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Covid-19 arrived earlier this year and came to change the world. We, as individuals and business, also had to adapt. You hear about corona virus wherever you are, either on television or in social media.

My Cleaning Angel closed for approximately a month to be able to adapt to this new challenge. So, we did. Since the beginning of May we opened again. As an essential business that we are, we are now prepared to fight the covid-19. Your safety and the staff’s safety are the most important to us. We are here for you.

COVID-19 safety and precautions

Our company was already more than used to working against germs and bacteria on a daily basis, however, we had to take new measures such as:

Raise awareness

We talk to the team so that we are all on the same direction. Advice such as not touching their faces or avoiding agglomerations. Also, to try not to greet people and letting them know if any symptoms are coming up, to let us know. If someone from the staff is not feeling well, they will not work for 15 days.

Hand washing

Just like big health organizations advise, the staff is advised to wash their hands with soap and warm water several times during cleaning and before and after.

Wearing masks and gloves

These measures are the most important, as the covid-19 is contaminated via breathing and touching surfaces. Our staff is protected, so are you.

Disinfect cleaning tools

We already had this ritual before the corona virus outbreak, but we are more strict with this measure. Before and after each cleaning, the mops and vacuums, all cleaning utensils are washed and disinfected.

Looking for Professional Help?

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Cleaning and Disinfecting

CDC and WHO (World Health Organization) recommend regular cleaning and even disinfection of your home or workshop. Coming back from home shouldn’t be one of the them.

We are a business specialized in cleaning with many years of experience.

Cleanliness is what we do. Security and tranquility are what we want to offer you. You and your family or co-workers are safe with us.

Cleaning what you can’t see followed by good disinfection is the best thing you can do to make yourself feel safe at home. According to the CDC, regular cleaning is the best way to prevent infection from Covid-19 or other respiratory diseases.

The corona virus is transmitted through the respiratory tract and in contact with surfaces that are infected. As far as is known, the virus can survive for multiple days. Hence having to wash your hands constantly, using masks and gloves. Regular cleaning is therefore recommended and if possible professional cleaning. Cleaning experts are more prepared to fight the virus since they’ve been fighting other viruses through all these years. A deep cleaning can give you the calm you need.

Why choose My Cleaning Angel?

My Cleaning Angel acted from the moment it was announced a stay-at-home executive order. Even as an essential business, we closed for a month so that our staff could be with the family. There was not much information yet. So, we decided to inform ourselves to be the best prepared, for our team and for you. Now, we are ready.

As a small company that we are, we want to do the best we can for the community. We appreciate your trust and understanding. Any doubts or anything that has not been so clear, please let us know. We are here to help you.

Stay safe and have a blessed day.