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Even the cleanest of houses require a deep clean every now and then. But if you’ve ever deep cleaned your house, you would know that it’s quite a tall task. From mopping floors and dusting countertops to cleaning gutters and vacuuming drapes and curtains. Deep cleaning your home can be quite a difficult and time-consuming challenge to undertake.

Depending upon the size of your house and several other factors, thorough deep cleaning of your house can take anywhere around 3 to 15 hours. Continue reading to know how long it would take for you to deep clean your house?

What is Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning is a thorough cleaning process that aims to not only remove visible dirt and debris around your home. Also to get rid of hidden bacteria and germs that can harm you and your family’s health. 

Deep cleaning targets areas of your house that you would normally not cover when you’re doing a regular cleaning. Such as your fridge, gutters, blinds, kitchen and bathroom tiles, and sinks. Deep cleaning your house every once in a while can help you create a more fresh, healthy, and appealing home for you. It makes regular cleaning easy for the next few months.

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Deep Cleaning vs Regular Cleaning

At this point, you must be wondering what’s the difference between a deep clean and regular run-of-the-mill cleaning of your house. Regular household cleaning only focuses on ensuring the tidiness of your house. Deep cleaning goes one step further to clean out hidden dirt and debris from areas in your home. It would not be covered by normal cleaning.

When performing a deep clean, you’re doing much more than just picking up clutter and dusting surfaces. You’ll find yourself working hard to remove dirt and disinfect areas throughout your house; including every nook and cranny.

Here are only a few examples of the things that are included in this type of cleaning:

  • Washing the sinks and basins of your house
  • Cleaning the refrigerator, oven, and washing machine
  • Window cleaning and removing dirt from inside the window frames
  • Cleaning the stains in the bathroom and kitchen tiles 
  • Wiping and cleaning ceiling fans
  • Washing the vents
  • Emptying drawers and cabinets and wiping them with disinfectant 
  • Scrubbing countertops and stove tops

How Long Does it Take to Deep Clean a Home?

The answer to this question depends on many factors. Such as the size of your house, the state of your house, and the number of people doing the deep cleaning. 

Asking how long it takes to clean a house is like asking how long it takes to cook lunch. What are you cooking? How many people are you cooking for? Are the ingredients prepped and ready or are you going to make it from scratch? These are the type of questions you need to answer before thinking about the time it’ll take to deep clean your house.

If your house is big, it will take a longer time to entirely clean it than a smaller house. But if your small house is filled with dirt and debris, it will take longer than usual to clean it. Similarly, if more than one person is doing the deep cleaning, it’ll take less time compared to someone who might be doing it alone.

If You Have Pets, Add More Hours

Another variable to consider is the number of people and pets living in your house. A greater number of people and pets tend to drag more dirt into your house. Which is why a house with more residents requires a longer deep clean than those with a lesser number of people.

Other than this, the time it might take to do a deep cleaning may also depend upon whether you choose to employ a professional cleaning service or not. A quick and efficient cleaning service will deep clean your home in roughly half the time it might take for you to do it yourself. This is because not only do professional cleaning services have the necessary equipment and cleaning tools. But they also have the required skills and experience to do it swiftly and efficiently.

Trying to calculate how long it may take for a professional deep cleaning service like MyCleaningAngel? To deep clean your home, a good rule of thumb to follow is 1 hour for every 1000 square feet of cleaning. With a four-person cleaning crew.

how long to deep clean

How Much Time Does it Take to Deep Clean Based on The Size of Your House?

We’ve already discussed the variables that may affect the time it may take to deep clean your house. But inarguably, the one factor that will influence the time it might take to clean your house the most is the size of your house.

Let’s take a look at how much time it may take to deep clean your house based on the number of rooms you have to clean. Remember that these time frames are only estimates and may change depending upon a number of other factors such as those mentioned above.

  • 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom Residential

A one-bedroom apartment has a square footage of around only 450 square feet and may take around 2.5 hours to do a thorough deep clean if you do it yourself. However, it may take significantly less time if you employ the services of a professional deep cleaning service.

  • 2 Bedroom 1 Bathroom Residential

Adding another room to the equation will undoubtedly increase the amount of cleaning you’re required to do and subsequently, the amount of time it takes to do it. While basic cleaning may take around 2.5 hours a week, if you want your home to be your sanctuary with the help of a deep clean, it may take an extra hour more to thoroughly clean it.

By hiring a professional deep cleaning service, you can lower the time required to clean your home significantly.

  • 3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Residential

If you live in a three-bedroom apartment or house, you can expect to spend around three hours doing basic cleaning if you do it once a week. However, if you want to deep clean your home, you should set aside an extra hour or two for yourself. 

  • 4 Bedroom 3.5 Bathroom Home

With a four-bedroom apartment or house, the space you have to clean is much bigger. And there are more bathrooms you have to target. Basic cleaning of a four-bedroom apartment will take up at least 4-5 hours a week. With an extra 2 more hours required for deep cleaning. 

On the other hand, a quick and efficient cleaning service will take only 2-3 hours to deep clean your four-bedroom home.

  • 5 Bedroom 5 Bath Home

You can’t deny that a five-bedroom apartment or house would be pretty huge. Taking up the task of deep cleaning a five-bedroom home is a huge undertaking and will set you back at least 8 hours a week.

how long to deep clean

How Long does it Take To Deep Clean Your Kitchen?

Your kitchen needs to be cleaned every day. Especially if you’re someone who loves or has to cook regularly. It is one of the most crucial areas in your house that needs to be deep cleaned. Because you want to make sure that it is thoroughly sanitized and germ-free. 

To clean your kitchen, you need to direct your attention towards all the kitchen appliances. As well as surfaces. Start by dusting off the high cobwebs and moving towards dusting all units of the kitchen. This will allow all the dust and debris to drop on the floor which can be vacuumed at the end. 

Continue your deep cleaning with larger appliances such as your fridge and microwave. Take out all the shelves inside your fridge and wash them with warm water and liquid soap. Do the same with your microwave by removing the microwave trays from it and washing them with warm water and soap. Wipe and scrub any difficult stains with an all-purpose cleaner and disinfecting cloth.

Next, wipe and clean any other small appliances in your house such as air fryers, blenders, or toasters. Don’t forget to also clean your stove top and the inside of your oven thoroughly. Finish up by wiping out all the kitchen surfaces with a disinfecting cloth and vacuuming. Then mopping all the floors. 

As you can see, deep cleaning your kitchen is not an easy task. Based solely on the amount of work it takes to deep clean a kitchen, you can expect yourself to spend at least 1-2 hours a week trying to keep your kitchen squeaky clean.

how long to deep clean
how long to deep clean

Deep Clean Your Home with a Professional Deep Cleaning Service

If you don’t have the time or energy to deep clean your house, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. At MyCleaningAngel, we are dedicated to providing you with the best cleaners in your area. We hire only the most hardworking, skilled, and courteous cleaners for the job to give you an affordable cleaning experience that is full of comfort and convenience.

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