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As soon Florida stay-at-home executive order was announced until April 30, we decided to slow down cleaning services, only empty homes. The health of our customers and contractor cleaners is very important to us.

We are happy to announce we are back on track the 4th May as our services are being demanded and measures are being taken. Our cleaners are taking the necessary precautions due this difficult time.

Being informed is important and because of that, we would like to keep you informed for the measures given by World Health Organization. Don’t forget to wash your hands frequently at least do 20 seconds.

Measures to leave the house:

1 – Use a light jacket to cover as much as possible, if the weather allows it.

2 – Tie back your hair and don’t use any jewelry. No rings, collars or earrings.

3 – Bring disinfectant with you. You might need it.

4 – Use mask. That way you can protect yourself and the others.

5 – Try not to use public transport.

6 – If you are going for a walk with your pet, try to no let it touch extern surfaces.

7 – Bring tissues with you in case you need to touch extern surfaces. Use gloves too if possible.

8 – Put the tissues in the trash bin.

9 – Don’t touch your face before disinfecting your hands.

10 – Try not to use cash. If needed, disinfect your hands after.

11 – Keep at least 6 ft distance from people.


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Measures in case you are coming back home:

1 – Coming back home, don’t touch nothing without cleaning yourself.

2 – Take your shoes off.

3 – Disinfect your pet’s paws after a walk.

4 – Take off your clothes and put them in a plastic bag in the laundry basket – then wash it up minimum up to 60º.

5 – Put your purse, wallet, keys, etc in a box in your entry’s home.

6 – Take a shower if possible, if not, clean the exposed areas (hands, arms, wrists, neck, face, etc).

7 – Clean your cellphone and glasses with water and soap or alcohol.

8 – Clean your bags before you save them. Use a spray bottle where you can mix 1l of water with 20ml of disinfectant. (use gloves).

9 – Take off the gloves carefully and put them in the bin. Wash your hands.

10 – Remember that it is not possible to disinfect totally, the goal is to reduce the risk.

Measures if you leave with people that are in the high-risk group

1 – Sleep in separate beds.

2 – Use different bathrooms if possible and disinfect them after use.

3 – Don’t share towels, glass cups, cutlery, etc.

4 – Daily clean and disinfect high-contact surfaces.

5 – Clean clothes, towels and bed sheets more frequently.

6 – Keep 6ft distance.

7 -Keep rooms ventilated.

8 – Contact 1 (866) 779-6121 or go to https://floridahealthcovid19.gov/ in case of symptoms and follow their instructions.

9 – Try not to break quarantine for at least two weeks. Every time someone exits home, you’ll have to restart the counter.

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