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You’ve probably consumed all the candy (or shared it with friends and family). But there are other aspects and signs of the holiday that are still hanging around your homes. Such as decorations, leftover food, and other seasonal items. No matter how careful you and your kids are, there’s usually some kind of mess left behind after the trick-or-treating fun has finished on Halloween night. That’s why we wrote this halloween cleaning guide so you can do a pretty good house cleaning.

By following these simple clean-up hacks for Halloween brought to you by MyCleaningAngel, you can have your home looking its best in time to start enjoying the upcoming holiday season!

Pumpkin Leftovers

Jack-o-lanterns are the first thing that spring to mind when you mention Halloween. While carving these lanterns is a lifelong tradition, it can be pretty messy once the spooky season is over! Everyone loves carving pumpkins, but chances are good that it will have a lot of its innards on the floor or table. Jack-o-Lanterns left outside on the porch would likely leave a moldy stain as they degrade, which might attract rats, bugs, and other pests. October is a month featured with frequent rains all over the country, which can cause your carved creations to be plagued by mold. 

As part of this halloween cleaning guide, cleaning pumpkin leftovers must be cleaned. During post-Halloween cleaning, simply lay down some newspaper under your pumpkins to catch any spills. Use a spoon to scrape away the remnants. Wet a microfiber cloth with warm water and a little bit of toothpaste. Then gently massage the stain in a small and gentle circular motion to remove it.

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Melted Chocolate and Candies

Halloween and candies go hand in hand. Every Halloween celebration is incomplete without lots of treats, sweets, gums, chocolates, and everything sugary! But once the celebration is over, all you’re left with are half-eaten hard candies. Also crushed caramels, and other sticky messes. It can quickly find their way to the nooks and crannies of your home, especially if you have children and pets. The hassle of removing this mess is an important part of post-Halloween cleaning, so brace yourself to start this halloween cleaning guide!

As we all know, melted chocolate and candies can be a real hassle to clean up. The sugary, sticky substance can cling to surfaces and leave a residue that’s often difficult to remove. But don’t worry, there are some helpful tips that will make the cleaning process easier and more efficient!

One of the first things you should do is grab a spatula or knife and scrape away as much of the leftover chocolate or candy as possible. This step will ensure that the majority of the residue is gone and prevent it from hardening onto the surface.

Dealing With Hard Chocolate

Next, you’ll want to focus on absorbing as much of the liquid as possible. You can easily do this by using a clean cloth or paper towel to blot the affected area. And don’t forget, leftover residue can be easily removed with a mixture of warm water and dish soap! Just grab a soft sponge and gently scrub the affected area before rinsing with clean water and drying with a soft towel.

If you’re dealing with hard, dried chocolate or candies, it’s best to carefully scrape as much of it off as possible with a plastic scraper or credit card before utilizing the soap and water method. And of course, always double-check the cleaning instructions for the specific surface you’re dealing with before you begin the cleaning process to ensure that no damage occurs.

Toilet Paper and Eggs

Pranking is a sinister Halloween tradition. If you’ve ended up being on the ‘trick’ end of trick or treating, then there is no way that you can save your house from getting egged or toilet papered. Sun-baked yolks can leave permanent stains on your siding. So time is of the essence if your house has been egged. Shell fragments might become trapped in exterior paint or serve as an abrasive while post-Halloween cleaning. Just below where the eggs hit, hose down the wall. Then gradually hose up above the mess so that it may slide down the siding. Use a brush dipped in warm water and dish soap to scrub away any remaining traces.

Halloween season is always accompanied by rain spells, which can be daunting if your house gets toilet papered. After getting wet, toilet paper disintegrates and becomes difficult to remove, so you can be left with a few scraps. Get out of the house around midday when the dew has dried, and make sure there is no rain in the weather forecast. You can use a leaf blower to blast the toilet paper, a telescoping grabber to pull it down, or a rake to grasp it.

Glitter and Confetti

Cleaning up glitter and confetti can be a daunting task, but it is not impossible. Here are some simple steps to follow:

1. Start by sweeping up as much glitter and confetti as you can using a broom or vacuum cleaner. Be sure to use a vacuum that has strong suction power to avoid spreading the glitter and confetti around.

2. Use a lint roller or sticky tape to pick up any small pieces that you may have missed.

3. For any remaining glitter or confetti, use a damp paper towel to wipe them away. Avoid using a dry paper towel as it may just push the glitter and confetti around.

4. For a larger area, use a damp mop to clean the floor. Again, avoid using a dry mop as it may spread the glitter and confetti around.

5. Once you have wiped away all the glitter and confetti, allow the surface to air dry completely.

Remember to take precautions when using glitter and confetti to minimize the amount of cleaning required.

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Paint and Makeup

Makeup and paint is your best friend if you plan on being Hulk or Smurf. But not so much for your walls, carpets, drapes, bed sheets, and sofas. Costume makeup leaves stubborn stains; you name it, and it’ll stick to it! Little kids with skeleton faces might seem adorable. Once they start smearing face paint all over the house, it can get really messy.

You should avoid using oil-based paints if possible. But if the damage has already been done, dabbing the stain with white spirit while holding an absorbent pad on it can help. After that, you can either sponge it down with water (if it’s carpet) or throw it in the washing machine at the hottest setting that’s suitable for the fabric.

Fake Blood

Have your kids decided to be their favorite Dracula character for Halloween, then be prepared to get rid of some of the toughest fake blood stains! Corn syrup and red dye are the main components of most modern fake blood products. And these are the worst staining partners. If the fake blood finds its way over to your cherished white sofa, then apply some rubbing alcohol to the area and carefully dab away any excess with a rag or kitchen towel. If your little Dracula has ruined his favorite shirt with fake blood, then use some white vinegar, soak the shirt in water overnight, and then wash it with a mild detergent the next day.

Cleaning fake blood definitely has to be part of your halloween cleaning guide.

halloween cleanup guide

Candle Wax Drippings

In addition to being a nice touch for your pumpkins, candles can help set the spooky mood for Halloween with their dim, flickering light. However, once the Halloween night passes, you will have to face a rather gruesome sight of wax drippings in places around the house. 

The wax needs to be completely solid before you can start scraping it off. To remove wax from wood, heat the area with a hairdryer and then wipe it clean. A solution of one part vinegar to two parts water can help eliminate any lingering residue. Put a piece of absorbent kitchen paper over the spot and iron it at a low setting to get rid of any wax dripping that remains on the carpet. 

Red Wine Stains

Red wine is one of those universal drinks that you can use as a concoction for your evil witch costume. It also has a reputation for leaving nasty stains when spilled. So if you’re planning to throw an adults-only costume party this Halloween, then get ready for some elbow grease! 

If this happens to you, don’t panic and immediately soak up as much of the stain as possible with a cloth or paper towel. Then combine one cup of warm water with one teaspoon of detergent and blot the spot with small amounts of your best cleaning solution. If the stain persists after being blotted for a while, you can try rinsing it away with a solution of three teaspoons of vinegar and one cup of water. Always remember, rubbing a wine stain will only make it worse, so make sure you gently blot it. This is one of the best clean-up hacks for Halloween that can save you the cost of dry cleaning and buying a new carpet!

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Leave the Spooky Cleaning to the Experts!

Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year. It is also one that can leave you overwhelmed with cleaning up everything around the house. From botched carpets to stained walls, to prepare for the upcoming holiday season. While this Halloween cleaning guide will make it easy for you to navigate through post-Halloween cleaning, it requires a lot of effort and can be very time-consuming. 

Most of the mess created during Halloween requires urgent attention. If you’re unable to do so, then the situation can worsen, causing more burden during clean-up. If you want to spend Halloween with your loved ones without worrying about the mess, then you should leave the cleaning to experts like My Cleaning Angel!

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