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We’re a lean, low-cost cleaning franchise that specializes in
both residential and commercial cleanings.
Be part of a game-changing trend.

We are disrupting the traditional,
old-school cleaning industry
while riding one of the biggest
trends in a generation.

Our online booking form makes the estimate process easy and understandable


This cleaning franchise business is not only low-cost to start up, but to maintain and grow as well.


Welcome to the new age. No more long commutes to the office. This unique franchise opportunity enables you to be fully remote from Day One.


An indispensable component of the largest change in vacation rental accommodations in a century.

“I want financial freedom and control of my lifestyle design”

Would You Rather...

Work for “the man” with a set salary and meager pay raises…

Be told when, where, and how to work…

Start something from scratch…

Pick a low growth or risky industry…

Commute every day to the office…






Work for “the man” with a set salary and meager pay raises…

Use your talents and personality to best accomplish what matters?

Use a winning cleaning franchise business model that is already established?

Choose a fast growth, dynamic industry?

Explore work from home franchise opportunities and live where you want?

The Process

Step 1: Tell Us About You

We want to get to know YOU better: what got you interested in this opportunity, why you want to get into entrepreneurship, why you are looking at a cleaning company franchise for sale, why you think Windex is the best invention since sliced bread (just kidding), what you feel you bring to the table, and what your vision is for yourself and My Cleaning Angel.

Step 2: Learn About The Business

Next you’ll hop on a presentation call to provide you with an overview of the important parts of the business, industry, etc. This step allows you to get a better sense of the nuts and bolts of our systems and develop a deeper understanding of what owning a cleaning franchise entails, and will also allow our team to get to know you better.

If we both agree that this is a good fit, you’ll move onto Step 3.

Step 3: Read The FDD

No one wakes up wanting to read long legal documents. BUT the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) gives you the most important and specific details about what you should expect to spend starting up the business and what you will be expected to pay as a franchisee, among many other things which concern cleaning company franchising and franchising in general.

Step 4: A Day In The Life

If you’ve made it this for, now is time for you to check out how to run a FULLY REMOTE, GLOBAL team. You’ll get to shadow the existing operations team of a My Cleaning Angel franchise location and check out what you’d need to do day-in and day-out.

Step 5: Sign Agreement

We remember those school days when we were told bad things might go on our “permanent record.” But when we get to be adults, those “permanent record” days can be ones of real joy and excitement, like when you get to sign on the dotted line to become a franchisee and begin building a business with us. As we grow, so will you, and vice versa. We can’t wait to welcome you into the family!

Step 6: Build Your Future

Buckle up for the ride! Hard-work, hustle, and a lot of fun are in your future…it ain’t going to be easy, but this will be one of the most rewarding (and potentially highly profitable) experiences of your life. Think ahead and explore cleaning service franchise opportunities in 2020 and 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to make your life simple. Still have questions?
Don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is a cleaning franchise?

Buying into a cleaning franchise is like an upgrade to cleaning business ownership, and it is possible even if you are completely new to the cleaning industry and have never managed a business before. How come?

You will be buying into a business with an established reputation, get access to key tools designed to enhance your shared visibility in the digital world and gain an instant competitive edge. It enables you to become a member of a community of like-minded individuals with whom you can collaborate and to whom you can turn to for support and assistance in overcoming day-to-day business challenges.

At My Cleaning Angel Franchise, we listen to the market and observe market trends closely. And what we see is that cleaning homes and vacation rentals to a high professional standard is now more important than ever before, which implies a high demand for cleaning industry professionals.

This, in turn, opens amazing cleaning company franchise opportunities. Think of cleaning company franchising as the cat videos of the business world: no matter how many there are out there, they go viral in a heartbeat!

Is a cleaning franchise worth it?

Coming up with a fresh and exciting game plan for your future business is a challenge. As attractive as innovative business ideas may seem to your inner entrepreneur, they require you to make bold and risky financial decisions and potentially face what is an uncertain outcome. So what makes starting a cleaning business or, better yet, becoming part of a cleaning franchise, on the other hand, a safe and responsible financial step right now?

The high demand for cleaning services in a hectic world that faces a global pandemic makes buying and owning a cleaning franchise a smart long-term investment. But the concept is far from new: hiring professional cleaning services has been the new normal for home and business owners everywhere for a long time now.

Other perks include:

  • Low start-up and overhead costs: your required downpayment depends on the size of the market in your area and you can save money on overpriced real estate rental.
  • Remote work & work from home option: running a cleaning franchise enables you to work remotely and escape the traditional office environment
  • Flexible schedule
  • Minimum experience requirements
  • Extraordinary digital potential

So what makes buying into My Cleaning Angel Franchise a worthwhile decision? Purchasing an established maid service and vacation rental cleaning franchise for sale reduces the time needed to develop the business and effective marketing strategies, making it an investment with a considerable profitability potential.

What franchises are the most profitable?

We live in a constantly changing world. Before our very eyes, the world as we know it changes forever, and it all happens at breakneck speed. But we can turn this to our advantage and learn to adapt, and to that, we need to keep up and move with the times.

Take a forward-thinking approach and consider the potential of an established house cleaning and vacation rental cleaning franchise in the long run. The COVID-19 situation has driven demand for high-quality cleaning services, as Airbnb and vacation rental owners across the country focus on upgrading their cleaning policies & protocols in order to attract more guests. As a result, the volume of vacation rental cleanings is expected to continue to exceed the volume of residential cleanings.

If you seek a niche with promising profitability potential and growth opportunities in the foreseeable future, buying a franchise that specializes in vacation rental cleaning checks all the boxes. Vacation rental franchise might be the single best cleaning franchise to buy because it is an area in which attention to detail and consistency in rendering cleaning services is greatly appreciated and a high volume of service requests.

Let’s join forces to unleash the full potential of specializing in short-term rental cleaning!

How do I start a cleaning franchise?

The most reliable method to launch a streamlined cleaning franchise is to team up with an established local cleaning business that has already built a name for itself as a vacation rental and house cleaning and maid service franchise.

At My Cleaning Angel Franchise, we believe in taking the tech-savvy approach and use specialized software for residential and vacation rental cleaning:

  • Our residential cleaning software helps speed things along: a quick and straightforward online booking process, optional service extras, flat-rate pricing and none of the usual in-person estimate requirements
  • Our vacation rental cleaning software is high-tech all the way: the whole process is fully automated. The efficient software streamlines cleaning by syncing up with the host’s booking calendar, which makes the cleaning service schedule effortlessly flexible and dynamic.

Cleaning appointments are scheduled to take place immediately after a check-out. Upon completion, cleaners submit a cleaning checklist complete with timestamps and a report with photos is automatically forwarded to the host. The host is charged automatically which eliminates the need for invoicing and makes the process clean-cut and smooth.

Explore and release the untapped potential of the budding vacation rental cleaning industry and team up with an established cleaning franchise which gives its clients clean and easy access to an efficient, streamlined cleaning service.

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