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If you’re looking for a spring cleaning checklist, you are in the right place. Annually, people engage in a ritual that involves thorough and heavy-duty cleaning of every room in the house. This ritual takes place at the end of winter or the onset of spring.

The Origin of Spring Cleaning

Since the 1800s, Londoners had engaged in spring cleaning to rid the house of all the soot and grim (from fireplaces) that accumulated in the house during winter.

The Chinese deep clean their houses just before the “Chinese New Year”. This coincides with the end of winter. This culture is done to rid their homes of misfortunes and bad luck of the previous year.

Two weeks before “The Persian New Year” (Nowruz), Iranians spend days cleaning the house. This ritual, called “Khane Tekani” (shaking the house) coincides with the onset of spring.

The Jews engage in deep home cleaning to mark “Pesach” (Passover). The Greeks associated the “Clean Week” with Lent. The Catholics clean the church altar a day before Good Friday. All these co-occurs with early spring.

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Scientifically, during winter there is less sunlight. As a result, the pineal gland in humans produces melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleepiness. With the onset of spring and a sufficient amount of sunlight, the melatonin hormone is reduced. Humans become more active and have enough energy for house cleaning.

getting your kids involved
  • Increase productivity: When the house is decluttered and organized, productivity improves.
  • Boosts focus: Clutter leads to distractions.
  • Improves health: Thorough room-to-room cleaning rids your home of allergens and improves your immune system. Air quality in your home improves after spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is a form of exercise that strengthens your heart.
  • Reduces stress: Spring cleaning relieves anxiety and relaxes your mind.
  • Enhances mood: A neat and tidy home makes you feel happy and satisfied, says Remax Infinity.
  • Improves night sleep: People who sleep in a clean room are more likely to have a sound sleep.

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Room to Room Spring Cleaning Checklist: 

Living Room

  • Dust the ceilings, windows, window sills, and vents.
  • Wash the vent covers and wipe the ceiling fans.
  • Declutter the room.
  • Wipe the walls.
  • Move bigger furniture and clean the floor underneath.
  • Steam or vacuum the carpet.
  • Dust or vacuum all furniture and polish them.
  • Wash throw pillows.
  • Clean the doors, doorknobs, and windows.
  • Clean the curtains and curtain rods.
  • Dust all plants and decor.
  • Dust all electronics.
  • Clean the remote controls and replace the batteries.
  • Replace the batteries in smoke detectors.
  • Clean light fixtures.
Spring cleaning checklist

The Dining Room

  • Dust the ceiling, windows, and window sills.
  • Clean the walls, doors, and doorknobs.
  • Sweep, vacuum, or mop the floor.
  • Wash the curtains, table linens, table mats, and floor mats.
  • Dust and polish the furniture.
  • Dust all plants and decors.
  • Clean and dust all light fixtures.


  • Declutter the bedroom, wardrobe, and drawers.
  • Empty, clean, and organize the wardrobe and drawers.
  • Dust the ceiling, ceiling fan, and windows.
  • Clean the walls, window sills, doors, and doorknobs.
  • Sweep, clean, or vacuum the floor.
  • Wash all clothes, curtains, beddings, blankets, and pillows.
  • Dust and polish furniture.
  • Clean the mirrors and curtain rods.
  • Move the bed and clean under the bed.
  • Vacuum and flip the mattress.
  • Clean light fixtures.
  • Replace batteries in smoke detectors.
Spring cleaning checklist 1


  • Declutter the entryway.
  • Dust the ceiling.
  • Clean the walls.
  • Sweep, mop, or vacuum the floor.
  • Clean the doors and doorknobs.
  • Clean the doormats.
  • Organize the shoes.
  • Clean light fittings.


  • Declutter the kitchen.
  • Dust the ceiling.
  • Clean the walls, cabinets, drawers, countertop, windows, doors, and doorknobs.
  • Organize the countertop, cabinets, and drawers.
  • Clean the floor.
  • Dust and wipe the fridge.
  • Deep clean the fridge, microwave, stove, and coffee pots.
  • Vacuum refrigerator coils and dishwasher.
  • Wash all dishes and cooking utensils.
  • Descale the kettle.
  • Wash all curtains.
  • Wash the sinks and taps.
  • Clean vent covers.
  • Clean light fixtures.
Spring cleaning checklist


  • Dust the ceiling.
  • Mop and clean the floor.
  • Wipe the walls, windows, doors, and doorknobs.
  • Dust the vents.
  • Wash the curtains, shower curtains, towels, and bath mats.
  • Declutter, dust, and clean the cabinets and drawers.
  • Scrub and descale shower, sink, and faucet.
  • Clean vanity, mirrors, showers, taps, toilets, and bathtubs.
  • Clean the vent covers and light fixtures.


  • Declutter the room.
  • Dust the ceiling and wipe the walls.
  • Sweep, vacuum, or mop the floor.
  • Clean the doors, doorknobs, windows, and window sills.
  • Dust and polish wood furniture.
  • Clean electronics.
  • Declutter, clean, and organize the shelves, tables, and drawers.
  • Clean light fixtures.
  • Update inventory documents.
Room to Room Spring Cleaning Checklist

Laundry Room

  • Declutter the room.
  • Dust the ceiling and ceiling fan.
  • Clean the walls, doors, doorknobs, windows, window sills, and baseboards.
  • Sweep, mop, or vacuum the floors.
  • Wash the curtains.
  • Declutter, clean, and organize the cabinets and drawers.
  • Clean the washing machine and dryer.
  • Wash the sink and clean the drains.
  • Clean light fixtures.

An ultimate room-by-room spring cleaning checklist cuts across every part of the house. It involves a deep cleaning of the living room, bedrooms, dining, entryway, bathrooms, kitchen, office, and laundry. Sometimes there’s hard water in areas that are difficult to take out. If you experience hard water issues, take a look at this guide to handling hard water.

In conclusion, spring cleaning is an ancient ritual that is practiced across many cultures and religions. Beside aesthetics, spring cleaning is healthy and productive.

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