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Imagine excitedly walking into an Airbnb after planning your trip for months, only to find out that it is far from your expectations, and not in a good way! While this is a bad experiences as a customer; it is even worse if you are the owner. This initial disappointment can cast a shadow over the entire stay of your guests. Unsatisfied customers can have a negative impact on your host ratings and future bookings. Besides, Airbnb itself has set a high standard of cleanliness that every landlord must adhere to.

Due to these factors, it is important that you stay on top of the cleaning game at your Airbnb space after a guest leaves. This blog is the ultimate checklist and guide that you need to stick to when you do airbnb cleaning.

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Key Takeaways

  • The right supplies and tools can make cleaning a much easier job.
  • Your kitchen and bathroom are the most important places you need to cover when cleaning the space
  • Increased customer satisfaction leads to more bookings and better ratings
  • Cleaning yourself can be cost-effective, but it can become tiring and time-consuming
  • Cleaning services can reduce your burden and help you do a better and quicker job.

Essential Supplies and Tools

If you plan to clean your Airbnb yourself, having the right supplies will make the job easier and more efficient. Here are some of the items you will have to get before you start cleaning:

  • A heavy-duty vacuum cleaner
  • An endless supply of microfiber cloths
  • Glass cleaner for all the shiny surfaces 
  • An all-purpose cleaner for the kitchen and the floors
  • Disinfectant for all the areas likely to have germs.
  • Foaming shower cleaner
  • Scrub pads and scrubbing brush for stubborn grime
  • Dishwashing soap
  • Detergent
  • Duster
  • Toilet brush
  • Multiple sponges
  • Wood cleaner and polish for that extra touch
  • Trash bags

You should conduct a comprehensive inspection of the entire house to pinpoint issues in need of particular attention. If you are worried about using harsh chemicals, you can easily find their natural alternatives

How to Clean Different Areas of Your Airbnb

Cleaning can be a tedious process as it entails a lot of steps and areas to cover. You have to wash, scrub, wipe, and disinfect everything. Properly disinfecting your home has become very important, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. A survey done by the American Cleaning Institute showed that the use of disinfectant spray increased to 42% among Americans after the pandemic began.

Using disinfectants helps to kill microorganisms and prevent diseases. It allows you to protect sick individuals by creating a more hygienic environment.

Overall Cleaning 

The first step in cleaning any area is opening the windows for an air change and to let the dust out. Before we dive into the details of every room, we will cover the basics that must be done before every tenant arrives.

  • Empty out the vacuum cleaner reserved for everyday use by customers
  • Wash the pillows and sheets
  • Wash the curtains and carpets 
  • Clean the doors and door frames, and don’t forget to wipe all the handles
  • Dust the furniture and vacuum under it
  • Clean all the light fixtures
  • Make sure to sanitize the dishwasher and washing machine.
  • Wipe down the mirrors, windows, and any other glass surfaces
  • Restock in the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry

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Cleaning the Kitchen

The availability of a fully functioning kitchen is what sets an Airbnb apart from a traditional bed and breakfast or hotel. Visitors often consider them a cheaper alternative since they can cook all their meals themselves. Therefore, your kitchen should be in the best condition.

Start by cleaning the refrigerator and throwing away any food the previous visitors left behind. Move on to emptying the trash cans and putting new bags in. You should then open the dishwasher and sanitize it. Next, mop all the floors and clean all the countertops with your all-purpose cleaner and disinfectant. Remember to wipe all the tiles on the walls. Also, wipe all the appliances, such as the toaster, oven, and microwave.

Then, tackle cleaning the hood and the sink, followed by the cooktop. This is where you need to pull out the scrub pads. Clean all the knobs on the stove and all sockets throughout the kitchen. Dust any furniture you have in the kitchen. Vacuum the floors and end by washing all the cutlery and utensils.

Tidy Up the Living and Dining Rooms

The living room and dining area are usually the first space a visitor enters. They act like a welcome letter to the property. When cleaning these spaces, start by ensuring the furniture, cushions, and decorations are in the right place. Clutter is the first thing anyone will notice.

After putting everything where it should be, you need to:

  • Dust the furniture and vacuum the floors
  • Dust the light fixtures in the room as well as any frames on the walls
  • Double-check that all the frames are straight after you dust them.

Moreover, it is important to sanitize all the furniture to get rid of any germs. Regularly cleaning and sanitizing your furniture also helps to prolong its lifespan. Give a finishing touch to these rooms with one final round of mopping.

Scrubbing Your Bathroom 

You should be extra careful when cleaning your bathroom. A survey in Japan stated that 32% of participants cleaned their bathrooms daily. A dirty bathroom can be incredibly off-putting to visitors. From a health perspective, the bathroom is the most likely breeding ground for germs and mold. These are some basic steps you can follow:

  • Scrub the sink and wipe down the faucets. Clean any holders and dispensers on the sink and refill them if needed 
  • Use the shower cleaner and scrub the floor and walls of the shower. Use a glass cleaner on glass walls. You may have to use a scrubbing brush for any scale buildup.
  • Wash the shower head and knob; don’t skip cleaning the shower curtain if you have one
  • Replace the towels and wash the used ones. Refill empty toiletries and restock the toilet paper
  • Follow this by sweeping the floor, cleaning the light switches, and wiping the mirror
  • Thoroughly clean the toilet and bidet with the help of the toilet brush. Conclude by disinfecting the toilet and shower.

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Putting Your Bedroom in Order

Who doesn’t want to jump into a cozy bed after a long journey? As we all know, customer always comes first so, neglecting to invest in their comfort cannot be a wise decision. In fact, it can cost you business in the long run. A good quality mattress and high thread count sheets are a good investment.

Start by making the bed. Replace all the pillow covers and bed sheets. Check the old ones for any stains and put them in the wash. If they are torn or not in a presentable condition, replace them with new, better-conditioned ones. Once the mattress is made, check under it to see if anything was left behind. If anything was left behind, remove it. Empty and clean the wardrobe and don’t forget to check the drawers. 

Move on to dusting the furniture, shelves, and decorations. Vacuum the floors and then mop them. If you have carpets, thoroughly clean them as well. In the end, sanitize all the remotes and all the handles in the room.

Working on the Exterior

Cleaning the outside of your rental is equally important as the interior. Maybe even more so as it’s the first thing anyone sees. Clean the terrace, driveway, and lawn. If you have any outdoor furniture, wipe it down and disinfect it. Check if all of the external lighting works. If you have a grill, check it and scrub it properly in case of any debris. Finally, mowing the lawn instantly refreshes the exterior and the smell of freshly cut grass adds to the overall experience.

Employing a Cleaning Service for Your Airbnb

Cleaning your property all by yourself can help you save cash and get a clearer picture of the state of your space. However, trying to clean your Airbnb all by yourself can be extremely taxing on you physically as it takes several hours, maybe even days. It can get more challenging if you live a long distance away from the rental. Unless you run a cleaning business yourself, your access to professional equipment is most likely limited. This is where a good cleaning crew can assist you.

Hiring a professional cleaning company like My Cleaning Angel is an excellent alternative to taking on the burden yourself. And don’t worry too much over their charges; did you know Airbnb allows you to charge a cleaning fee which can help cover some of the cleaning costs? Professional cleaners are better at their job. They can clean the space faster and more consistently compared to you. A cleaning company will also going to clean more deeply. They can provide you with the best team at competitive prices. 

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Customers expect your Airbnb to be just as clean as an expensive hotel. Meeting these expectations can ensure future bookings. In fact, one could equate hygiene and cleanliness of an Airbnb space with an uptick in bookings. To help you maintain the standard of living so money keeps flowing in, you can turn to quality services such as My Cleaning Angel, which can help relieve some pressure.  


Why is cleaning necessary for an Airbnb?

It would be best to clean adequately to give your guests a safe, relaxing, and enjoyable environment. This helps you get positive reviews, maintain your rating, and get even more bookings. 

How often should an Airbnb be cleaned?

You should clean your Airbnb as soon as a guest leaves and before the new one arrives. Apart from this, you should conduct a deep clean, ideally after every 3 to 6 months. It depends on how frequent your bookings are. 

How to prepare for unexpected damage?

You should have a proper plan in place if the guests cause damage. You can set up a security deposit and map out details for reporting and resolving incidents.

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