipe the dust as you pull the cover to yourself. Do it with all the blades and your fan will be as good as new!

For the windows and blinds, you can simply vacuum them to get rid of the debris. Then clean the glass with a glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth.

Step 5: Organizing the Compartments

An essential element of professional deep cleaning is organizing your storage spaces. But what comes before organizing is sanitation. 

To sanitize your drawers, shelves, and cabinets, make a solution of vinegar with water and some dish soap. Use a pair of sponges to wipe off that stubborn dust and dirt. Clean all the cabinets, drawers and shelves, and other storage spaces around the house in a similar way.

Since most of the storage cabinets are made out of wood, this technique will not damage the wood itself. Because it is low on chemicals. Once done, move towards the bathrooms.

Step 6: Dealing With Your Bathrooms

Bathroom cleaning is often dreaded by many people because this is the filthiest place in a house. 

Since their cleaning requires much effort and time, it is often wise to hire a professional. But this does not mean that you cannot do your own expert deep clean in this case. 

As always, begin with the ceiling and wipe off any dirt from the corners. Bathrooms are a safe space for bacteria and microorganisms to thrive. So as you get rid of the stains and rust, disinfect the bathroom as well.

Simply get a hold of your cleaning liquids and sponges and start scrubbing. Shower heads, bathtub, toilet bowls, sink, counter, and vanity must be cleaned and wiped adequately. Use gloves when handling any chemicals and scrubbing as these are harsh for your skin. Wipe the mirror with any glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Finally, wash and wipe the tiles and mop the floor to leave the bathroom sparkling.

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Step 7: Kitchen and Appliances 

Dealing with the kitchen and the appliances is a tricky business. For the kitchen, begin by decluttering and then move towards dusting everything. Remove the stove and the oven as well as the gas connection. Get to scrubbing with dish soap and vinegar. Scrape off grime or grease. After this, clean the cabinets and the drawers to get rid of any food leftovers preferably with a vacuum. Lastly, clean and wipe off the countertops and end by mopping the floor. You’ll have a neat and clean and tidy kitchen.

For the appliances, begin by unplugging them. The smaller ones can be easily cleaned. But the bigger ones require some work such as the refrigerator and the dishwasher. Begin by cleaning the outer and then the interior parts of the appliances. For instance, start with the exterior of the fridge while the inside ice melts and then clean and disinfect it from the inside. 

Step 8: Down to the Floor

This comprises carpets and the floor itself. Regardless of what you do, carpets can hardly be fully sanitized at home. Therefore, in this case, do not hesitate to seek the best professional deep cleaning service like MyCleaningAngel

As for the floor, you can simply vacuum the entire house to ensure that no dirt or debris is left. Then follow up with a bit of scrub and finally mop down with a cleaning detergent so that the floor is left shining. For tough stains or sticky dirt, use stronger chemicals but be careful with those. 

Step 9: Wipe it off!

The final and most important part of a professionals deep clean is disinfecting all surfaces. 

As you move towards the end of your checklist, all that is left for you now is to dust and disinfect the entire house. Dusting and disinfecting surfaces include the countertops of the kitchen and bathroom, windows, shelves, cabinets, and fireplace mantles, among other things.

The easiest way to dust and disinfect simultaneously is to pick up a duster. And clean the surfaces one by one, while holding a disinfecting spray in the other hand and spray along. As you clean, do not miss the doorknobs and the sockets. That way everything is left spotless and free from microbes.

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To Summarize

While this is the most extensive guide on the internet on how to professionally deep clean your entire house, you may simply not have enough hours to do so. You can book cleaning service online, it’s fast, easy and you’ll get your home a very needed professional deep clean.

As we mentioned above, it is very difficult to deep clean your house if you are a working person. Or have kids and pets to take care of or both. In such a case, no cleaning to-do list can be easily executed as it requires a great deal of time and effort.

Therefore, if you want to save your time and focus on other things, check out MyCleaningAngel. Get in touch with remarkably professional cleaners. Their thorough checklists and safe products will ensure that everything gets done just in time. And in the most efficient manner.