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Windows are the Mirror to your Home 

If you’re noticing your home looking extra dingy and poorly-lit, your windows are most likely the reason why. Even in houses with large, expansive windows and light curtains, illumination is always a problem. Even if the glorious sun is blessing your home with an extra amount of light rays, the dirt, dust, murdered bugs, bird droppings and water spots splattered across the surface of your window inside or outside are blocking the rays from entering. Summertime is the best time to gain the advantage of extra-bright, sunny homes. So make sure you keep window-cleaning on the top of your spring cleaning to-do list!

Cleaning your windows routinely guarantees that better light permeates into your house. With health benefits such as improved vision and the feeling of increased space as added bonuses. Cleaning windows is part of house cleaning and is a simple task. So don’t fret about it too much. We are here with tried and tested tips on how to get your windows sparkling in no time.

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The Magic Potion

There is no shortage of commercial window cleaners on the market. By why spend money to get a cleaner when you can make an effective one at home with regular ingredients? This special concoction is extremely simple and efficient alike in removing the dullness and grime off your windows. And get them sparkling like a new pin. You will need 2 cups water, 1/2 cup white or cleaning vinegar, and 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol 70% concentration. Combine these elements together. Pour this solution into a spray bottle and spritz away at your windows, wiping them clean with an absorbent rag, or squeegee! 

Rags, Towels, or Newspaper?

Your grandpa may not have had microfiber and lint-free rags available readily when he was scouring the family home. So ditch the newspaper while cleaning windows. Newspaper ink can get dislodged by your liquid solution and stain your windows. A completely counterproductive after-effect. More effective absorbent material to readily dry your window can be reusable microfiber cloths. That keep the planet happy and the sun shining through your sparkly clean windows. To leave your window surface streak-free, microfiber rags with honeycomb textures can rub off spots. And remove stains from the surface of your window without scouring the surface. Paper towels can be the less eco-friendly alternative. But make sure to use ultra-absorbent ones so there are no remnants of toilet paper-like shreds on your window! To find out the best microfiber cloth in the market, check the Spruce article.

The Basics Breakdown

Understanding the basics of window cleaning is very essential to do a good job getting your windows as spick and span as can be. The essential equipment you will need is a large bucket, a scrubber (not too abrasive so as to prevent scratches), a microfiber cloth, and a squeegee. When buying a squeegee, it is always a good idea to get a couple of extra rubber blades. So their surface is not eroded and porous and they clean the soap off your windows properly. If the squeegee is leaving streaks and there is a lot of residues left over after wiping your window down, it’s time for a replacement. You can simply switch over to the other edge to elongate the life span of a blade. The correct way of storing squeegees is making sure nothing touché s the blade.

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The Indoors Mantra 

Many people make the cardinal mistake of assuming that not cleaning their windows from the inside will result in clean windows. And that’s simply not the case. Window glass is transparent, so the slightest smudging on the inside could substantially reduce the light filtering through from the outside. 

Here’s a quick chronological list of how to clean indoors windows:  

1. Pick a suitable day- cool and cloudy days are perfect for window cleaning 

2. Fill your bucket with clean water

3. Place towels/absorbent cloth to catch the run-off water, and prevent it from staining the floor/furniture

4. Spray the window glass with your vinegar-water solutions

5. Use an absorbent microfiber towel to wipe off the excess

6. Go over stubborn stains and dirt as many times as needed to clean them fully. 

The Outside Operations 

Bird poop onslaughts, roof dirt run-offs, and dirt and debris are the most common sight on outside windows, and so cleaning them routinely is a sure-fire way to get the best of sunlight filtering into your house. To undertake what seems to be a Herculean task in a simple way, here is how you can clean your outside windows:

1. Use a garden hose or jug down the window with water thoroughly to wash off the dirt and debris

2. Fill up your bucket and add a few drops of the soap for a more thorough clean 

3. Use your microfiber, absorbent cloth to mop up the excess run-off and remove the soap from the glass. Higher windows will need some ladders, maneuvering, and extendable pole mops. 

4. Use your cleaning agent in the spray bottle to spritz the solution all over the glass. 

5. Instead of performing the second wipe-down with a microfiber cloth, use a clean squeegee with a rubber blade. A squeegee helps you remove the cleaning agent off faster. Remember to work the squeegee from top to bottom to avoid streaking and residue. If you do this the other way around, run-off will collect at the top ledges of your window and drip down after you are done cleaning, ruining all your hard work. 

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The Outside Operations – Continuation

6. It’s very important to wipe your squeegee off after each pass so as to prevent the run-off from staining your windows. You can do this alternatively if your windows are relatively cleaner. 

7. If you don’t want to spend the extra bucks on purchasing the squeegee, lint-free towels and absorbent microfiber cloths can work just as well but will need a tad more time and energy. 

8. We have all seen those stubborn, cemented bird droppings on windshields and windows alike, and instead of getting out a scouring pad or a brush, just simply douse the area with your vinegar solution and leave it for several minutes. The vinegar will soften and dislodge the bird droppings and a manner of other stains. If this doesn’t work out, and a harsher stain like oil paint or grease is staining your window, you can use a softer scrubby sponge to prevent scratches and yet remove the stain. 

9. Remembering the window screens and netting are crucial to your windows being clean for a longer time. If you clean just the glass, its wet surface will in fact attract all the dust and dirt from the screen and netting. You can rinse the screen, spray your vinegar concoction, and rinse it off again. Remember to make sure the screen dries so as to prevent the run-off from staining your newly-cleaned window.

Need Window Cleaners? 

Once you have established these new mechanisms and created your own special cleaning concoction, you will reap the benefits of increased illumination in your house. However, if you cannot spare the time and material to undertake the work yourself, learned professionals are a call away at our service. Trained to handle interior and exterior windows at different heights on your premises. Our expert team does the job thoroughly and fast. Booking cleaning services online is super easy, here you’re going to learn how to do it.

If you have large windows throughout the exterior of your house, professional window cleaning works as a cheaper renovation. Making your house look warm and welcoming. Hiring window cleaners to wash off your windows twice a month may be more than enough. Depending on how dirty they get, and establishing a regimen will ensure that you don’t neglect this sort of cleaning in the future.