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As soon as the weather starts to dry up, you’d know it’s time to bust open your windows and begin spring cleaning. Though some people might not enjoy this process more than others, it still plays a necessary part in living a hygienic lifestyle.

It’s crucial for everyone, particularly people with allergies. And especially with the advent of COVID-19, you and your family should make sure that the house is spick and span. 

So, if you want to know where to start your spring cleaning project, you’ve come to the right place. To help you out, I’ve compiled a few of the best spring cleaning tips. Continue reading to learn more!

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The first tip to getting a clean home would probably be to start with decluttering. This entails considering throwing out everything not utilized in the last six months. The only exceptions to this should be seasonal clothing or items.

You should then continue by separating these possessions into three different boxes. These should be labeled ‘trash,’ ‘keep,’ or ‘donate.’ Make sure you keep these items clearly denote these boxes, ensuring that none of your valuable treasures would get thrown away by mistake. 

Though you might not appreciate this ruthless stance on valued possessions, I promise you it’d be worth it. You’d be able to discover how many items you keep in excess in your home, understanding the added space that comes with throwing a few things away. Not to mention, there are numerous scientific implications to inhaling dust and living in a cluttered workspace

So, since we’re all bound to spend time in our home offices, the following are a few steps worth setting time aside for:

  • Organizing your closets
  • Managing and dusting your office
  • Looking through your messy and junk-filled desk drawers!

Cleaning Carpets

Fabrics would absorb most of the winter’s germs, dirt, and body oil. In fact, you’d be surprised by the amount of hair, dirt, and dust that can build up on your carpet. As a result, you’d need to give them a thorough spring cleaning before another year of use.

A quick and easy cleaning tip to do this is to first experiment with shampoos and cleaning upholstery. I recommend testing out new products in distinct areas on the carpet, ensuring you have an idea of how your machine works and can guarantee the treatment won’t discolor the fabric.

That said, you might need to move some furniture around. Try to check you don’t unnecessarily move anything against a wall or out of the room. And after a shampooing, try to place the legs of furniture pieces on small wax paper squares. This wax paper would help protect your carpet, preventing the furniture legs from getting wet while the carpet dries.

Likewise, another valuable spring cleaning tip to clean faster is to open your windows to speed up the process (which would otherwise typically take a day). And if you aren’t comfortable renting cleaning machines or safely moving furniture, you could always call for a professional cleaner; possibly from My Cleaning Angel!

spring cleaning tips

Dealing With It Room By Room

If you’re looking for quick and easy spring cleaning tips, dealing with the process room by room would be the way to go. It’s the most efficient way to get things done. By creating cleaning checklists for every room, you’d be able to remain organized and pay attention to areas that require more thorough cleanings. You can even skip on recently cleaned spaces, focusing most of your attention on parts of your home neglected over winter. 

Using Rubber Gloves to Remove Pet Hairs

Pets are always a joy to be around. But, they can be a nuisance for keeping your home clean. In particular with dogs and cats, you can find their hair everywhere. It’s difficult to maintain cleanliness when you have pets.

As a result, one of the best cleaning tips I can offer is to utilize rubber gloves. Due to their material, they create friction that’s ideal for making hair naturally stick to them. And even if they fail, a trusty lint roller is bound to get the job done and remove pet hairs from fabric. 

Minimal Cleaning Products

As counter-productive as this may sound, a tip for getting a clean home is to keep your cleaning products to a minimum. This would help avoid clutter from numerous cleaning supplies, which you don’t necessarily need to keep your home clean and fresh. 

Instead, you could probably just opt for an effective all-purpose cleaner with microfiber cloths. These items would cover most surfaces within your home, only needing specialty cleaning supplies for very particular instances.

Wash Baseboards, Walls, Woodwork, and Cabinets

You might be thinking that your walls don’t necessarily look like they need a bath – I mean, soot and dust are supposed to fall to the ground, right?

Well, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, these substances can just stick to vertical surfaces, warranting a need for a pre-holiday or seasonal bath. I recommend utilizing a hand dishwashing detergent or sponge and washing parts at a time.

You can easily reach higher spots with a sponge mop. If you want to save time, you could use two buckets: one for wringing your sponge and the other for dishwashing detergent solution. After you’re done, you can also dry the walls and woodwork with washed cloth for a neat finish. 

Don’t Forget The Windows!

Especially after a rough winter, you need to let all of the sunshine back in. Winters in places like Wisconsin can be cold and long, so once the weather starts to warm up, you’re finally presented with the perfect opportunity to clean up the windows and screens.

I suggest utilizing more than just go-to window cleaning tools. Instead, to promote sustainability, you can recycle and clean simultaneously. 

One of the best spring cleaning tips for glass is to use a 3 to 1 mixture of water and white vinegar, wiping it down with old newspapers. This would be more efficient at absorbing liquid than cleaning with paper towels. If you don’t have any newspapers, you can also use paper coffee filters.

Spring cleaning tips

Sparkling Clean Fridges

Cleaning our fridges tends to be the last thing we ever think about. We’re all guilty of leaving them to accumulate dirt over the years, leading to the buildup of water, stains, and food matter. 

But, there’s no need to be alarmed. There are several quick and easy spring cleaning tips to help combat this. For starters, you could just use toothpaste and a toothbrush.

In particular, toothpaste has chemicals helping to remove stains. Meanwhile, the toothbrush comes with the necessary accuracy and friction you’d need for the job.

Afterward, you can move on to the lurking smells. The best tip for getting a clean fridge that I can offer is to cut a lemon into two and place the parts in the fridge. Place one piece on the bottom, and the other should be on the top. Then, the lemon would naturally absorb the unpleasant odors, leaving your fridge with a citrusy and fresh smell. 

Attention Given to Drains

Sink disposals are usually the source of most bad odors in your home. As a result, like your fridge, a quick and easy spring cleaning tip would be to put a few citrus peels (lemons or oranges would do the trick) at your disposal. If you’re looking to clean disposal blades, ice cubes would also be a great idea. 

Though this may seem more tedious than it needs to be, it’s crucial to ensure your bathroom drains and kitchen drains are cleaned without getting clogged. So, as a substitute for citrus peels, you could also pour a cup of white distilled vinegar down the drain. Upon allowing it to sit for half an hour, you can run cold water through the drain to wash it out. 

Steam Cleaning Microwaves

Microwaves tend to build up a lot of dirt and grime over time. This is because people think of cleaning their microwaves as an afterthought. It’s an appliance that we often take for granted. So, a good clean is probably long overdue and would improve its overall general hygiene.

To do this, I would again recommend a combination of water and vinegar as a spring cleaning tip to clean faster. This would create a solution that easily tackles stubborn stains. And you can add it by heating a measuring cup of a 50-50 solution in your microwave for about 10 minutes. When it starts to steam up, you can remove the jug, wiping away the moisture and dirt with a cloth.

Spring Cleaning Tips

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of quick and easy spring cleaning tips out there. But, with the overwhelming dirt accumulated over winter, it’s still daunting to approach the cleaning process alone. So, if you’re looking for cleaning services on demand, why look any further?

At My Cleaning Angel, we deal with everything related to maintaining a neat home. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today for a quote on our cleaning services.