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Do Contractors Clean Up After Themselves?

Do Contractors Clean Up After Themselves?

Undertaking a building project is a mammoth of a task, and it is definitely not a one-person job. You will need to hire a contracting company to get the job done. There is a wide array of building projects that contractors undertake. These can range from putting up a new structure from scratch to all kinds of remodeling. 

However, it is essential to keep in mind that the job does not end with the structure standing on its feet. There is often another task that is left to undertake: the cleaning. We all know the mess construction projects leave behind. From debris to broken wood and cardboard, it is enough to take a single person days on end to clean it up properly. But if a contractor is involved, who does the cleaning? Can you expect the contractors to clean up after themselves and relieve this burden off your shoulders? The answer to this mainly depends on the nature of the task and the details of the signed agreement. 

While most contractors clean up some of the superficial mess left behind, they expect the owners to do the post construction cleaning. However, it is possible to add a clause in your contract for the contractors to take care of the cleaning. They might do this themselves or hire a third-party cleaning company for the task. There are some benefits in hiring construction cleaning professionals, but we’ll talk about this later.

Suppose you are thinking of getting some remodeling or construction done. In that case, this article will let you know what to expect if your contractors clean up the mess after construction. It will also provide some valuable tips if this clause is not a part of your agreement and you have to end up doing the dirty work. 

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What to Expect from Your Contractors?

If your contract agreement states that the contractors will take care of the cleaning business, you can rest easy. But it is also essential to ensure that the contractors clean up properly and not leave behind your property messier than before! 

Look out for the following points when hiring a contractor to undertake your remodeling or construction as well as cleaning.

Hang Up Plastic Walls

Plastic walls are a must in any construction project, especially in homes. They help contain the dust in the project site only and prevent it from spreading to other parts of the property. Dust is a significant part of any remodeling or construction process. Without plastic walls, there is a high probability of dust entering other parts of the house, making cleaning much more difficult even after construction ends. It can also sneak into your electrical appliances, affecting their functioning over time. If you have family members with dust allergies, then you must take extra caution to ensure your contractors make use of plastic walls to prevent future health problems.

Use Shoe Covers

There is a lot of movement inside and outside of the house during construction. Workers are hauling in equipment and other materials from the outside. But they also often bring in the dirt and dust stuck on their shoes during this process. A good contractor will ensure all workers wear shoe covers to prevent extra dirt from entering the house. This practice helps make the contractors’ clean-up process more manageable, as well as a large amount of dirt is contained in the covers and does not enter the house in the first place.

Clean Up Each Day

Professional contractors will play it smart by cleaning up every single day. This prevents a strenuous clean up at the end of the project, which would be extremely difficult to perform. Instead, they perform it in small parts every day, making life easier for everyone. It has been proven that getting done with the task for that day relieves a lot of pressure compared to piling up all the work for the last minute. 

Moreover, if you are staying at home while the remodeling or construction is going on, it will prevent the added stress of coming back home from work to a dirty and cluttered environment.

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Ensure the contractor is certified to perform the project. Moreover, cleaning should be at the top of your priority list while choosing between potential candidates. Certifications ensure that your contractors are educated about the proper protocols for undertaking the project and the cleaning afterward.

Such certification is also necessary because construction projects deal with dangerous materials such as asbestos and lead paints that need to be discarded properly. These are toxic materials that can pose serious health risks to your family, so do make sure that your contractors clean up such substances as stated by the law.

Cover Vents

The first step in the project on the contractor’s end should be covering the ventilation systems in the property. Since ventilation circulates air in all parts of the house or building, dust particles may enter from the project site and reach all ends of the house. In case someone suffers from allergies, this would be detrimental to the health of the occupants. It is generally a nuisance too, as the dust would accumulate in other parts of the house, further complicating the clean-up process.

Even if the contractors clean up the project site, they would most certainly not be aware of which other parts of the house the dust has landed in, making your job harder at the end of the day. So, do make sure the contractors cover the vents adequately before starting work.

Use Cardboard on the Floors

There are many heavy tools used in construction and remodeling. If they inadvertently fall on your floors, they might end up causing some severe damage, incurring additional costs on the project. Other materials such as paint might spatter as well, damaging their look. Floors come in a variety of styles, such as wood, tiles, bamboo, or linoleum. All these materials should be covered appropriately to preserve their quality and finish during the project.

Professional contractors will be aware of this practice as it would make cleaning on their end easier too. If the floors are properly covered, the cardboard will bear the brunt of any damage that might occur, and the floors will retain their clean and beautiful finish.

Take Care of Your Belongings

Good contractors know that any major construction project requires a great deal of investment and trust on the client’s part. They are letting you inside their property which contains all their prized and expensive possessions. Such objects do not only have monetary value but sentimental as well. Hence, the best contractors will keep this in mind when they enter your home or property and try their best not to betray your trust. This includes being meticulous on their part, ensuring that any task entails minimum damage to your property or belongings. And if any such damage is to occur, the contractors will clean up and return everything just the way it was before the project started.

If they keep the above oath in mind, they will not perform the clean-up process half-heartedly, ensuring each part of your house affected by the construction is returned to you in the best possible shape.

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What If Cleaning Up Is Not Part Of Your Contract? 

While the ideal scenario would be to ensure the contractors clean up as part of your contract, you will have to perform some additional tasks if that is not the case. 

If cleaning up is not your cup of tea, you can always hire a professional cleaning service to perform the task for you. Such services have a wide range of expertise. They can provide a thorough deep cleaning of your property after the project is over. 

On the other hand, if you would like to give cleaning a shot yourself, keep the following tips in mind:

Use Industrial Strength Cleaning Materials

Remodeling bathrooms and kitchens require many strong chemicals and solvents that tend to leave stains on your tubs and sinks. Ordinary all-purpose cleaners might not be able to get rid of these stubborn stains, hence get an industrial-strength cleaner from your local home improvement store for the best results. 

Cover Your Plants in Outdoor Work

If you are changing the roofs, brace yourself for materials to fall all over your yard. This might end up damaging your garden and plants, so it is better to take measures to counteract that. Some contractors use dumpsters to gather all the waste, while others might throw it on the ground. To save yourself from extra work, ask your contractor which method they will employ in your project. 

You can dedicate a section of your yard to dispose of the waste. Cover all plants and shrubs in other parts. This concentrates the damage over a smaller portion of the area instead of damaging the entire thing. You might have to redo that area, but that is still a better option than redoing the whole yard. 

Wrap Other Materials Before Work Starts

Cover your decoration pieces and furniture such as sofas, dining tables, coffee tables, and chairs to prevent dust accumulation on these items. This will save a lot of effort as you will not have to clean these surfaces after the work is over; simply remove the covers, and everything will be good as new. 

Taking on a construction or remodeling task can be cumbersome, but if you have your cleaning method sorted out with your contractor, it is all smooth sailing from there. Happy cleaning!

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Hire Professional Post Construction Cleaning

While this is a task you could do it yourself, you can use your time doing what you do best, and let the professionals do the hard work. We’ll be more efficient and clean better and faster, it’s what we do on out daily basis. You can even book cleaning service online in less than 60 seconds. Don’t hesitate to contact us and get a free quote instantl. Book now with My Cleaning Angel.

How Much Does Pre and Post Construction Cleaning Service Cost?

How Much Does Pre and Post Construction Cleaning Service Cost?

When it comes to hiring an agency for construction cleanup service, then the first thing which strikes your mind is, “How much does it cost for me”? The charges of construction clean up are different for different conditions. It may vary from company to company. But if you want to determine a specific or approximate price to set your budget, you will get some guidance from this article. This article will learn the basic factors of construction clean up and how it is useful for you.

Whether it is a new construction building or remodeling some part of a house, like renovating the kitchen, post-construction cleaning is important. You can’t sit back and enjoy yourself with your family after completing the construction of your home. Construction produces a lot of dust and debris, which affect the health of your family. 

You can clean this yourself, but it took a lot of time. That’s why most people hire construction clean up service for cleaning their space after the construction is complete. It is a laborious process where they have to sweep the floors, clean all the appliances, windows, and doors with an HVAC system. It doesn’t cost more to you and provides a clean and safe environment with peace of mind.

A Construction left an incredible mess behind it. These are dangerous for both the workers and people looking to move in after the construction work is completed. That’s why by conducting a safe post-construction cleanup, you can avoid injuries. By hiring a post-construction cleaning service, you can get many benefits in an affordable price range. To learn more about this, continue this article till the end.


Is It Necessary To Hire A Construction Clean Up Service?

Whether it is a residential construction site or commercial construction site, construction cleanup service is necessary. People rarely think about this after their construction work is done. Most people are stressed out about moving their appliances and household items from one place to another place. 

If you are one of them, then hold on! Maybe you missed a step. Instead of cleaning this place with yourself, find a professional cleaning agency that can help you clean up the mess. There are thousands of cleaning agencies available which provide this service to their customer. By hiring these agencies, you will get your job done properly. You can even book cleaning services online.

Dust is one of the most common issues in the construction site. If you can’t handle this correctly, it can cause various issues to your health like asthma. The construction clean up agencies has heavy vacuums that collect all the construction dust and particles. No matter which type of tiles you have in your home, the specialized cleaning agencies will clean your floors without affecting its value. But is it affordable for everyone? To find out this, let’s discuss the factors which affect the price of post-construction cleaning.

Benefits of construction cleaning service

By hiring a construction cleanup service, you can get a lot of benefits, as we exposed here. With this, you will get a cleaner and safer site to move around. The cleaners will provide a detailed and professional cleaning service. They will remove all the trashes inside and outside of your home and clean each corner of your home. They will do wall dusting and vacuuming with polishing the cabinets. Other than this, they will do stripping and waxing the floors.

This is a cost-effective method. They will provide a guaranteed fast service to their clients and complete their job faster than the local cleaners. They use all the experiences to clean your space. By hiring them, you don’t have to worry about waste disposal. A construction cleanup service will help you to get a detailed and completely clean area. 

Through this, you can save your time, efforts, and money. If you want to achieve a safe and effective service, then hire a construction cleanup service after the construction. Once your construction work is complete, you can hire a post-construction cleaning service. With the help of them, you can quickly move into your newly built house with your family.

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How much it cost you?

Price is the major factor that you should consider before hiring any agencies. Post-construction cleanup service price depends on the various factors, including the size of your building, type of building, location, manpower required to fulfill the task, etc. The post-construction cleaning process works on the 3 phases. A light cleaning service is less expensive than a deep cleaning service. 

If we talk about an approximate price, then a large commercial property might cost $0.20-$0.40 per square foot. You can also research about this by visiting the different cleaning sites and comparing their price charts. You can ask by calling the expert cleaners of different agencies and all. The cost of construction clean up is also affected by the saturation of the local market. 

The cost also depends upon which type of cleaning service you need. Most companies provide a special package of pre- and post-construction cleanup services that include varieties of works. If you have a good budget, then you can purchase a whole package for this. You can also ask for a quote from different agencies through mail and texts. In the below section, you will learn about the factors that affect the cost of cleaning.

Factors that affect the price of post-construction cleaning service

  • Size of your space

The size of your space plays an important role in affecting the price of construction cleanup service. Most of the companies charge according to per square feet while some companies charge hourly.

  • Household items you have

The price depends upon what furniture and equipment or appliances are present in your workspace. There are such items that need special cleaning service that includes carpets and curtains etc. The household items that are present in the workspace determine the cost of your service.

  • Time of cleaning

Most of the company charges per hour rate. They set a minimum wage for the workers per hour. Most of the professional and experienced worker may ask for some extra charges. If the service includes some extra jobs, then they may charge some extra cost to you. If you want to hire a cleaner during holidays and an emergency, it can also affect the charges.

  • Location of your workspace

If your construction area is upmarket, then it may cost higher for you. Certain areas are too expensive, and it can also increase the charges of cleaning.

  • Experience of the company

The cost also varies from companies to companies. Local companies cost a little, but they will cost a little more when you hire an experienced and professional company.

  • Waxing wood floors

If you have existing wood floors or renovate just a part of your house, the construction can scratch the floors. If you want to take extra care of your floors, you can ask the cleaners to wax the floors that cost extra charges.

  • Additional cleaning requirements

Other than the above points, if you have some additional cleaning requirements from the agency, they will cost extra charges.

So, to determine the approximate cost of a construction cleanup service first, you need to understand the basic factors of post-construction cleaning. By learning the above-discussed points, you can try to minimize the cost of your cleaning efficiently.

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The 3 phase of construction cleaning service

A construction cleaning service includes 3 phases. Some local companies don’t offer the 3 phase cleaning, which costs cheaper for you. So, don’t hire such agencies just to save your money. Hire an agency that provides a proper cleaning service with utmost care. If you are looking forward to hiring a post-construction cleaning service, you should know about the 3 phases.

  • Initial phase of construction cleaning

Once the construction is done, the cleaning agency will start the cleaning phase. During the initial phase of the cleaning, the cleaners will remove all the stickers on your windows and major appliances. They will remove all the dirt and debris from the space by sweeping and dusting. All the unnecessary items are discarded and cleaned properly. After this, the site is ready for further preparation and construction works.

  • Second phase of construction cleaning

The second phase of construction cleaning includes an in-depth cleaning of all the glass. During this phase, the cleaners will clean all the interior surfaces so that you can move into your newly built home. The areas which are covered in this phase are:


Each cabinet is cleaned properly from inside and outside with a microfiber rag. They will vacuum each corner of your home to eliminate all the dust particles from your home. This phase is necessary to eliminate all the dust & debris from your home.


In this phase, the cleaners will also clean the bathrooms and their floors. They will clean the counters, mirrors and showers, tubs. They will also clean the wall of your bathroom if there are any strains.


The most important part you should take care of during the cleaning process is the baseboards and floors. No matter which type of floor you have, the cleaners will clean your floors with the utmost care to cause no damage. After offering a deep cleaning process, the cleaners will make your space ready to move in.

  • The third phase, touch up clean

After a week, the cleaners will gain visited the site and wipe down all the dust and debris. They will visit the site and check each corner of your home, whether the work is done properly or not. We also remove the smudges and other particles that are present on the glass surface.

The above 3 phases will help you to settle down all the worries of your cleaning process. By hiring a cleaner for construction cleanup service, you can make your space ready to move in. They will take care of your property and works hard to meet your expectations.

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How to minimize the cost of post-construction cleaning service?

If you want to minimize your construction cleaning service cost, you can do some small things to protect your space. You can follow the below points to limit the disruption and minimize the mess left behind the construction.

  • Cordon off the renovated zone: 

To minimize the dust particles, you can hang a cordon down the floor and around the renovation or construction area. In this way, you can seal the area. For better results, you can apply masking tape across the cordon so that it can stick with the walls and floors. You can also add some rods so that it can hold the cordons. To make it convenient, you can add the zipper to get in and get out of the house. In this way, the dust particles and other garbages are not spread over the entire area, and you have less space to clean.

  • Protect the appliances:

You should protect your every household things from the renovation zone. You can also shift these things to another room so that it can be safe. If you don’t have an option, you can cover those with paper or cloth.

  • Cover the floors:

Floors are something that increases the value of your home. So, you should take proper care of your floors. It should be covered with construction papers. It will be better if you also cover the windows.

  • Trap all the areas:

If you are renovating a part of your home from the center, you should consider laying the continuous tarp in all the areas. By this, you can prevent the dirt from other spaces.

  • Cover the furniture:

Cover all the furniture of your home and properly seal the closet doors so that the dust particles can’t enter your closet through the gap.

  • Use vacuum cleaner: 

If you have a vacuum in your home, you can use it after the construction work. By this, you can eliminate all the smaller particles. If you don’t have a vacuum, then you can open the doors of your home too.

  • Regular cleaning: 

Try to regularly clean up the areas where the construction or renovation work is done. Sweep and vacuum all the surfaces and wipe down the glass windows for yourself. By regular dusting and mopping, you can make the space clean. You can also try some DIY hacks to cover the areas to minimize your cleaning process cost.

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Choose the best company to hire for post-construction cleaning service

  • Check the reputation of a company

To hire a company for construction clean up service, you should check a company’s reputation. Check their experiences and how many years they are serving in this field. Check the quality of their service by checking the reviews and ratings of a specific company.

  • Range of service: 

Always try to choose a company that provides a range of services. You should choose a company that provides a one-stop solution to your requirements. You can also ask to customize a service from the company. Most of the companies provide different packages for construction cleaning services.

  • Ensure about the workers: 

Before hiring a company, ensure that the company has insurance if the worker gets hurt during the construction work. By this, you can feel safe and have peace of mind. In this way, you can ensure that you are not responsible if anything has happened during the construction work.

  • Hire the professionals: 

Hire the cleaners trained and working in this field over the last years. A professional cleaner always tries to meet customer requirements. They will try hard to satisfy their clients. Without getting proper information about the company doesn’t sign anything.

  • Discuss payments

Before hiring any company, first, discuss the payments. You can ask for quotes from different agencies and compare the prices and experiences to choose the best one. Always try to choose a company that provides maximum service at a limited price. Don’t go for the companies that provide local and inexperienced cleaners with limited service to save some money.


Now make your residential and commercial area cleaner and safer after a renovation or construction with a construction cleanup service. To get an affordable solution, you should research more about this. You should research various companies and compare the prices. Don’t compare the prices only but compare the experience and reputation of a company also. Try to check the reviews and ratings of a specific company also.

By entrusting the cleaning job to a trustworthy company, you can ensure that all the debris is cleared. The professional cleaners will be aware of the safety procedures and the guidelines that should be followed during the cleaning process. A professional cleanup company doesn’t bother you much in the future. By hiring a construction cleanup service, you can get peace of mind and sit back in your home and take some rest after the construction work is done. So, hire a reputed agency and start packing your luggage to move into your new home.

Even after the construction you need to do maintenance to keep things from breaking down, so read 6 tips for properly caring for your new construction home.

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Hire My Cleaning Angel as Your Post-Construction Cleaning Service

A post-construction cleaning is hard to do by yourself. If you don’t have time or don’t want to clean by yourself, book now your post-construction / post-remodeling cleaning with My Cleaning Angel. We are the best cleaning agency in Florida.

Clean Up After Renovation And Minimize Mess During Construction

Clean Up After Renovation And Minimize Mess During Construction

When you are getting ready to renovate your house, you are most likely focused on what materials you need, the cost of labor and finding a good contractor. These things are important and form the basis of your renovation project. It is also important to not forget plans for prepping the site that you want renovated. And arranging adequate protection so at the end of this long journey, you can lay back and relax.

Remembering all of these things can prove to be a tedious business. That is why we have compiled a bunch of tips and tricks for you to minimize your mess. And prevent damage to your valuables by sound renovation planning and preparation. And don’t forget to look for professional help to do a post-construction cleaning on your home after it all ends. We listed the benefits of hiring a professional post-construction cleaning service.

Tips to Cut Back on the Construction Mess

Depending on what you are getting renovated on your residential property, you can ask your building contractors to clean as they go. Especially if you are living in the house while it is being renovated. Moreover, you can also hire post-remodeling cleaners to do the clean up after renovation.

clean up after renovation

A Seal to Heal

You can seal the area where you need remodeling to be done with paint tarps. These inexpensive sheets are a great way to prevent any paint or varnish spills on your newly made floor. You can also use them to minimize the dust in the air, on the furniture and floors. By isolating the place using tarps, you save a lot of time that would have been otherwise spent cleaning the house.

Try sealing the area under renovations to the best of your ability, ensuring that no spaces are left in between. Leaving behind small gaps can cause dust to accumulate. Which may seem harmless in the start but can become a headache later after several days of build-up. You can also customize your tarps by adding zippers to eliminate gaps. But even when you need an exit or entrance. You can attach the tarps to the floor using duct tape which you can easily find at any home depot store. So it’ll be easier to do clean up after renovation.

Sealing Furniture

Apart from sealing floors and nearby areas, it is also important to keep furniture in mind. Furniture needs to be sealed as well so that you do not have to clean your sofas later one by one. You should wrap any furniture near the construction area in old sheets and then lay plastic covers over them. Thickly-woven linen and cotton are the best for capturing even fine dust that usually seeps its way in despite the plastic covering. You also have to make sure to remove the covers very patiently when the house renovation is over.

If you do not unwrap and lift them properly, all of the dirt and dust will stick to the fabric. It is also a good idea to seal any gaps in the cabinets as well. As this will save you the hassle of washing your clothes afterwards and help you when clean up after renovation.

Make a Path and Clear the Area

Talk to your contractors to open a path which family members can access safely. This is normally not necessary if only one part of the property is being renovated. But in the case of remodeling happening in a commercial building, it is always a good idea to have a clear path which employees know when to take. Installing the necessary signs of tarps ensures that your employees are safe from any falling debris when construction is going on during office hours.

Also, posting necessary warnings such for wet paint or wet tiles. Or even for falling debris will help the staff avoid unnecessary accidents. This will ensure your contractors do not need to repeat their work. Which in turn makes them more productive with any other tasks that need to be dealt with.


Clean As You Go

Asking your contractor to clean as they go allows for less clutter to remain behind after renovation is complete. This will enable everything to go smoothly and will ensure that the workers do not leave the construction site in a mess. Even if you are doing a DIY project, it is important to have the tools in their right places. Along with sweeping the floor and piling any bricks or wood you might have used.

Although this can be a time-consuming task, it is still better than having a whole pile of mess to clean after you are done remodeling. For commercial buildings or if you have hired contractors, having good communication with the people working for you can do wonders. As some contractors prefer to leave things where they are so that they can easily resume with work the next day.

Create a Routine

Even if you have hired contractors to work for you, it is also important to take some of the chores into your own hands. It is your house at the end of the day and you know it better than anyone else! Vacuuming or cleaning any excess dust after the day’s work does wonders in not only lessening your workload after renovation. But makes your contractor’s job easier as well. This is why having your own cleaning routine is super important. You can work on the problem areas of your house to give them a good cleaning that an outsider would have no idea about.

Have You Tried an Air Scrubber?

Air scrubbers are useful to get rid of wood shavings, leaves, dust or any other form of tiny debris. They are more useful than conventional cleaning methods because they are faster. Helping you to save time and energy. Compared to fans, air scrubbers blow a more dense and concentrated amount of air. Thus making the job of drying or cleaning a lot more efficient. They are also a heaven-sent in getting rid of any odors left behind from paints or vanishes. You can also use an air scrubber to stop dust from reaching other areas of the house. Although air scrubber rentals can be costly.

clean up after renovation

What To Do After Your Renovation Is Done?

If there is anything that can take away the happiness of a newly renovated place, it is the mess you eventually have to clean up after renovation. No matter how good of a job your contractor does, it is inevitable that dust does collect in places that we least expect it to. Fortunately, there are many simple and easy steps you can follow. This ensure you can fully enjoy your new place without worrying about any extra cleaning baggage attached to it. Things you will typically need include:

  • A face mask
  • Vacuum
  • Soft towels
  • Dryer sheets
  • Mops
  • Brooms
  • Specific cleaners for different material

Choose A Place to Begin

Starting from the top is always a smart idea when trying to make sense of the mess surrounding you. Start the clean up after renovation by vacuuming as much of the dirt as possible. Dust can shift from one place to another as well as small wood shavings. Which can prove difficult to clean up with a broom. So instead opt for a high power vacuum cleaner. Starting from the ceiling and working your way down to the board bases. Do not forget to clean the air vents along with any fans and windows present in the area. You can book online cleaning services online, we clarify how here.

After you are done with the vacuuming, you can go over these areas with a mixture of soap and hot water. Damp towels or tissue papers can be used to wipe away any excess dirt that your vacuum might have missed.

clean up after renovation

Floor Safety

When it comes to cleaning floors, it is important to determine what kind of flooring you have installed. Carpets tend to hold more dust and debris from the renovations. So you have to go over them with a vacuum or a steam cleaner. For wooden floors, using a wet mop can cause tiny scratches on the floor. It causes to look dull in the long run. In order to ensure the longevity of your wooden flooring, use a vacuum along with a broom and dryer sheets for those pesky edges. Moreover, you can also go over the floor with a damp but not a wet mop with the appropriate surface cleaner. You can finish the job with a quick polish to your hardwood floors, or tiles.

Do Not Forget About the Ducts

Air conditioning ducts or air filters tend to catch dust and debris overtime. Which can significantly decrease their efficiency. It is also important to change the filters because the dust trapped in these filters can circulate throughout the house. And can be harmful for anyone suffering with respiratory ailments. Do not be scared to get in your vents and clean them from the inside out after a home renovation project. You can remove all the grids, wash them with soap and water and let them dry before you install them back in again.

Hire Renovation Clean-Up Surfaces 

Whether you stayed put in your home or moved out during the remodeling process, you will have to arrange for a post-construction deep cleanup once the final coat of the paint is applied and that last light fixture is installed. Homeowners can choose to do the deep clean themselves or outsource it to any one of the companies that focus on this service. Not only do cleaning services know how to clean up after renovation professionally. But hiring someone to do the work for you saves you a lot of time and effort that would have otherwise been put into cleaning yourselves. 

When you are trying to decide whether to hire help or do the work yourself, it is important for you to ask the following questions

  • Do I have the time and energy to invest in this?
  • How long do I think it will take me to finish cleaning up?
  • Do I have the finances to afford a cleaning company after the remodeling budget?

Different circumstances determine who does the job

Getting a thorough cleaning is crucial. All sorts of particles are released inside the house during renovations. Including various types of molds, toxins, spores, silicates, and ultra-fine dust that can damage your health. Freshly applied paints, primers and lacquers also have the tendency to give off fumes. Given the possible dangers to your mental well-being and health, the hefty price for a proper cleanup may be worth it!

clean up after renovation

A Quick Clean-Up Checklist

  1.  Make sure you clean the walls, including the mold. If your walls are newly painted, your best bet is sticking to dry cleaning. If you had no work done on your walls or if the paint is dry, then you can wipe them thoroughly with a damp towel. You can also try wrapping the towel around a broom or a duster to reach high hard-to-reach places. If you have walls covered with a natural material like grass cloth or textured wallpaper, vacuuming them along with a brush attachment always does the job well. For other types of wallpapers, you can wipe them with a damp cloth, remembering to spot check first.
  2. Vacuum! You can go over your floors a couple of times if they are carpeted. If they are made with wood and have tiles or linoleum, you can vacuum followed by a quick mop.
  3. You can use your vacuum along with its upholstery attachment to clean your upholstered furniture like mattresses that were covered during the renovation. You can also use fabric window treatments as well as accessories
  4. Unless you had new light fixtures installed, it is highly recommended that you take down your light fixtures. And clean them as they can accumulate the most amount of dust when it rises. Cleaning the blades of a ceiling fan also helps in giving the room a cleaner look.
  5. Unscrew your vent and go over them with water and soap.
  6. Use a damp rag to wipe away any wood or metal furniture as well as knickknacks that you might have lying around.
  7. Check and change the air filters in your home. Oftentimes, painters remove filters when they are painting and forget to put them back in. A missing filter can potentially damage your furnace. If your filter stayed up during construction, it might have gathered a lot of dust so it is always a good idea to replace it with a new one.

If you’re looking for a more complete post-construction cleaning checklist, go look on House Ace blog post. You can find the link here.

clean up after renovation

Hire My Cleaning Angel as Your Post-Construction Cleaning Service

A post-construction cleaning is hard to do by yourself. If you don’t have time or don’t want to clean by yourself, book now your post-construction / post-remodeling cleaning with My Cleaning Angel. We are the best cleaning agency in Florida.

What Are the Phases of Post Construction Cleaning?

What Are the Phases of Post Construction Cleaning?

Once a renovation project is done, it lefts a huge mess. Construction projects generate a lot of dust. To remove this dust from your construction space, you need to hire a post-construction cleaning service. A post-construction cleaning service is essential after the work is done. When construction work is done, then there is a lot of dust produced, which floats in the air. These particulates can stick on each corner of the new building and looks dull. It affects your indoor air quality and also minimizes the value of your home. That’s why it is necessary to hire a post-construction cleaning service after your construction work is done.

Post-construction cleaning services are essential for any commercial or residential cleaning site. Various agencies provide post-construction cleaning services, but you have to research more if you want the best one. In this article, you will learn about the post-construction cleaning service in its phase. You will also learn about the things which you should consider while hiring a remodeling cleaning service.

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An Overview Of Post-Construction Cleaning Services

Post-construction cleaning is essential during the construction project. Whether it’s a new build home or a renovation, you can’t sit back after completing your project because of the dust and debris. The dust produces during the construction time and it sticks on the materials like windows and cabinets. After completing your project, some leftover materials may include wires, glass, and nails, which may be unsafe for you. You can clean it yourself if you have enough time, but if you don’t have enough time or budget for these, it will be better to hire a post-construction cleaning service.

It is affordable for everyone and also provides peace of mind. The price varies according to the cleaning space and location. Different agencies charge different amounts to their clients. You can hire agencies that meet your requirements and budget. The professional cleaners know how to clean an area, and they will help you remove all the germs and dust from your house. They will clean your home from top to bottom and then handover to you in good condition.

Cleaning after construction is a need, as you can see on this NY Times article “The Risk of Inhaling Construction Dust”.

Post-Construction Cleaning

Why is post-construction cleaning necessary?

When construction is going on, then there are a lot of materials that may cause severe accidents. There is a high chance that someone may hurt due to trash on the construction sites. That’s why to ensure the safety of your workers and your family. Various types of particles are released during the construction.

These particles may include silicates and other harmful toxins that may damage your lungs. If you have senior citizens at your home, it will also affect their health and cause breathing issues. That’s why it is suggested to do the cleaning after your construction work is done.

It is necessary to hire a post-construction cleaning service. When you work with a professional cleaning company, they will help you clean out the mess. They also provide a specific facility for legal disposal. They will be responsible for the recovery of all the garbage which produces during the construction. By doing a post-construction service, you can utilize the available space of your property.

If you find helpful, we talked about 10 tips on Post-Construction Cleaning on this post before, take a look!


The areas which you have to take care of during post-construction cleaning

The post-construction cleaning services are usually performed in the newly renovated house; as per the name, you can clearly understand that the cleaning is done after the construction. In this cleaning, the cleaners will clean your home from top to bottom. But there is some area where you should concentrate more on the cleaning.

1. While post-construction cleaning checks that the walls are clean and there is not a single mark of dirt.
2. Make sure that the cleaners will properly dispose of all the dust and garbage.
3. Ensure that the cleaners have removed all the wires, nails, and other equipment, which may be dangerous.
4. You should ask for cleaners to do vacuum cleaning, trim, and threshold cleaning during the phase of cleaning.
5. Make sure that the floors are free from every stain and other stubborn marks. Make sure about the dusting of fan, lights and other equipment which are hard to reach.
6. You should also do power washing and cleaning of your windows and doors. Ensure that there is no sticker or plastic on your furniture and other materials.

Finally, you should check all the corners of your entire space and tell them if they left any of the space. After review, the entire space gives feedback to them.

Post-Construction Cleaning

The three stages of post-construction cleaning

The post-construction service is divided into three stages. In the below section, we will describe each step of the post-cleaning service in brief:

Phase 1: Rough clean

This is the initial phase of the post-cleaning service, where the cleaners remove and clean all the dust and debris. When you hire a cleaner for post-construction cleaning, the cleaners team visits your space and inspect the environment. They will draw a blueprint and start their work by following that. In this phase, the cleaners will clean all the windows and sliding glass doors.

This phase is done after the plumbing and framing of electrical wires. After completion of this phase, you can go for painting and flooring of your space. In this phase, the cleaners will remove all the large items which cannot be vacuumed. They will also remove the stickers and other dust particles from your doors, windows, and cabinets in this phase. After completion of the first phase, then they will start working on the next step.

Phase 2: Light clean

Among the 3 phases of post-construction cleaning, this one needs more work. In this phase, a lot of equipment and tools are used. This phase requires more time than the other 3 phases. In this phase, the cleaners pay more attention to the kitchen and bedroom area. The sinks, cabinets and toilets, and other installed items are being cleaned in this stage. The cleaning agency will provide you with all the necessary equipment.

During this phase, the cleaners also pay attention to cleaning baseboards, door frames, mirrors, and all. They mopped the floors and clean it with the help of vacuum cleaners. The cleaners will clean the cabinets from top to bottom and clean the baseboard with the utmost care. During this phase, the cleaners use various equipment, which includes microfiber rags, neutral cleaners. They pay more attention so that the quality of your floor is not reduced. Because of these things, people hire post cleaning services.

Phase 3: Touch-up cleaning

This is the final and most important phase of post-construction cleaning. It is done after several days of light cleaning. The cleaners take one week so that they can identify the areas where most of the dirt occurs. It takes a little time to complete this phase. They will clean all the fingerprints, stains, and smudges in this phase, which is still there on your surface. At this phase, the cleaners will clean the garage area, vacuum the carpets, and mopped out the floors. They offer a final touch to your home and review the overall space so that a single corner cannot be missed out.

This service is provided by most of the cleaning agencies for residential, commercial, custom-built homes, and condominiums space. This cleaning package also includes some additional package like power washing service, tile & grout deep cleaning, window washing service, and many more. The additional services may be different for different agencies.

Post-Construction Cleaning

Can I clean it myself?

In most cases, people hire a post-construction cleaning agency, but if you don’t have enough budget and need to clean a small area, you can try it yourself. Before, read the benefits of hiring a cleaning professionals.

1. To clean it yourself first, you have to sweep and vacuum your entire home’s surfaces and walls.
2. After that, you have to disinfect your floors by mopping and sweeping. You can use a vacuum cleaner if you have.
3. You should wipe down your doors, knobs, and other furniture and equipment installed in your home.
4. After that, you have to wipe down and sanitize all your kitchen and bathroom appliances. You should also clean the cabinets or counters of your home.
5. Try to wipe and vacuum all the interiors of your home. Dust all the electrical appliances like fan, light, vents, and all. Clean your closets also and then remove all the trash and garbage from your home.

While cleaning, you should take care of yourself. You should be more careful because some wires and nuts are left on your floors after the construction work is done. To clean your house, you should choose Eco-friendly chemicals. But still, we will suggest you hire a professional cleaner because they have the proficiency and experience in this field over the years. Depending upon the circumstances, you can choose a professional cleaner or do it yourself.

Post-Construction Cleaning

Benefits of hiring a post-cleaning service

• Safety

To ensure safety, it will be great to hire a post-cleaning service. When your construction is done, some dust and debris left may be sharp and affect you. The cleaners will clean all the leftover materials from your home and provide a cleaner space. The professional cleaners have enough experience and knowledge in this field. They will do their work by following all the safety precautions. They know how to deal with such a situation without damaging your space.

• Save time

By hiring a professional cleaner, you can save your time and effort. This service is also cost-effective. Instead of purchasing various equipment and cleaning materials, it will be best to hire a post-cleaning construction service. When you hire an agency, then the company will cover all the cleaning equipment through their side. You don’t have to purchase a single cleaning product. So, in this way you can save your time also.

• Professional touch

By hiring a professional cleaner, you can give a professional cleaning touch to your home. With professional cleaners’ help, you will get a detailed and completely cleaning space within a limited period. Provide a high quality of service and ensures you provide a sparkling and healthy space to live.

• A solution to proper disposal

Disposing the garbage or other leftover materials from a construction site is not as easy as it seems. There are certain rules and regulations for this. It will be necessary to follow the guidelines; otherwise, you may face some legal issues. The best cleaning agency always follows these guidelines. They have proper knowledge of these things. That is why it is essential to hire a cleaning agency in comparison to a local cleaner.

• Reliability

This is the easiest, convenient, and reliable service because you have complete access to decide on a cleaning schedule. You have to provide time for the agency. After hiring them, they will send their team within half an hour. You can set the days and times as per your reliability. With the help of them, you can receive peace of mind by saving your energy.

Other than these, there are various things that you may benefit from hiring a professional post-construction cleaning service.

Post-Construction Cleaning

Is it worth it to hire a professional cleaner?

Yes, by hiring a professional post-construction cleaning, you can get a wide number of benefits. They provide safety to your family. Professional cleaners have the right skills and high-quality equipment, which are essential to clean a space. They have the appropriate training regarding this field. They know how to deal with the situation single-handedly. They know which areas need more attention. They follow all the 3 phases of cleaning effectively.

They work hard to meet their client needs or requirements. They will clean the entire space and handover to you so that you can move into your home. They will value your time. By hiring them, you can get your work done within the deadline. But for achieving these benefits, you should hire the best agencies. Here in the below sections, we will discuss the points you should follow while choosing the best cleaning agency.

Things which you should consider while hiring a post-construction cleaning agency:

• Knowledge & experience

While choosing the post-construction cleaning service, make sure about the knowledge & experience of that specific company. You should check the reputation of the company by visiting their website. Check that from how many years they are working in this field and how many clients they have. Try to check their cleaners experience so that you don’t have any issues in the future.

• Check the service section

Before hiring a cleaning agency, check whether they provide the cleaning service you are searching for. The various companies provides various types of cleaning service, so choose the one who covers different types of cleaning services into one package at an affordable rate. If you want to customize any service from your package, then you can talk with them and replace them if it is possible.

• Discuss the payment

Before hiring any agency, you should talk with them regarding the payments. Choose a company that can fit your budget. Well, different companies provide different cost factors, which may vary according to your space and location.

• Draw the blueprints

Before starting your work, you should consult with the expert’s cleaning agency. You should ask them about the facilities they provide along with their package. You should also ask them about the additional services. Try to draw a blueprint by consulting with the expert’s team. By drawing a blueprint, you can make your work easy. Make plans before starting your work so that the work will finish within an hour.

• Proper equipment

Before signing an amount for the post-construction cleaning agency, check whether they have the necessary equipment or not. Check the quality of their equipment so that it can’t affect the floors of your new home. The best cleaning service always provides various industrial appliances. They should hold all the certifications regarding the cleaning industry.

• Quality service:

Choose a company which provides quality service to their customer 24/7. They should have customer care executives who can help the customers and reply to their queries. For better knowledge, you can check the reviews and ratings of the agency from their past clients. By following these small points, you can achieve a high-quality service at the best affordable rates.

Post-Construction Cleaning

Hire My Cleaning Angel as Your Post-Construction Cleaning Company

If you have been dealing with any construction-related work or a newly renovated house and looking for a cleaning agency, this article will help you a lot. Here you can clearly understand the role of post-construction cleaning and the different factors. If you are also looking forward to hiring such agencies, then research the internet regarding this service and choose the best company. Choose a company with enough knowledge and experienced cleaners and provide the best possible solution to their customers. So, do some research and hire an agency for your newly renovated home after the construction is done.


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10 Tips On Post-Construction Cleaning Services

10 Tips On Post-Construction Cleaning Services

On this post we’re talking about 10 tips on post-construction cleaning services. Construction can be anything from a new home to renovating an old one. It includes building new homes, apartments, hostels, hotels, offices, business parks and many others. Construction consists of a variety of things; it has a broad meaning behind it.

Reasons for construction

One of the significant advantages of planning a home yourself is that you can accurately make what you want and need. When you move into our existing home, you realize that there are little pieces of it that you don’t care for. A small specialty here, an abnormal corner there – there’s no denying it tends to be a genuine agony. Indeed, plan a home yourself, and there will be no issues. A modeler will assist you with making the place you had always wanted – as near flawlessness as you permit it.

Are you tired of your home disintegrating around your ears? At that point, build one yourself – and utilize the best materials you can. Numerous individuals experience the ill effects of disgraceful structure work and convenient solutions, and you do not influence it when you purchase a house. It’s an alternate story when you self-form. You can guarantee that your manufacturers utilize the best materials and keep close tabs on their advancement and artistry. 

Put your cash in building another home instead of getting one off the rack. It will cost you a lot of money. However, as a rule, it’s the primary method of financing your fantasy. Banks and moneylenders will, in general, be reluctant about contribution home loans and home credits for pristine properties, particularly on the off chance that you have no insight. Consider this to be something to be thankful for, however. What better path is there to contribute your reserve funds than building something of significant worth that should see an excellent return later on?



Renovation, on the other hand, is a different work. Renovation and extensions of buildings and attic conversions are an excellent alternative to new installations. Refurbishments help us create more space, reduce energy consumption, and preserve our cultural heritage while bringing the building up to the latest technical standards. 

Reasons for renovations

There are so many reasons for renovation, most importantly, the improvements of the living comfort and indoor atmosphere. At the same time, you can save money by not investing in new homes. It can also make your house look more aesthetic, maybe your house needs a lift, and you want to add a new, individual look. When new living space is necessary, the modification and extension of an existing building, such as the attic’s conversion, is a good and often financially sound alternative to moving. It is a good investment in your future.

Post Construction 

Regardless of whether you are the one doing the development or you are a property holder that has as of late had development done, it is essential to have the wreck appropriately cleaned once the task is finished. If you hope to recruit an expert cleaning organization, you should recollect that security is one of the most significant components to consider while picking the correct organization. Alongside protection, there are a few hints that you have to recollect taking full advantage of your cash and ensuring that the task is finished right. 

When you are searching to recruit a development cleaning team to clear all up to your wreck, it is imperative to have a deep understanding of them before settling on the telephone decision. You have the benefit of looking for different cleaning teams on the web and finding out about their services. This implies you can pick the best team for your work and realize that they will complete the job.

Post-Construction Cleaning Services

Check their reputation on cleaning

One approach to know whether their business is acceptable is to look at their notoriety or read the reviews that others have posted about them. This, by and large, gives you a broad perspective of what you ought to expect when you employ this cleaning team. You can discover evaluations, what services they provided, and how individuals felt about them alongside such reviews. This will help you settle on the best choice while picking an organization to tidy up your wreck.

When you have picked the organization you will utilize, it is imperative to ensure that you sketch out the floor plan alongside costs. This will give you a fundamental thought of the amount you will be spending on these services. It will enable the laborers to realize what they are doing—these advantages to both the contractual worker and the individual employing regarding installments and questions.

Search Your Service Options

Ensure that you look at what services they give when you search for an organization to clean your house. If there is something on there that you aren’t sure of or you wouldn’t care for them to do, you should alter your support of how you need it to be. On the off chance that they don’t cover a zone of service that you need, you can either ask them whether they can, or you may need to search for an alternate cleaning company.

Recruit Only Professionals

It does not merit your cash and times to employ somebody to a post-construction cleaning services that either won’t finish it or makes a less than impressive display. Ensure that you glance through the surveys and read what others state about the laborers. In the end, recruit just the experts known to buckle down and take care of business directly with no inquiries. Here you can read the benefits of hiring professional construction cleaners.

Guarantee They’re Insured

Before the laborers begin anything, you have to ensure that the organization has protection in the circumstance where a specialist gets injured. This will keep you safe and guarantee that you are not answerable for anything that occurs. It comforts the temporary worker’s concerns that their laborers are secured, which causes you to feel less stressed over something happening on your property.

Talking about Payment

It is critical to ensure that you talk about the organization’s installment choice. You should ensure that you are making no installment until the work is done, and it is done to your quality. If the laborers neglect to satisfy you, there is no motivation to make any installment. No idea how much would cost post-construction cleaning? Find out.

Checking the Work Done

After the work has been finished, you must revisit and check to ensure the work was done accurately. It is additionally imperative to ensure that none of your things were moved or taken and that the territory looks simply like it should.

Post-Construction Cleaning Services

10 Tips On Post Construction Cleaning Services

Before you sign your name anywhere on the contract for post-construction cleaning services, you have to ensure that both you and the contractual worker are content with what will be finished. Ensure each territory has been investigated, and you are sure about the undertaking and that it will be done well. On the off chance that you feel that you are uncertain about whether or not this will fulfill you, talk with the laborers, and figure out how to grow out and search for additional choices.

You may have to consider some of these tips before hiring any such cleaning services as you need it to be cleaned as per your desires. Nobody wants to spend too much time cleaning again.

Here are some tips to help you with:

1. Managing Construction Contractors Leftovers

What a mess. It looks impossible. The first step is to go on a cleaning patrol. There are chances that there might be wood pieces, drywall, and garbage everywhere. Take a walk around the newly constructed or renovated building and notice both the interior and exterior areas. Keep your eyes open for plastic covers, tape, cloths, and construction supplies like nails, screws, staples, hammers, metal pieces, etc. The construction crews aren’t trying to make your life difficult by making a huge mess, but still, be prepared to pick up a lot of trash and debris during this first step of post-construction cleaning services.

Keeping the air clean is major when it come to health. Ecohome.com gathered information on how you can keep the air of your home clean after construction. Read more.

2. Cleaning the floors after the complete construction is ready

You will have to walk around the building interiors to check the flooring. Most construction companies do not do the flooring initially; they usually do this in the last. Generally, in case you notice this later, cleaning companies will help you in doing the flooring. Tiles are generally cleaned up with acid. Wood flooring is typically polished, and it is a challenging task to do. Simple flooring can be cleaned up by us, but it is usually hard to do the entire building. So wiping, waxing, and polishing by post-construction cleaning companies will be done without any questions raised.

3. Salvage carpets from heavy usage

When constructions happen inside the home, then a lot of fine dust due to cement or carpentry work usually gets stuck to the clothes. Carpets that are spread out in the house tends to get dirty. Carpets trap everything from slight residue and little wood splinters to dust until it develops smell. Utilize a giant vacuum to eliminate dirt and grime and unfamiliar articles. Catch up with a cleanser and profound steam cleaning. Let treated territories evaporate before opening them back to your usage.

Adding a doormat to the front passage of the apartment or condo not just adds character to the building, yet it gives individuals a spot to wipe their shoes when they enter the space. This can help diminish the measure of dirt and grime that arrives at the floors and lessen the time you need to spend cleaning the floors later on.

Post-Construction Cleaning Services

4. Cleaning walls

Usually, construction companies finish everything to make it look good and brand new. Cleaning the walls won’t be an issue sometimes. But in case your walls are dirty after a renovation, then post-construction cleaning companies will do the job for you and take care of the walls. Fences are an essential structure in a building; when the guests come to your apartment or home, they should not fuss about your dirty walls and embarrass you. So consider this in your mind when doing the cleanup.

5. Cleaning the view to windows and mirrors

Guests to your home or office would prefer not to glance through dirty showcase windows. Dark entryway glass and soiled restroom mirrors aren’t useful for representation. Reestablish the sparkle with items planned for hardcore glass cleaning and make it look clean and clear. You should consider the post-construction cleaning services, to work on it from start to finish and be set up to do this process again. Polish off like an ace with a dry material cleaner.

You can do this with an item, for example, a microfiber cloth or a paper towel. There are additionally natural window cleaning items accessible on the off chance that you lean toward natural alternatives. It would be best to clean the windows to where no impressions or streaks are evident in them.

6. Set a shine to those dusty and dull lights

Development work leaves a good buildup on everything, so cleaning the lights turns into an unquestionable requirement to do tasks. Something else, the film on bulbs diminishes their productivity by as much as 30% and produces a horrendous scent. Ensure the power is killed before cleaning bulbs and installations with a delicate, dry fabric. Don’t forget to clean your lights outside of your home, too; usually gets dirty regularly; with the added construction work, it tends to get even more diluted, so ensure you don’t leave this out.

7. Check closets, cabinets, and drawers

This is one of the most disregarded post-development cleaning tips. Give all storerooms, cupboards, and drawers a visual review with a decent spotlight. In some cases, laborers will store junk, instruments, or materials within wardrobes during development ventures. Once in a while, these things get disregarded. Thus, ensure that you watch the storerooms and eliminate any materials that shouldn’t be there. You ought to likewise tidy within the closets and give them an overall cleaning. This will intrigue future inhabitants as well. Pick a cleaning strategy that best matches wood, metal, or manufactured materials. You might want to polish wood works in case it isn’t done in a very long time.

8. Invigorate interior air networks – filthy air ducts

This implies that you have to give special consideration to them and give them a proper cleaning. Without clean meshes and vents, your rooms will never be perfect. So a cleaning tip is to ensure that you remember them after renovation or a construction project.

Your interior air framework gets airborne dirt and residue from construction activities and appropriates it all through your property. You have to change out messy channels, yet ventilation work cleaning is employment with a place in possession of expert assistance. By recruiting masters, you realize the whole framework is cleaned from vents to air diffusers.

Post-Construction Cleaning Services

9. Wipe everything from the table, chairs, ledges, etc.

If any tables and seats have been placed into the structure following development, at that point, you should try to wipe them all down and dispose of any residue or garbage that may have amassed on them.

As a rule, ledges will develop a layer of residue and grime during construction or renovation ventures. To make them clean and sparkling once more, you should take a sponge wipe and run it over the whole surface of the ledge. Similarly, as carpets are vacuumed, hard floors, such as wood, tile, and marble, should be wiped altogether.

Also, your structure won’t arrive at its most extreme degree of magnificence and neatness except if the roofs and roof fans are tidied. In general, many residues will gather on roof fans, so give special consideration to this territory.

10. Artfulness Final detailing

Put the last to your post-construction cleaning services work with the detail cleaning: clean door handles, window casings, and light switches with microfiber fabrics. Utilize soft shuddered paintbrushes to un-stick dust from sliding bureau entryway tracks. Arm yourself with a grouping of wipes and towels intended for calibrated cleaning.

In some cases, during the construction or renovation cycle, paint can get onto hinges. This is because the painter coincidentally contacts their paintbrush to the hinges. For the most part, this paint isn’t wiped off during the work of art measure, and now and then, it is overlooked. Along these lines, ensure that you check all hinges to ensure there isn’t paint. If there is, at that point, clear it off.

Clean toilets are significant from a contemporary perspective as well as from a sterile perspective. Ensure you don’t hold back on this cleaning position. It is significant. As you know, there is phases of post construction cleaning to be completed, so you must pay attention.

Post-Construction Cleaning Services

Post-Construction Cleaning At Your Service

Post-construction cleaning services is hard, and experienced cleaners provide the best cleaning strategies for your apartment or home. Consider getting it cleaned as soon as the construction project is finished. Else dirt will accumulate, and you will have a tough time to do it later. Book now online your post-construction cleaning with us, we get the job done!