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Cleaning services have evolved into something that’s very convenient and easy to use today, unlike when they first started out. Nowadays you can schedule cleaning services online, pay bills online, and even get all of your questions answered from the comfort of your home or office with very little effort on your part. Book cleaning services online provide you with many benefits like convenience, flexibility, and efficiency. But it can be hard to know where to begin if you’re new to the process.

Professional house cleaning services strive at making the scheduling process as comfortable and easy as possible. With just three steps! If you’re looking forward to schedule house cleaning services online, continue reading to find out how it works!

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Select the Right Service

The first step in the scheduling process is for you to find the service that you’re looking for. You can choose from a wide variety of cleaning services that are tailored perfectly according to the requirements and conditions of your home, office, or any other commercial residence.

This step also involves a free online estimate. Which is provided based on the size of your home, the level of cleaning you want, and the time you want the professional cleaning staff to come to you. This online estimate system helps in giving you a fair price analysis. So you don’t have any unwanted surprises once the cleaning is done. Here are the online cleaning services that will help you pick the right category!

Residential Cleaning

If you’ve ever tried to clean your home on your own, you know it’s a tough job that requires a lot of time and effort. The results aren’t always satisfying or up to your expectations. After all, cleaning is a daunting task and not everyone is cut out for it. If you feel that your DIY house cleaning is lacking that “expert’s touch”, then you know it’s time to go ahead and schedule cleaning services online. An expert cleaning service will provide you with a team of skilled cleaning professionals. They can guarantee impeccable service and outstanding cleaning results. The best part is that you can follow the hassle-free process and choose your suitable cleaning service, all within minutes!

One-Time Cleaning

Whether it’s the holiday season or you’re planning a party and get-together with friends. Cleaning the nooks and crannies should be the least of your concerns. One-time cleaning is a great opportunity to prep your home through basic or deep cleaning. So you don’t have to run around with a broom and mop during the holidays!

Move In – Move Out Cleaning

Cleaning should be a very important part of your moving in or moving out checklist. It is vital to make sure that the new tenants will have a good impression of your property. You can do this by making sure that they find everything in perfect condition when they arrive at their new home. We know that there are a million reasons why you might not have time to clean when you move in or move out. Opting for professional cleaning services is a great option to get things done quickly and efficiently!

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Post-Construction Cleaning

The completion of a home renovation or construction project is incomplete without some deep post-construction cleaning performed by skilled professionals services. If you’re moving into your dream home, it’s necessary to get it professionally cleaned. Get rid of any unwanted dust, debris, or germs that might have settled during the remodeling. 

Recurring Cleaning

Recurring cleaning includes weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly, or monthly cleaning done by a team of professionals who tidy your house and maintain it thoroughly. That way you can have a relaxed weekend and spend quality time with your family! Recurring cleaning ensures that your home is frequently deep cleaned. It stops the dust from settling in all the blind spots and crevices of your property.

Vacation Rental Cleaning

This type of cleaning gives property owners a worry-free experience by giving their house a squeaky clean makeover. This helps to keep the owner’s mind at ease and effectively prepares your property for renters. If you’re a property owner, cleaning can also help avoid negative reviews by guests on vacation; we all know how dire that can be!

schedule cleaning sercices online

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is the service of cleaning buildings, offices, and other commercial spaces, and it is one of the most important branches of cleaning. The reason for this is that in commercial spaces there are many things that must be taken care of, such as the building itself, carpets, windows, desks, technical equipment, and the list goes on!

One of the main reasons why commercial cleaning is essential for a workspace is that it helps to keep your business looking professional and your business place looking clean. This will help your customers feel more comfortable when visiting your establishment and it will also make sure that you are able to leave a good impression on your potential clients.

Commercial cleaning can include anything between cleaning shelves, furniture, desks, and floors to provide a clutter-free environment for employees that will boost maximum productivity. Commercial cleaning service providers work by offering organizations with optimal cleaning solutions, giving them incredible experience in the field. This expertise when combined with the usage of state-of-the-art cleaning equipment gives organizations and companies a spic and span work environment! All you have to do is select any of their available online office cleaning services, get an estimate, and let them handle the rest for you!

Bank & Financial Institutions

Behind the immaculate and tidy look of banks and related institutions are a team of qualified cleaners who look after the space and keep it well-maintained for staff and customers. 

Government Facilities

With the bustling in and out of employees and officials all day, government offices and buildings become prone to bacteria, dust, and unwanted germs. In such cases, deep cleaning or regular cleaning is essential in keeping the facility meticulously clean and healthy. 

Schools & Universities

Teaching institutions are high-traffic areas where an array of classrooms, toilets, halls, and playgrounds need to be properly disinfected, sanitized, and cleaned to ensure a safe environment for children to learn and grow! 

Gym & Fitness Centers

While fitness centers might be synonymous with good health and physique, they are also the focal points of germs. And they can travel through common equipment and closed facilities. Proper maintenance and thorough cleaning are necessary for such places to keep harmful elements at bay. So you can enjoy your workout in a fresh and sanitary environment!

Medical Offices

Whether it’s a clinic or a dental office, cleanliness is paramount in all medical facilities to keep the place free of unwanted viruses. Medical cleaning is much more rigorous and requires significant attention to detail than residential cleaning. So hiring professional cleaners is the best choice for a contamination-free space for patients and staff alike.

Once you have chosen your desired cleaning service category, you can go ahead and select your Extras. Extras are additional options available for cleaning and maintenance. Like inside the fridge, oven, cabinets, garage sweeping, and folding laundry.

schedule cleaning sercices online

Secure Payment

After you’ve entered all your necessary information, house or office address, scheduled time, chosen extras, and given specific cleaning instructions, you can now confirm the total estimate. Once confirmed, you can move forward to the seamless payment method. It gives you a smooth experience like no other! Here you can pay through card only. So the hassle of checks and cash is eliminated. After the payment, you will get an email confirmation to ensure that your appointment has been booked. The best part is that your card will be charged only after the cleaning has been completed. And you are left satisfied by the flawless job done by the team!

Sit Back & Relax

This will be your favorite part of the process where you get to kick back, relax and let the professionals take over the cleaning for you! Schedule cleaning services online. After the selection of the appropriate cleaning variety, payment and confirmation, you will receive a certified cleaner (or a team of cleaners) at your desired time and date. The cleaning experts are skilled craftsmen who know their way around. They can face any challenges they might face during cleaning. It’ll give your home, office, or facility the utmost attention and care. 

Once the required cleaning is completed and you are satisfied with the outcome of your space, you will be billed. And you’ll receive a receipt in the confirmation email. Cleaning Professionals live by this stress-free process so you can hire commercial and domestic cleaning services online. Without having to worry about getting scammed or disappointed!

schedule cleaning sercices online

5 Reasons Why you Should Hire Commercial & Domestic Cleaning Services Online

Sometimes, there are just too many things to do, and all of us need some help from the outside. Especially when it comes to doing something as tedious as cleaning. If you have been thinking of renting some professional cleaning services, but haven’t made any progress, then you might want to consider scheduling online services. You’d save time and money in the long run.

Commercial cleaning is also a fundamental part of maintaining a clean environment that protects employees, customers, and visitors. Here are five important reasons why you should ditch the traditional hiring methods and schedule house cleaning services online provided by MyCleaningAngel!

1. Handpicked Cleaning Professionals 

MyCleaningAngel aims at hiring the most reliable and friendly individuals who are committed to providing you with a pleasant cleaning experience. Every single member of the team has tremendous talent. An eye for all the hidden dirt and debris. And follows a commitment to delivering the highest cleaning standards. Cleaners are provided with a suitable checklist according to the extent of the job. Which they go above and beyond to complete. Cleaning equipment and supplies are provided to workers and are free of cost. Cleaning someone’s home or workspace is a huge responsibility. That’s why they ensure that their staff is thoroughly vetted, background checked, and able to communicate with you effectively!

2. No Risk of Scams

One of the biggest factors that might make you hesitate from hiring cleaning services online is the fear of getting scammed. Specially in the case of online payments. But the cash-free payment process assures you a payment method that is safe and secure. So your investment is of top priority. Client satisfaction is the foremost responsibility. Once you are happy with the cleaning outcome, the cleaning specialists get paid for the hard work!

3. A Time Saver

The hassle of going through multiple options and choosing the traditional route for hiring cleaners can be frustrating at times. There is little to no variety available and you have to trust non-vetted individuals with your property. MyCleaningAngel eliminates this concern and gives you a time-saving estimate form with a reasonable price range well within your budget. There is a massive variety of options to choose from. The entire hiring process is completed in less than a few minutes!

4. Flexibility 

Most online interfaces provide you with great flexibility. Whether it’s the diverse collection of types of services, safe payment methods. Or even the option to select any time and date that works for you. If you can’t find your specific type of service, you can use the estimate form. So you can tailor a cleaning service according to your requirements. If you happen to have an unplanned get-together or occasion coming up, then you can easily reschedule your appointment. It’s better to do before the cleaning day, to be absolutely free of cost!

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5. Maintain an Exceptional Brand Identity 

A pristine workspace is one of the building blocks of a great brand identity. Whether it’s a corporate office, a government facility, or a medical center. Reflective counters and shiny floors are not only pleasant to the eyes. It also induce a surge of positivity in your clients and customers. Hiring professional cleaning services online saves time. It lets you focus more on the growth of your business or organization. Potentially enabling you to outdo your competition!