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Blinds can be a great and stylish addition to any room. They look chic, come in various styles, protect from sunlight, and provide adequate privacy. But people tend to overlook cleaning their blinds! Just because they’re hanging on the windowsill doesn’t mean they don’t require proper care and cleaning. Blinds can easily catch dust, hair, fur, and other nasty things, losing their shine and quality over time. 

To get those perfectly clean blinds, you don’t need to take them down entirely like you would with curtains. This kind of cleaning is more hands-on and can be done while keeping them in their original place. All you need are a few simple starting materials and a cloth to clean blinds quickly and easily.

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The Materials You’ll Need

Blinds come in all kinds of varieties, such as wood, vinyl, faux-wood, and fabric. So, there’s no fixed way of going about this process. The type of cleaning will depend on the material, amount of dirt, and the blinds’ location. Kitchen blinds tend to get greasier and dirtier than usual, so they’ll require a more rigorous cleaning. 

Whatever the make, the first step to achieving clean blinds will start with the following materials:

  • Dishwashing soap
  • Warm water
  • Vacuum cleaner with an attachment (mostly soft brush)
  • Microfiber duster or cloth

The Basics

Before we get into the details of cleaning each type of blind, let’s start with the fundamental procedure that you can apply to each one.

Start with dusting. If you’re using a microfiber duster, leave the blinds open and run the duster from top to bottom. Do this so that all the dust from the top settles at the bottom, which you’ll be able to clear out easily later. In the case of a microfiber cloth, close the blinds and wipe away the dust from top to bottom. Flip the blinds so that you can brush the other side the same way as you did before. Vacuum any dust that settles at the bottom.

Some blinds won’t settle for a simple dusting. They’ll need a more thorough cleaning depending on their make. Start with the instructions mentioned in the “The Basics” section and follow the procedures discussed below according to the blinds in your home.

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Plastic blinds are mostly made of vinyl or PVC. They’re popular due to their affordability and durability. You’re likely to find these in many homes and offices. You can clean them in two ways: by removing them entirely or keeping them in place. If you prefer to remove them, start with the basic dusting procedure mentioned earlier. Remove the blinds and soak them in a bathtub filled with warm water and soap for some time (an hour should do the trick). Wipe away any remaining dust on the blinds using a cloth and leave them out to dry. If you prefer to keep your plastic blinds on while cleaning, simply wipe them with a wet cloth soaked in soapy water.


Fabric is a popular choice because it comes in a variety of colors and designs. But they are delicate and require greater care. You can either spot clean or deep clean them, depending on your preference and the type of cleaning needed. 

For spot cleaning, dilute some soap and water to make a mild cleaning solution and blot the stained areas with a sponge. Repeat till the stain is gone. Make sure not to rub! Always let the blinds air dry as heat tends to fix stains. Another trick for fabric blinds is to use a hairdryer on the “cool” setting to blow away any dust or other particles.

For deep cleaning, remove your blinds and start with a vacuum. Fill a tub with soap and water and let them sit for some time. This allows the soap’s chemicals to remove stubborn stains or dust that may have accumulated over time. Use a sponge to clean the slats and rinse well. Lay them out to dry for a day in an open area.


Wooden blinds are a favorite due to their beauty and elegance. They can make any room stand out and are an instant game-changer. However, they’re also more expensive than other materials, and the cleaning is more intricate. Avoid water at all costs as it causes the blinds to discolor and lose their shape. The same goes for harsh chemicals that can damage the material.

To clean your wood blinds, start with light dusting as described earlier. It would be best if you did this every week to remove dust and dander. You’ll need a cleaning solution made for deep cleaning, especially for wood, to retain its shine and beauty. Depending on the kind of solution, use it directly from the bottle or dilute it with water if it’s concentrated. Add the cleaning solution to a bowl, dip your cloth, and start cleaning the slats from top to bottom. Don’t forget to dry each blind with a cloth to absorb any excess solution. You can also use lemon oil or synthetic wood conditioners every once in a while if your blinds are looking dull or have lost their shine.

Faux Wood

If you want the sophistication that comes with wood blinds but don’t want the hefty price tag, faux wood blinds can be a great option! You can get the same look at a much lower price, and cleaning them is also comparatively more straightforward. Faux wood blinds have no problem with water, so you can use as much water as you want to get those squeaky clean blinds. Hence, they are resistant to moisture, fading, and scratches. 

For cleaning, you’ll have to start with the same dusting routine. If your blinds are exceptionally grimy, start with wiping to remove dust and debris from the surface. Add mild detergent to a bucket of warm water. White vinegar can also work in place of detergent. Remove the blinds from the window, dip a cloth in the cleaning solution, and start wiping each slat. Scrub thoroughly if a stain won’t go away by simple wiping. Don’t forget to flip the blinds and clean the other side. Use a dry cloth to remove any excess moisture and let them air dry for a bit before you hang them up again.

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Tips and Tricks

Getting clean blinds is not such a difficult task. All you need to do is follow a consistent cleaning regime to make your blinds last for years. It all starts with regular cleaning. Make sure you dust them weekly so that dust doesn’t accumulate to such a large extent that it becomes a hassle to clean. Depending on the material, deep clean once a month or every two months. For first timers using a cleaning company, it can be hard to wonder how much would cost weekly maid service. Read what we know about it.

You can clean blinds using an old sock for greater reach and area coverage. Just put it over your hand, dip it in cleaning solution or water, and start cleaning! This trick will help you reach those nooks and crannies that might be inaccessible with a cloth. 

We hope this article provided you with all the information you needed to clean all kinds of window blinds. Just make sure you’re cleaning regularly and follow these tips to get clean blinds in no time.