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Whether it’s an adult stain from spilled coffee or a grass stain from playing outside, stains are frustrating. Big or small, stains affect the appearance of our clothes and negatively impact our confidence and self-esteem.

However, the good news is that removing stains from clothes at home is not as difficult as it may seem. Even the most stubborn stains can be taken out at home. With the right approach and suitable equipment, anyone can successfully remove stains from their clothe. And transform them back to new! Learn how to deep clean and remove stain from your clothes.

How to Remove Stains From Clothes

In this blog, we will share some of the best techniques and products on how to remove stains from clothes easily and effectively. We will also explore natural stain removers for those who prefer to use non-toxic and eco-friendly products. So, whether you’re dealing with a common stain like coffee or wine, or a more stubborn stain like grease or grass, there is a solution for everything.

Identify the Stain

Before you start treating a stain, it’s important to identify what caused it. Different types of stains require different treatments, and using the wrong treatment can make the stain worse. For example, trying to remove oil or grease stains on clothes water can actually set the stain into the fabric, making it harder or impossible to remove.

Try to remember what caused the stain or ask the person who was wearing the clothes what happened. If you can’t identify the stain, do a quick internet search or consult a stain removal chart to determine the best course of action.

Act Quickly

To remove stains from clothes at home easily, you need to act quick. As soon as you notice a stain, try to take it out as this will take less time and effort. This can prevent the stain from setting into the fabric and becoming more difficult to remove. Keep a stain remover pen or a small bottle of stain remover in your purse or bag for quick and easy stain removal on the go. If you want to avoid the dry cleaners and remove stains from clothes at home, don’t let the stained clothes sit in the laundry basket for days before washing them.

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Check the Care Label

Always check the care label on your clothes. Some fabrics and colors require special care, and using the wrong cleaning method can damage or discolor your clothes. For example, silk should be dry cleaned, and certain colors may bleed if washed in hot water. If the care label says “dry clean only,” take your clothes to a professional cleaner rather than attempting to remove the stain from clothes at home yourself. If you’re not sure how to clean a particular fabric, do some research online or consult a cleaning expert.

Pretreat the Stain

Pretreating a stain involves applying a stain remover to the affected area before washing. There are many different types of stain removers available, including sprays, gels, and powders. To pretreat a stain, simply apply the stain remover directly to the stain and let it sit for a few minutes before washing.

Some stain removers work better on certain types of stains, so make sure to choose the right product for the job. For example, a grease-fighting laundry detergent may work better on a greasy stain than a general-purpose stain remover.

Use Hot Water

Hot water is often more effective than cold water when it comes to removing stains. However, not all fabrics can handle hot water, so make sure to check the care label before washing. If the care label allows for hot water, use the hottest temperature setting your washing machine offers. Hot water can help break down and dissolve stains, making them easier to remove.

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Don’t use too Much Detergent

Using too much detergent can actually make stains worse by creating a buildup on your clothes. Instead, use the recommended amount of detergent for your load size and soil level. If you want to remove oil stains from clothes, or any similar stains, you can add a little extra detergent but don’t overdo it. Excess detergent can also cause your clothes to become stiff and scratchy.

Soak the Clothes

For particularly stubborn stains, soaking your clothes before washing can be helpful. Fill a basin or sink with warm water and add a small amount of laundry detergent. Then, add your clothes and let them soak for 30 minutes to an hour before washing them. Soaking can help loosen and dissolve stains, making them easier to remove in the washing machine.

How to Remove Stains from Clothes? Try Natural Stain Removers!

There are many options to choose from for those who want a more eco-friendly approach. Here are some natural stain removers you can try:

  • Lemon juice – it can be used to get stains off of white clothing. Directly dab lemon juice onto the stain, then wait a few minutes before washing.
  • Vinegar – vinegar works wonders in removing stains from white clothing naturally. So how to remove stains on clothes with vinegar? Apply a solution made of equal parts water and vinegar on the stain and then rinse!
  • Baking Soda – you can use baking soda to get stains off colored clothing. Apply the paste you make by combining baking soda and water on the stain. 
  • Salt – you can also use salt to take some stains out like those of red wine. You can quickly sprinkle salt over a stain to absorb liquid if red wine is spilled on your shirt.

Tip: Whatever natural ingredient paste you choose, don’t forget to let it sit for a while before you wash it off.

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How to remove typical stains from Clothes?

Let’s talk about the most common types of stains and how to get rid of them.


Blood stains can be particularly tricky to remove, but soaking the item in cold water for 30 minutes to an hour can help. After soaking, wash the item with cold water. If the stain is still present, apply some hydrogen peroxide directly to the stain and let it sit for a few minutes before washing again.


Coffee stains can be a real headache but don’t worry, there’s a simple solution! Start by blotting the stain with a clean cloth to remove as much of the coffee as possible. Then, mix together some water and vinegar and apply the mixture to the stain. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before washing the item with hot water.


If you have grass stains on your clothes, try pretreating the stain with a mixture of dish soap and water. Gently rub the solution into the stain and let it sit for a few minutes before washing the item with hot water. If the stain persists, try applying some rubbing alcohol or white vinegar directly onto the stain before washing.


Grease stains can be tough to remove, but with a little patience and elbow grease, it can be done. Start by pretreating the stain with a grease-fighting laundry detergent or a mixture of dish soap and water. Let it sit for a few minutes before washing the item with hot water. If you want to remove oil stains from clothes, or other stubborn grease stains, try using a degreaser spray or rubbing alcohol.

Red Wine

If you spill red wine on your clothes, don’t panic! First, blot the stain with a clean cloth to soak up as much of the wine as possible. Next, sprinkle some salt or baking soda onto the stain to help absorb the remaining wine. Let it sit for a few minutes before washing the item with hot water.


Sweat stains are a common problem, but there’s an easy fix! Try pretreating the stain with a mixture of baking soda and water or white vinegar and water before washing the item with hot water. This can help remove the stain and eliminate any lingering odors.

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The Secret Lies in the Right Tools

The right tools, solutions, and equipment will make all the difference between a clean and stained result. Some of the useful tools that you should keep on hand are:

  • You can use chlorine bleach to get rid of stains on white clothing but don’t use too much or you risk ruining the fabric. For colorful clothing, oxygen bleach offers a safer alternative.
  • Laundry stain removers come in a wide variety of forms, including gels, powders, and sprays. Pick the option that best suits your needs.
  • An effective tool for removing stains while on the go is a stain removal pen. All you have to do is apply the pen directly to the stain and then wait a few minutes before washing.
  • You can remove stains from clothes at home by using a toothbrush, especially in difficult-to-reach places like collars and cuffs.
  • If you are using cloths or rags for stain removal, never use colorful towels because they can cause the dye to transfer onto your clothes.


You can successfully remove stains from your clothes and increase their lifespan with the correct tools, methods, and patience. However, keep in mind that if a stain is particularly difficult to remove, a professional cleaner may be your best option. Sometimes, even with the best techniques and products, a stain just won’t come out. If you’ve tried everything and the stain is still there, don’t give up hope.

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