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It’s Shine Time

Ceramic floors are only as durable as how well you treat them. Suave looking, modern and the perfect background for your rugs, ceramic floors are all the rage today. In high-frequency areas like bathrooms and kitchens where spillages are common, ceramic floors prevent moisture erosion. And huge, sticky messes. Houses with kids and pets are more prone to overlooking ceramic floors while cleaning. But our tips are here to make your floor as sanitary as can be! Clean ceramic floors are extremely easy to maintain compared to other types of flooring that require more work. If your ceramic tiles have started looking grimy and dull over time, a simple mixture and some household cleaning items will suffice to transform them into clean ceramic floors again.

You should have a recurring cleaning, so you don’t have to worry with your ceramic floors. And try to always advise your house cleaner those tips you read on our blog.

Get your Hands Dirty

Getting tempted into spending a pretty penny to cut out the mud the kids have been tracking onto your ceramic floors? Instead of using commercial cleaners that can sometimes be abrasive and dull the shine of your floors, opt for our easily-made cleaning agent instead. Vinegar and castile soap, phenyl, and even dish soap mixed with warm-hot water can create a magic de-greaser for your floor!

Before you go sloshing this mixture around with a mop, it’s important to vacuum or sweep the floor dust away. Otherwise, all you will be doing is spreading grime instead of cleaning it. It’s important to not go overboard with high amounts of vinegar and spread it copiously everywhere. Instead, use a spray bottle to take out the desired amount of solution for particularly stubborn floor stains. Microfiber mops are your best friends, since they are reusable and cheap. (This is what we use at My Cleaning Angel, too, to maintain sustainability.) And also eco-friendly. For that extra clean ceramic floor that doesn’t smell like bucket loads of disinfectant, you can add some drops of essential oil or room freshener to your cleaning solution.

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Weekly Washing for the Win 

You may not need to pull out the big guns and spend a lot of time and effort mopping away the accumulated dirt if you clean your floors weekly. Most people do some arbitrary sweeping every other day. And mopping weekly on top of that may be your best bet for floor maintenance. Are you wondering how much is a weekly maid service? We have the answer. Clean ceramic floors can be a common phenomenon at your house with weekly warm water and dish soap mop. This ensures that pathogens, bacteria, grime, and grout don’t make a permanent home in your ceramic floors.

Cleaning ceramic floors more frequently also means you won’t need to use strong-smelling, abrasive and harsher chemicals on your kitchen and bathroom floors. Ceramics are there for aesthetic appeal. So make sure your frequent cleanings don’t tone down the color and style by bleaching the tiles. Choose an infrequent spot, test it multiple times with different solution strength. And pick the potency that doesn’t erode the finish of your ceramic tiles.

No-No to Grey Tiles 

When it comes to frequent cleanings, you may sometimes find your tiles worse for wear. Cloudy residues, dust clinging to the ceramics, or pushed into corners are all easily avoided. The simple trick here is: use a string/rope mop. Sponge and cloth mops push dirt and grease here and there, instead of lifting it off the floor. String mops also prevent dirt from accumulating as grout in the cracks of your ceramic tiles. To achieve a truly clean ceramic floor, replace the water in your bucket frequently to prevent clouding your tiles. 

No Slip-Slopping-Spilling 

Sticks and stones may break your bones- and slippery ceramics will, too! Many people tend to leave water coating ceramic tiles while cleaning- and the rest is predictable. Ceramic tiles are very slick when wet. And so it is best to choose a time where the room is less frequented and to turn the fan/air on to dry the floor faster. Spilled milk, juice, and food on ceramic floors may not catch the eye as being a slipping-hazard. But many a sticky puddle have had people skidding over them. Damp mops clearing up the spillage is the smartest way to prevent someone from getting hurt. And also your tile looking sprightly and clean all the time.

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Goodbye to the Grime 

Dark streaks in the crevices of ceramic tiles look gross and unsightly. But there is a simple way to get them clean. Frequently using a stiff brush with your vinegar-dish soap solution. To scrub away at any grout and dirt can prevent grime from accumulating. For very stubborn, moldy grime, using hydrogen peroxide can work like a charm. To prevent the extra time spent on waiting for the solution to work or creating a solution with higher potency, make sure to clean between the cracks frequently to prevent build-up and achieve clean ceramic tiles

A Quick Run-down: 

  1. Sweep, Vacuum, Clear: Your mopping ritual will be futile if you don’t sweep or vacuum the floor prior to dampening it with a cleaning solution. Dust can very easily accumulate in corners and furniture edges. So do a thorough job to sweep the floor for clean ceramic tiles.
  2. Use your Concoction: The special vinegar, water, dish soap, and scented oil solution is your best weapon to wipe those ceramic tiles clean. Use a spray bottle for smaller surface areas and allow time to dry the floor. 
  3. Scrub the Stubborn Grime: Using eco-friendly microfiber mops/rags, or a firm brush for particularly stubborn areas, go across the floor vertically or horizontally. Switch out the water you are using frequently.  Use circular motions to compel the brush to dislodge grout from the tiles. 
  4. Plan, Don’t Overdo: Many people’s brightly colored ceramic tiles become grey and dull prematurely because they use very strong floor cleaners. And apply excess pressure to the tiles. Testing out a small, inconspicuous area with the solution before you use it on your tile is always a good idea. 
  5. Switch out Material: It’s important to get fresh water if the water in your bucket has gotten cloudy with dirt. The same goes for mops, especially ones that are visibly dirty after some scrubbing. Either wash them thoroughly if they are reusable and wring them out till the excess water is clear before you use them on the floor again.
  6. Go Over the Floor: Components like vinegar and detergent, especially floor cleaners, can leave an unpleasant, chemical smell. To cut this out and also remove the vinegar/detergent from the floor, it’s important to go over the floor again with a cloth saturated with only plain water.

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Professionally-cleaned, Pristine Floors 

While maintaining clean ceramic floors yourself isn’t a very hard feat, sometimes professionals can do it better. If you’ve neglected your tiles for too long, the expertise of floor cleaners in our expert team will beat out the germs and the dirt alike. The aesthetic appeal and multitudes of colors, patterns, and themes clean ceramic flooring brings to your house is worth the extra buck. Build-up between tiles can be very difficult and time-consuming to remove and an expert can do it better and faster. Book cleaning service online for your home has never been more easy. The money you spend consulting a cleaning team with credentials like ours will be worth every penny as your clean ceramic floors exude a wonderful shine!