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Long day at work? Nothing feels better than to come back to an organized and clean house. Before we even get into the actual benefits of cleaning your home regularly, we all can agree that a clean house is a basis for a peaceful mind. Imagine coming back home tired and you see dishes in the sink, clothes all over your floor instead of in the laundry, and food leftovers on your tabletop. Now imagine working a nine-hour shift to come home to a tidy place. Is that not a sight for sore eyes? Your tidy place and peaceful mind are possible to achieve by regular cleaning.

As nice as a clean house feels and looks, house cleaning is a task most of us tend to avoid. On top of it, regular cleaning makes it sound even worse. However, some people enjoy cleaning their houses regularly. Whether it be because it was instilled in them in their childhood or they find home cleaning oddly therapeutic, what they do has multiple benefits. If cleaning your house by yourself seems daunting, My Cleaning Angel is always at your service.

Benefits of Living in a Clean Home

If you are one of those people who find home cleaning boring, all you need is a push to build a habit as good as this. We have listed the benefits of cleaning your house regularly below so you do not have to wonder!

Quick Workout

One of the many benefits of cleaning your house regularly is that you have yourself a quick workout! Scrubbing the floor? Consider it an arm workout. Sitting in front of a laptop in the same position for hours has adverse effects on your backbone. When you dust the roof or the top of your walls regularly, it stretches your spine and improves flexibility. So do you still think you need to spend money on a gym membership when you can just clean your home regularly and keep yourself healthy and flexible?

Reduce the Stress

Home cleaning is one of the best times to get your mind off of things, besides showering. Most people use this time for thoughtfulness and introspection on many aspects of life. In addition, something about cleaning things thoroughly will provide you with a sense of satisfaction and stability.

Moreover, when you or your family falls sick less frequently, it will naturally rid you of the stress regarding your health. Cleaning your house regularly will not only get rid of germs, bacteria, allergens, and pests but also the nasty smell that lingers in untidy houses. So forget stressing about your guests leaving your house early because they smelled something nasty and fully enjoy the time you spend with them!

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Feel Energized

A clean home equals happiness. According to multiple studies, a house chore as minimal as dishwashing can reduce stress levels by 27% and regulate your breathing rate. It is difficult to feel happy or energized when you are washing dishes thrice a day. However, we suggest thinking of this task as less of a housework routine and more of a mindfulness activity, which will make you feel happier afterward.

After spending an hour cleaning around the house, you are bound to feel a sense of accomplishment and joy every time you lay your eyes on the neatly made bed or the laundry that has been kept away, or the dishes that no longer clutter your sink. We all love a clean home for its health and hygiene benefits but the mental peace and relaxation that comes with it is unmatchable.

Sleep Better

Do you find yourself worrying about the load of tasks that you were meant to cover during the day but did not do right before you go to sleep? Or do you turn over in bed and see an ugly stain and now your sleep is ruined? This not only results in a lack of sleep but also reduces your sleep health. The only solution to stop overthinking about your chores at bedtime is to complete them doing the day.

You will notice it is way easier to drift off to sleep when you do not have any nagging thoughts in your mind. A survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation revealed that you are 20% more likely to get a good night’s sleep and wake up well-rested the next morning if you do as little as make your bed.

Eat Healthier

When you are feeling stressed, you often crave junk food. Stress eating is common among many individuals and involves the sort of craving that can never be satisfied. While stress itself is unhealthy for your body, the practice of stress eating is unhealthier.

It is only natural for you to feel more stressed when things are cluttered and messy at home. Cleaning your home regularly is known for reducing stress levels to a great degree. With fewer stressors in your environment comes the drive to not just make healthier food choices but also better life choices. According to a 2013 study published in Psychology Science, people who work and live in messy areas are more likely to choose a chocolate bar over an apple, hence proving that they make unhealthy choices.

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Feel more Productive

Do you ever find yourself scanning the room looking to start something other than what you are supposed to do? Well, guess what? Procrastination does not always have to be bad. Utilize this time to clean your house. This way, you will neither feel guilty for procrastinating nor have a pile of clothes on your bed waiting to be put away.

Say Goodbye to Frequent Sickness

A clean home has no place for germs, pests, or molds. Dusting and vacuuming are not the only way to maintain cleanliness. Start by decluttering your tabletops and organizing your cabinets. Remember that the messier your tabletops are, the more difficult it is to clean and/or sanitize them, and the more likely you are to breed bacteria in your house.

Prevent Allergies

Bedding, carpeting, and upholstery are home to dust and allergen buildup. Cleaning your house regularly is not just imperative for people with asthma or seasonal allergies, but also for those who do not. Dusty carpets or bedding can be the reason you develop asthma or other allergies later in life. Throwing your bedding in the laundry every week and scrubbing your carpets clean of any breeding germs will not only keep asthma patients safe but also keep healthy people from developing it.

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Organize to your Liking

Do you also hate it when you outsource your home chores to a servicing company and they usually end up changing the order of your cutlery or placing your bowls in the dishes cabinet? The only way to prevent this from happening is to do your house cleaning. Cleaning your own house gives you control over where you want your things to be – whether you want to change the placement of the mini rug or change the whole outlook of your room! When you organize your house to your liking, your house will start to feel more like home.

Build your Family Bonds

Dividing the tasks among your family is a great way to strengthen bonds. When you help your family member out with house chores, it shows you care and is willing to put their needs first. Additionally, the cleaner your house is, the more carefree and happy you are going to be. A generally uplifted mood and a happy family environment prevent ugly fights and baseless arguments.

Enjoy your Me-time

If you live alone and do not have anyone to help you with house cleaning, do not feel lonely. When we say regular cleaning benefits everyone, we also mean people who are living alone and are tired all the time. You can use the time spent cleaning to self-reflect and go over how you plan to spend the rest of your day.

Cleaning generally involves physical stress, while simultaneously releasing any mental stresses.
Nighttime cleaning is the perfect time to unwind the thoughts that have stayed with you all day
so you can sleep better.

Save Money

In this global inflation period, who does not want to save money, right? If you clean your house regularly, you are less likely to require frequent fumigation or deep cleaning services, which cost a lot.

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There are so many benefits cleaning your home regularly. From health benefits to psychological ones, cleaning your house regularly is sometimes the only therapy you need to feel rejuvenated and optimistic for a better tomorrow! Now that we have you convinced that the reason for your low mood is probably the pile of unwashed clothes on the side of your bed, we hope you will find comfort and peace in completing basic house chores.

However, we also understand if you intend to clean your house more regularly but are falling short on time. Do not stress out because My Cleaning Angel has got you covered! You can reach out to us today and book cleaning services online. It’s easy, fast and practical. Head on to our blog posts to read more on cleaning your house.