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The Walls Hold Up the Home  

Walls don’t just have to be sturdy – they have to be clean. Having clean walls helps greatly to maintain a pristine outlook and aesthetic for your home. Many people are shocked by the sheer difference a clean wall can make to illumination and expanded space. Walls with dirt and debris may appear discreet, but they in fact make your house appear dingy, stuffy, and cramped. Most walls are dust magnets, and not cleaning them routinely means that any other cleaning you’re doing is ineffective. Since the dust from the walls can permeate the whole house. If you’ve seen some grime hiding that beautiful cream paint. Or noticed a particularly obvious scribble, it’s time for a wall-cleaning ritual! 

 It is normal for walls to fall under your radar as you do your house cleaning. But it’s simple to make sure that doesn’t happen again. From brushing off the cobwebs to removing greasy toddler hand prints, restore your walls to their former glory with these helpful step-by-step tips!

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From Overlooked to Over Bright 

Most people spend their time scouring the floors and carpets and curtains. Which means their walls are absolutely filthy! Wondering why your dust allergies aren’t getting any better after thorough house cleaning? Dust, dirt, allergens, and bacteria are constantly finding a happy home on your walls, coming in from vents and windows left open. These irritants can only be flushed out if you frequently wash your walls! Mold, seepage, and webs can make the prettiest of paints appear ghastly and old. But a new, sprightly look along with health benefits is what you will gain if you routinely clean your walls. Here’s how to clean walls: 

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Plan, Prepare, Execute 

Beware: getting a sponge and attacking large areas of your wall isn’t the way to go! If you don’t plan wall cleaning properly, you can scratch paint layers, leave splotchy patches and make interior walls look very unpleasant. Instead of cleaning only the portions you can reach, the first thing you will need to do is bare your walls of all ornaments, décor, and furniture obstructing your workspace. This is essential in ensuring effective cleaning. Since walls can be an expansive space to tackle all at once, delegate it room-wise or finish 2 out of 4 walls per day.

Remember, it is a Herculean task if you don’t plan ahead of time. The next thing to do is gather the material. You don’t need to break the bank buying commercial wall-cleaners. You can simply use: step-ladder/stool, broom, dust cloth, sponges, liquid soap, distilled vinegar, bucket, and towels/absorbent cleaning rags. Make sure to cover your furniture or carpet with a tarp to prevent it from being damaged by cleaning agents and dirt residue from the walls.

Off the Wall

If you make the cardinal mistake of not dusting off the dirt and dust before you wet the surface of the wall, you will only be spreading the grime instead of removing it. Step number 2, therefore, is thoroughly dusting off and de-cob-webbing the walls before you wash them. Cleaning out the corners is very important since that space accumulates the most dust and a couple of unwelcome spiders, too! Use a broom or your vacuum cleaner to clear the wall of all loose debris. Choosing the correct broom/duster is essential to avoid scratches or marks on the paint surface or wallpaper. Use a rag or cloth to wipe down the whole wall to remove any remaining disturbed dust before you dampen the surface. 

The Special Concoction

Commercial products are readily available for specific types of wall surfaces. But you can get the job done effectively with our special DIY concoction. To achieve that bright spotless wall, you can use half a cup of vinegar in a bucket of water, or dish shop in a similar bucket. This mixture is as effective a cleaning agent as you can get. However, in making sure it’s not abrasive and doesn’t leave unsightly smudges on your wall where the paint has washed off, make sure to test a small, hidden portion before you get scrubbing! Using circular motions to scrub gently is the most effective way to loosen grime that is clinging to your walls. Don’t use copious amounts of the solution. And never use a brush with hard bristles! You won’t just dislodge the germs; you will wash off the paint!

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Say ‘Adios’ to Stains

Households with small children will be hyper-aware of how grubby hand prints and crayon scribbles can stain walls at an alarming rate. People with pets will have the same issue. So a soft cloth should be your go-to for stain removal and clean walls. Dip it in the cleaning agent, wring out the excess, and rub away in circular motions. For more stubborn stains, get a stronger potency of the solution, and de-stain your heart out!

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Stop! Don’t Scour  

One advantage of making your own cleaning agent, testing it, and diluting it if need be is that it preserves your wall paint. One important thing to remember is that stronger, weatherproof paint is used for doors, window wills, and exterior walls. But interior paint is less durable. The worst mistake you could make is scouring hard at these interior walls to even get the stubborn blemishes out.

Harsher chemicals and commercial products are extremely abrasive on flat, satin, and eggshell finishes. And that is made worse by using brushes and scouring pads to get stains out. A soft sponge or cloth will suffice if you use the right strength of the cleaning solution. Mild de-greasers are the only kind of product you should be using on walls with a glossy finish to maintain their shine, even in high-traffic, dirtier areas like kitchens and restrooms. The process is bound to be therapeutic as you see the grime leave your walls instantaneously!

Textured Walls Maintained Well

Textured walls add extra personality in your home. So extra care should be exercised while cleaning walls. Their grainy, carved surfaces are very prone to catching dust. To sanitize them fully, your gentle wall cleaner with a clean cloth should suffice. To get into the cracks and wipe the dust off, go over the surface multiple times and avoid soaking it with an extra solution or water. Stubborn splotches and grime can be easily removed with circular pressure, and you should leave textured and wooden walls to dry longer.

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Rock Wall? You Know What to Do 

Interior walls constructed from rocks and stones interchangeably are all the rage. This also means that they attract the most dust and debris between their crevices. Our special DIY concoction with a soft brush dipped in can cut straight through the grime and sanitize the mortar. You can use a soft cloth covered with salt as an abrasive (don’t use scouring pads here either!). Brick and stone walls can absorb water, so avoid dousing it with the cleaning agent. And instead use a nominal amount on a cloth to clean the surface.

Professionals for Perfection

While wall-cleaning can be the occasional family effort during spring cleaning, professionals can do it even better! Our team at Cleaning Angels is always stocked with the material and expertise geared to your cleaning needs. Booking cleaning services online is so easy and fast, you should give it a try. If you want to avoid paint flaking off, damp spots in your walls. Or simply don’t have the time to get that one unsightly crayon scribble off, hiring our expert team saves you a lot of worries. Need that extra illumination and glossy paint before the holidays or party? Give us a call anytime!