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Summer is that time of the year when we enjoy the pleasant weather and people enjoy it differently. Some opt for BBQs with family and friends while eating the season’s fresh fruits and vegetables. Some people pack their bags and travel the world for the full season, others, along with their children, think of it as the resting or relaxing phase compared to the rest of the year.

If you are the stay-home type or like to host gatherings, before sending out the red, white, and blue invites, you have to make sure that your house is in excellent shape.

Therefore, we’ve put together a list of simple, practical, and easy house cleaning tips that anyone can follow easily. These practical summer home maintenance suggestions keep your home running so you can relax on vacation without having to worry about returning to a mess. Follow the summer cleaning tips below to keep your house fresh, clean, and ready for a season of fun in the sun.

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1. Maintain Your Air Conditioner

The filters in air conditioners gather dust and other material over time, reducing their efficacy. So, start with your filters with moderate dish detergent and warm water. Be careful to turn off the power before clearing away any trapped material if you have a condenser outside. You’ll use a lot your air conditioner this time of the year. So it’s a important part of summer cleaning tips. After that, follow the steps below:

Start with the Filters

After dusting the filter, clean it with lukewarm water and mild soap. Allow the filter to dry fully before putting it back in the unit.

Find the Coils

Most air conditioners feature two sets of coils: the evaporator coils on the inside and the condenser coils on the outside (outside).

Brush the Coils 

Use a soft brush or cloth to remove dirt from the coils. After that, wash away the remaining dust residue using a spray bottle filled with mildly soapy water.

Replace the Front Cover

See to it that all the units of your AC are clean and dry before you replace the front cover.

If the debris is stubborn, add a little light detergent or dish soap to the bottle, but not so much that it becomes overly sudsy. Maintenance of AC is most likely the most crucial step in our Summer Cleaning Guide. An air conditioner that is blocked with dust and filth may not perform properly or, worse, may malfunction, leaving you extremely uncomfortable in the summer heat.

2. Clean the Windows

Cleaning your windows in the summer is an important aspect of keeping your home looking nice. So, make the most of the lovely weather by cleaning your windows first thing in the morning. It’s considerably preferable to do this now rather than later in the winter. Follow our below step-by-step guide to effectively clean any kind of stains and dust off your windows:

Use Hot, Soapy Water

Start by making a bucket of hot soapy water. Begin from the top of the window and start working your way down while being careful to rinse away the dirty water. To eliminate debris, clean the window frames and sills in the same manner.

Use Vinegar

Instead of purchasing an expensive window cleaner, make your vinegar-based solution. Fill one cup of white (distilled) vinegar and ten cups of water into your spray bottle and spray your window with the prepared solution.

Use a Lint-Free, Soft Towel

A lint-free microfiber cloth is an ideal cleaning tool to bring streak-free shine to your windows. So, wipe your window glass using a microfiber cloth in multiple different directions to remove streaking as well as any remaining residue of your cleaning solution.

Cleaning glass and other bright surfaces outside in direct sunlight may not be a smart idea. The heat can dry the cleaning solutions at a rapid speed, leaving water droplets or product stains on the glass surface. We recommend going on a cloudy day or later in the evening when the temperature has dropped.

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3. Clean your Fans

Coming third on our list of summer cleaning tips is cleansing of dust from your fans. Fans circulate air around your home, which is great for cooling things down. However, this is not so wonderful if they are unclean. And after a season of the entire winter, there’s bound to be a large quantity of dust on top of your fans. Therefore, cleaning them is essential for your summer house maintenance:

Unplug and Turn off the Fan

Turn off and disconnect the fan before cleaning. Whenever cleaning any electrical appliances, make sure you unplug them first.

Make a Solution

Pour 3 cups of cold water and 2 tablespoons of a dishwashing product with a grease cutter into a spray bottle.

Wipe the Fan Blades

Spray the prepared solution all over and allow a few minutes for the dishwashing solution to cut through the debris. Then, wipe clean every surface with a microfiber cloth.

Dry the Blades

Before reassembling your fan, make sure everything is completely dry. You don’t want water getting into the fan’s electrical components.

Your ceiling fan will be working overtime, and the last thing you want is dust drifting around your house. Dusty fans exacerbate the symptoms of seasonal allergies and hay fever. They will continue to spread dust and pollen as they revolve if not properly cleaned. The same cleaning procedures can be used to clean the housing of a space heater, which circulates warm air. Dust and dirt should be cleaned regularly.

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4. Clean the Refrigerator

With children rushing around opening the refrigerator over and over to get some chilly air on their faces or to fetch another popsicle out of the freezer, you start to wonder if the food is still fresh and cold. It does not take too much imagination to guess that your refrigerator runs more frequently in summer than in any other season. This means more energy consumption, which might occasionally put your fridge in trouble. 

Hence, the importance of cleaning your refrigerator to keep it reliable cannot be overstated. It’s extremely important in this summer cleaning tips. Here are a few quick and effective steps to clean your fridge:

Remove the Food

The first step in carrying out a thorough cleaning is to empty and remove everything in your refrigerator.

Clean Removable Shelves

Remove the bins and drawers and wash them one at a time with the help of a new sponge and Dawn Dish-washing Liquid.

Wipe the Interior

Start from the top of the refrigerator and wipe down the walls and shelves with a sponge or absorbent paper towels, taking your time to get into all of the plastic seams while you work your way down to the bottom of the unit.

Dry thoroughly

Moisture increases the growth of bacteria, so make sure the interior of your refrigerator is absolutely dry before you finish. Wipe away any excess moisture using a paper towel or dry cloth, giving special care to the seams.

Take the time to clean out your refrigerator, cleaning it with gentle antibacterial soap and tossing out anything expired or moldy. This is especially critical during the fruit and vegetable season. To make your fridge seem neater, group things by comparable-sized bottles or heights. Never forget that it’s simple things like these that make each day a bit brighter.

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5. Degrease your Grills

Last but not least, degreasing your grill is the final step in our complete summer cleaning tips. Because the meat has a distinct smokey flavor, many people believe that cleaning the grill is unnecessary. But it couldn’t be further from the truth. Bacteria found on grimy surfaces and tainted food can make you sick, which is the last thing you want after a delicious meal. Hence, cleaning your grill should be a top priority. The following are a few tips for properly removing grease from any type of grill:

Using Steam

Fill a standard metal container from your kitchen with water and place it on the grill to boil. Push the tin aside (with a mint!) and start scraping with a bristle brush. The steam is effective and helps in the removal of any kind of dirt and grease.

Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Put the regular apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it all over the grill. After that, use a piece of aluminum foil to scrape the gunk away and get back to being the undisputed king/queen of backyard cookouts.

Using Onion

Cut an onion in halves and rub it all over the barbecue grates with the end of a grilling fork before cleaning with a bristle brush.

A summer party would be incomplete without grilling! Guests do not want to eat meat that tastes like burnt onions or charcoal. It’s a good idea to give your grill a thorough cleaning, safety check, and preparation a few days just before the party to ensure excellent results and wonderful cuisine.


That concludes our comprehensive summer cleaning checklist. These useful summer cleaning techniques can help you keep your house clean and tidy without having to spend the entire summer cleaning. Just a few minor tweaks to your daily routine will improve your cleaning results while requiring less effort, enabling you to return to enjoying every precious minute of summer fun. Book cleaning service online with My Cleaning Angel. It’s easy and fast, get a quote, see the price right in the moment and schedule it!

Following these summer home maintenance tips will inspire you to take care of your home throughout the summer and will help you enjoy a more relaxing summer overall. However, if you find it hard to take out the time for regular cleaning and maintenance, you can always give us a call. At My Cleaning Angel, we are equipped with the best products, tools, and solutions to do a spotless job that satisfies every customer who chooses us.

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