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Do you want your kids to help you tidy up? You’ll find tips to getting your kids involved. My Cleaning Angel is here to help you.

A very common argument in families involves home cleaning. It’s hard to motivate your kids to clean their rooms or help you with some part of an overall cleaning effort.

The main reason why kids don’t like to clean is the same that holds for adults. Cleaning is likely to be boring. For kids, it can be especially non stimulating. This is especially true in the age of quick gratification of smartphones and game consoles. Sometimes is hard to make your kids put down the phone, but if you follow Monica Swanson tips, you’ll get it done.

getting your kids involved

#1: Use a Time Limit

Kids, cleaning, and time limits work well together. You could get your child more complacent about doing chores when you set a specific time limit, suggests TrustHome Property Management. For instance, you could say that the playroom needs to be clean in 30 minutes.

When the particular chore isn’t finished within the specified time, your child could lose a treat on that day. However, refrain from using excess punishments when they can’t handle the limits. Plus, it’s important to set realistic time limits

#2: Structure the Chores

Every household cleaning task can be broken into smaller sub-goals. Taking this approach is very good because your kids will have the chance to absorb the successful mindset behind problem-solving and realistic goal setting.

One way to do this is by explaining what your overall goal is. Say you want the living room clean in an hour. Have your child finish one part of the living room cleaning job while you tackle the other sub-tasks.

#3: Reward Your Kids

Setting a proper reward system in place is extremely important. You might even designate a sheet that lists all the cleaning chores. Whenever a particular child of yours finishes a particular number of tasks, they will get a reward for that.

This is another tip to getting your kids involved that has more implications than just cleaning. A healthy reward system teaches your children the proper way of tackling challenges in their adult lives. It’s good to have these mental systems in place when they are still young.

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#4: Minimize the Distractions

Sometimes getting your kids to clean something is impossible because they have too many distractions. Solving this problem means efficient distraction management. See what is grabbing their attention and keep these distractions away for the duration of tidying up your home.

#5: Refrain from Cleaning Punishments

Cleaning shouldn’t be used as a punishment. Your kids should understand that cleaning is a regular responsibility that they have to do no matter how they behave. When you use it as a punishment, they will expect that they don’t have to do any cleaning when they behave well. But that is not an ideal mindset for their following lives.

#6: Involve Your Kids in Planning

It’s recommended to get your kids involved in the planning stage. This is the opportunity to maybe even create some excitement in the process. In any case, the planning phase is all about setting expectations, explaining the rewards, and making your kids understand why cleaning is an important task.

#7: Make Cleaning Fun

Cleaning isn’t fun for most adults. So why should it be fun for kids? Unless you take clear steps to make it more joyful, it’s bound to be tiring and boring for children.

But fortunately, it’s possible to make everything a bit more fun. For instance, you could put some lively music in the background that will almost create a “fitness club atmosphere” in your home.

Another approach is playing word or story games while you are cleaning. Everyone can still do repetitive physical tasks while using their brains to do something way more fun. 

#8: Set Realistic Expectations

Don’t expect a professional cleaning job from your pre-schoolers. A part of the cleaning success with your kids is having realistic expectations about the whole thing. Be proud of every visible effort even if it’s not always the most practical approach you can imagine. When in need of a professional cleaning, you can always come to us. Book online cleaning services has never been more easy, read here.

participation of your children

In a nutshell: Getting Your Kid Involved in Cleaning

Involving your kids in cleaning is an important part of growing their sense of responsibility. But as all parents can attest, this is not an easy task. Follow these tips to your kids started on helping you tidy up: 

  • Plan the cleaning phases and tasks together with your children.
  • Reward your kids for significant cleaning effort. Use a designated chart for that.
  • Set realistic time limits on particular cleaning tasks.
  • Find ways to make the whole cleaning process a bit more fun and lively.
  • Use the power of structuring to break up bigger cleaning tasks into smaller sub-goals.
  • Have realistic expectations. It doesn’t pay to be overly ambitious or expectant of your kids.
  • Keep your kids’ distractions to a minimum while cleaning your home. Word games and music are good distractions, though.

Those were the tips to getting your kids involved on the cleaning chores.

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