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5 Tips on Cleaning After New Year for a Fresh Start

5 Tips on Cleaning After New Year for a Fresh Start

The holidays have the potential to bring havoc to your house! Your home has undoubtedly seen better days thanks to all of the visitors, holiday feasts, and children home from school over the break. My Cleaning Angel brings you the best cleaning tips after New Year for a fresh start. Following this, you can become organized and start the New Year off on a clean and organized foot.  A house cleaning is the better way to keep everything in place.

There are many ways for cleaning after New Year. Our tips include DIY solutions as well as tried and tested methods. The best way is to start by clearing out all the holiday clutter and decorations. Organize and store them properly for your next holiday and then move on to vacuuming or mopping the carpets and floors.

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1. Clear Out the Clutter First and Foremost

Get rid of the clutter in your house at the beginning of the New Year if you want to make a clean slate for yourself. Although it can seem like an insurmountable undertaking, completing it is simpler than you would imagine. 


To get started, clear everything off of your countertops. Even though they can seem disorganized at first glance, a quick decluttering session can make a world of difference in both the appearance and functionality of the area. 

If you had a New Year’s party, decluttering in the beginning will make the cleaning easy and quick. 

Organize and Categorize

Throughout the year, people collect items of their choice and preferences. For example, a lot of people keep adding a variety of mugs to their collection, and you might also stockpile more water bottles than you need, just because they are cute or they have a theme of your favorite anime or movie! We understand the obsession!

However, keeping your house tidy and free of clutter may be beneficial to both your physical and emotional health. Spend some time over the holiday weekend cleaning up your house and organizing the stuff you bought throughout the year. You can buy storage boxes and label them to store your prized possessions, collections, and gifts until they are ready to be used.

Involve your Close Ones

Your level of motivation will increase as a result of this. Involve your friends and family so the process becomes quick and fun for everyone. The people who are aware that they are making a difference by helping you make a fresh start, the higher the chances that they will take part in the endeavor to reduce clutter. This is also a good way to make some lasting memories.

Pick a Deadline

Before you get started on your new endeavor to get rid of clutter, you should make sure that you assign yourself a deadline. The process of cleaning out your house may be difficult, so it’s best to take things slowly and focus on one area at a time. You should make an effort to maintain just those items that bring you joy or have will have some use later. 

When you have finished cleaning and decluttering the house, you will have more space for starting new tasks or hobbies. However, make sure that you don’t get rid of any of your cherished mementos. There is a diverse range of companies that provide reasonably priced storage space. You could also get in touch with a local charity and give some of the stuff away to them as well

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2. Deep Clean the House While You are at it

After the holidays, a deep cleaning is the best way to start over at home and in life. Having people around for the holidays and hosting elaborate feasts undoubtedly makes the home dirty and messy. 

Cleaning After New Year

Some periodic deep cleaning is necessary even for the tidiest of houses. Cleaning a home thoroughly may be a daunting undertaking, so it’s best to do it in manageable chunks. Our comprehensive checklist for cleaning tips after New Year for a fresh start can help you. 

Then you can go on to the room-by-room tasks. Before having guests over, it might be helpful to use this house-wide cleaning checklist. These methods may also be included in your regular, spring, and autumn cleaning routines. Your house will soon be spotless and ready for a white-glove inspection. You can check our blog on how professional deep clean your house for detailed instructions.


Tip: Before tackling the deep cleaning process, be sure to organize your paperwork and other essential items so you don’t accidentally damage or throw them away.

Everything that doesn’t belong in the room should be put away (or preferably removed). To keep your deep cleaning checklist manageable, put away any clutter that is hiding behind closed doors for now. As you clear away the clutter, you’ll find that thorough cleaning after New Year’s day becomes much simpler, and you’ll be motivated to keep going once you see the results.

Invest in the Best

Clean large, hard-to-reach surfaces first: ceilings, molding, light fixtures, walls, the rest of the trim, and baseboards. A fresh microfiber cloth ($12, The Home Depot) or extandable duster ($18, Bed Bath & Beyond) works well on these surfaces. Bonus: These tools generally fit under the sofa without moving anything. Spritz above eye level. Clean floors with dish soap and warm water. White vinegar keeps bathrooms mold-free. For tough mopping, use a $3 Target microfiber towel.

The Windows!

If you want your view of the outer world to be spectacular, clean your windows! The benefits of window cleaning hugely outweigh the effort required. First, you should clean the sills and the tracks. Finally, spray the whole window with glass cleaner from top to bottom. Wait a minute for the cleaner to finish its cycle, and then squeegee the residue. It’s simpler to see and remove streaks on interior windows if you swipe in one direction.

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3. Clean and Store Holiday decorations Properly 

To make room for new items, it’s important to clean and store holiday decorations after the New Year. While these items may have sentimental value, they may be unnecessary and can clutter up storage space. Cleaning house after New Year’s day is a great opportunity to clean and organize your home by condensing all holiday decorations into one or two storage containers. This way, decorating for the next New Year will be a piece of cake!

To store your holiday decorations, you can wrap them in plastic bags and place them in a storage container. Make sure to carefully pack and label your Christmas lights. If you’re using extension cords, bundle them with twist ties. Another option is to store them in cardboard rolls or empty toilet paper towel rolls.

You can also choose to remove outdoor Christmas decorations and store them with the other items after labeling. These decorations include outdoor nativity sets, yard decorations, and inflatable Christmas decorations.

4. Don’t Forget to Clean your Drapes and Upholstery

One of the most important cleaning tips after New Year for a fresh start is to clean your upholstery and drapes. This will ensure that your furniture is fresh and clean come spring. This process will also help you get rid of leftover stains and residue from the holidays. You can contact MyCleaningAngel to have professional upholstery cleaning services performed. We have technicians nationwide and can help you with any upholstery cleaning needs you may have.

Before you begin cleaning your upholstery and drapes, consider the type of fabric. Some fabrics are suitable for machine washing, while others require hand or steam cleaning. If you can’t determine whether your drapes are machine-washable, consider calling a dry cleaner. A professional dry cleaner will be able to handle all types of drapery.

When cleaning your drapes and upholstery, pay close attention to their care labels. Care labels should be followed to maintain colorfastness. To test colorfastness, dip a hidden spot on your curtains in warm water. If the color bleeds, you may have to take them to the dry cleaner.

Upholstery fabrics are durable and long-lasting, but they do need to be cleaned. Regular vacuuming will help to minimize grit and abrasion. You should also protect your upholstered furniture from the sun and pets. The grit from their fur may transfer to your upholstery.

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5. Vacuum the Carpets Floors and Base Boards at the End

After the New Year, a fantastic method to make your house seem clean and tidy again is to vacuum the floors and baseboards. The usage of attaching tools may further facilitate your task. A crevice tool, for instance, may be used to clean the margins of carpets and get rid of debris there. The baseboards and wall joints will be easier to clean as a result.

Before you vacuum, make sure the area is free of dust. Following these steps will help you get the dirt off your surfaces and onto the floor, where you can easily vacuum it. To get the dirt out of tight spaces, you need additionally equip your vacuum with a crevice tool.

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Get Going With Our Best Cleaning Tips after New Year for a Fresh Start

Cleaning has therapeutic effects on our health. Deep cleaning before the beginning of a year will help you get through a couple of months without having to deep clean again. You don’t necessarily have to do all the house cleaning after New Year’s day by yourself, you hosted the grand party and that should be enough! This is where we come in. Contact My Cleaning Angel today and book an appointment for a clean home after New Year’s Day for a fresh start!

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New Year Cleaning – How to Clean Before Guests Arrive

New Year Cleaning – How to Clean Before Guests Arrive

It’s that time of year again. The time when we make a big effort to clean our homes and make sure everything is in its proper place. It is a good thing to do, but what if your home isn’t always pristine?

By following these quick cleaning tips, you can leave no trace of dirt or clutter in your home – even if you only have a day or two before the company arrives! Here is a guide to fast cleaning before the New Year. 

Selective Room Cleaning

While cleaning a house before guests arrive, it is crucial to zoom in on which rooms your house guests are going to use like bathrooms, living areas, bedrooms, and entryways. Starting your cleaning from the kitchen and laundry room is not going to help because your guests might never see them. Not only is it pointless, but it will also be exhausting and you would be too tired to clean the rest of the house.

This guide to fast cleaning calls for some family time as well. To make the process easy and efficient, you should engage the whole family including your kids. You can assign tasks that can be done side by side so that one person can do the decluttering while the other vacuums.

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Clean the Coffee Table

Making your living room look welcoming and tidy when you do not have the time can be stressful but cleaning your coffee table is a pretty simple task. Whether you are trying to remove scratches from the coffee table, give it a natural shine, or are looking to do away with the water rings on it, fret not! Because we have got some tips for you.


Trapped moisture and water spots on coffee tables can be easily eliminated by using heat. All you need to do is get your hair dryer out and use the low setting and direct the blast at the ring. You should keep changing the dryer’s position so you do not accidentally overhead the area. After a few minutes, turn the dryer off. This will let the area cool. If you still see a ring, keep reading on.

Use Oil

With the help of oil, you can remove stubborn water rings from your wooden coffee tables. You can try rubbing a generous dollop of petroleum jelly or mayo on the spot. If you do not see the ring disappearing, you can add more. It is recommended to wait for an hour or two before wiping the surface with a clean cloth. 

Buy a Cleaner

One of the quick cleaning tips is to opt for commercial water ring removers and get the job done easily.

Clean House before Guests – the Floors

If you want to make your home feel more inviting and less cluttered, it’s important to keep the floors clean. Here are some tips for keeping your floors clean so they’re ready for guests:

  • Vacuuming, dusting, or wiping with a lightly dampened mop is the three most common ways to clean a laminate floor. 
  • Avoid soap-based detergent, as it can leave a dull film on the floor and, don’t use wax polish either as this will make the floor slippery. 
  • You can use a dilution of vinegar and water to remove stains and marks. 
  • Instead of using steel wool, abrasive cleaners, or nylon scouring pads, opt for more natural methods so that they do not scratch lamination. 
  • Stubborn marks, such as shoe polish can be removed with nail polish remover containing acetone or other mild solvents. Trusty old WD-40 is also effective.
  • To protect the floor from scratches by furniture legs or plant pots, put felt pads underneath them or drip trays under plant pots. 

Most people capture an overall image of a room at eye level, which means that if you have removed clutter and straightened up your room there is less focus on the floor! But if you have time, vacuuming can also help!

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Clean your Bathrooms

If you have a tad bit of messiness in the house, it can be forgiven, but not dirty bathrooms. You can start by putting away personal belongings in the medicine cabinet or drawers. Next, you should wipe down sinks and counters with some disinfecting wipes. The final touch will be the sparkling mirror when you’re done cleaning it.

Get your Bathroom Guest-ready

Make sure that the soap dispenser is full, and put out a new bar of soap and fresh hand towels to ensure your guests have a comfortable stay.

As a commonly used area of the home, it’s important to ensure your bathroom is ready for party-goers. Do you have enough toilet paper stocked? Is the shower clean for overnight guests? Don’t overlook these details when preparing your space for your event.

Clean Fixtures

If you haven’t given your plumbing fixtures, like the shower, bathtub, toilet, or sink, a deep clean recently, Peterson says to do so before guests arrive. Spray the surfaces with an equal parts water and vinegar solution and let it sit.

Wash Mats and Towels

You don’t want house guests drying their hands on dirty or smelly towels. We recommend washing all machine-safe items kept in your bathroom, like bath and hand towels. While you are at it, wash your bathmats as well.

Clear and Clean the Counter Space

Your countertops can collect a ton of grime throughout the day. Dust, germs, hard water spots, toothpaste or makeup spills, soapy residue, and more build up on the surface as you carry out your daily routines. The longer you wait to wipe down your countertops, the harder it gets to clean them. This is especially true because the humid environment of the bathroom creates prime conditions for mold or mildew growth, which can pose health risks and prove difficult to clean.

If you want an even easier way to keep your countertops clean without using harsh chemicals (and without having to scrub too hard), try MyCleaningAngel services! We have got everything that makes our other cleaners great; you just spray it on and wipe away whatever it finds—but it also kills 99% of bacteria in just one minute!

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Clean your Kitchen 

It is important to put away as much clutter as you can from the counters and clean up after yourselves. You can get rid of dirty dishes by putting them in the dishwasher.

So, one of the best ways to avoid disaster is to take care of your kitchen before you entertain guests. You may have heard that a dishwasher is good for dishes and that a sink is good for washing dishes, but what about the rest of your kitchen?

  • Clear the sink of all the dirty dishes; make sure there is no pile (don’t just put them away)
  • Wipe down countertops with a disinfecting wipe
  • Make sure all fingerprints are gone from appliances and don’t forget about those microwave buttons!

Use Natural Air Fresheners to Make Your Home Smell Nice

Even though market air fresheners are enjoyable, they can prove to be harmful in the long run. Although they make your house smell nice, many of them contain harmful chemicals that might cause allergies. They can even cause breathing problems like asthma, sour throat, or headaches. The easiest solution is to use natural air fresheners which are effective in making your house smell angelic.

Ingredients like flowers, herbs, and oil can be combined to make appealing scents at home. These essential oils like citrus orange can even make you feel more alert and awake. You can use scented candles, which can burn for hours; making them a more economically friendly option than a standard air freshener spray.

Incense sticks or coils made from aromatic plants or herbs give out a heavenly fragrance. They are usually combined with essential oils to make your house smell heavenly.

To-Do List

The best way to feel prepared and clean a house before guests arrive is to make sure you have a small to-do list ready for the morning.

Plan out what you’ll say to each guest as they arrive. You may have different cleaning techniques for different types of guests, based on their duration of stay. A friend who’s visiting from out of town; an old college classmate; or a longtime family friend who’s coming over with her family, whatever the case, make sure you are prepared.

Make a list and put them in order of priority. Make sure there are plenty of snacks and drinks on hand (and maybe even some desserts). Set the table as it adds to the ambiance of the already cleaned house.

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There You Go! 

A messy house is not the most pleasant thing in the world to have, especially around events and occasions. With this guide to fast cleaning, you can make your home spotless in no time. If you don’t have the time, MyCleaningAngel is here to help.

We believe in quick cleaning tips, keeping things simple, and efficient. Our diligent staff can do the job quickly as we are equipped with the best materials. With our services, you can rest easy knowing that your house will always be ready for entertaining guests for a formal gathering or just having a relaxing night in with family and friends.

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