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What Does a Move In Cleaning Include

What Does a Move In Cleaning Include

Getting the keys to your new house after a lot of struggles added with the journey of moving into your new home is truly an indescribable feeling. The happiness that accompanies your new home is priceless and your brain constantly fires ideas of new decor, set-up plans, and renovation to give you the feeling of belonging that you deserve. But before you unpack your belongings and get to decorating, an extensive move in cleaning must be your priority. 

To make the place truly yours, you need to give in adequate effort and dedication. Your new home needs the affection of its new inhabitants. It is well known that to accomplish great things, you need a great plan. With this complete guide to move-in cleaning, you will get the help needed to come up with a great move-in cleaning plan!

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Why Do You Need To Do A Move-In Clean?

Moving into a previously occupied space or a new one requires some deep cleaning. Even if the requirements of your newly bought home included a move out clean, you can be unsure about what you might be dealing with once you start living there. 

Not only is cleaning a good way of getting to know the house better, but it is also a great way to gain peace of mind when your surroundings are sanitized. It also helps in giving your home a personal touch, which will make you feel cozy and welcome. 

To ensure absolute cleanliness, overseeing cleaning or doing it yourself will give it the standard that you approve of. So, while your house is empty and your belongings are still unpacked, make the most out of this opportunity and give your home a thorough cleaning before you shift your focus on other tasks that your new home requires. 

What Do You Need For A Move-In Clean?

Before you officially begin the cleaning, a trip to a supermarket will prove beneficial for you. We have compiled a checklist for the perfect cleaning toolkit you need to carry out the move-in cleaning smoothly. 

  • Vacuum cleaners are essential to remove the debris from floors and upholstery.
  • Cleaning sprays for the kitchen, bathroom, glass, and general surfaces.
  • Concentrated cleaning liquid for tough, stubborn cleaning challenges.
  • Disinfecting and sanitizing liquids are vital for a safer environment.
  • Microfiber cleaning mops and cloths are better at catching dust and absorbing liquid. 
  • Cleaning tools such as squeegee, sponges, including melamine foam sponge and scrubs, aid the deep clean process.
  • Protective gear such as hand gloves to keep the chemicals from harming you

To protect you from the use of harmful chemicals, we recommend sticking to natural cleaning methods. Store-bought cleaners have harsh chemicals which impose a threat of degrading different materials and are regarded as health hazards in case of spillage or accidents. Therefore, natural products are much safer and inexpensive move in cleaning alternatives.

In this case, baking soda and vinegar can do most cleaning jobs far more effectively. Baking soda, specifically, is also helpful in removing foul odors without any sort of negative impact. 

Vinegar is a multi-cleaning homemade product that allows you to remove buildup and gunk in showerheads and cleaning the inside of the microwave when heated. 

For an effective disinfecting spray, all you need is a solution of rubbing alcohol and vinegar, along with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Your antibacterial disinfectant will help you in cleaning and ensuring that your surfaces are sanitized.

Another effective homemade product is a solution of hydrogen peroxide and distilled water, with few drops of scented essential oil. This makes an excellent DIY-all-purpose cleaner ready to clean use.

move in cleaning include

Essential Places You Need To Take Care Of

There are some areas of your new home that might require special attention. This will satisfy you in terms of cleaning standards and prevent any health risks that an unclean environment might promote. It is a sizable cleaning job initially, but once you work your way through the move-in cleaning process, you will realize that it was worth it. 

Cleaning Your Bedroom

Living in a home filled with allergens is not ideal, whether it’s a new or a previously occupied one. To avoid starting up or flaring up existing allergies, a move in cleaning of your rooms is highly recommended. If you have multiple bedrooms a great tip is to clean all the bedrooms first, excluding the flooring. Then collectively work your way from room to room, vacuuming and mopping the floors without having to constantly switch between different cleaning supplies. 

Here’s everything you need to do: 

  • Dust all light fixtures and ceiling fans.
  • Dust other surfaces such as blinds, intake vents, return vents. 
  • Clean glass surfaces such as window panes, mirrors, and doors.
  • Deep window cleaning including window sills.
  • Vacuum the carpets and floors.
  • Clean the closet interior and exterior.
  • Clean any marks or cobwebs on the walls and baseboards.
  • Wipe the doors, door frames, and handles.
  • Disinfect all surfaces. 

Cleaning Your Bathrooms

Cleaning your bathrooms thoroughly is very important even if they appear clean on the outside. You need to disinfect them with an effective bathroom cleaner and once they are clean, don’t forget to wipe, mop, and dry the floor.

Things you need to ensure are as follows: 

  • Cleaning all light fixtures.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing bathtubs, shower walls, and shower screens.
  • Getting rid of molds.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the toilet inside out. 
  • Wiping countertops and shelves.
  • Cleaning cabinet interior and exterior.
  • Deep window cleaning including window sills.
  • Cleaning bathroom floors, including the scrubbing of tiles.
  • Cleaning any marks or cobwebs on the walls and baseboards.
  • Wiping the doors, door frames, and handles.
  • Disinfecting all surfaces. 

Cleaning Your Kitchen

The risk of toxin exposure in the kitchen is not just limited to contact, it can also harm you through ingestion. Therefore the move in clean of your kitchen is vital, and it is one of the most satisfying cleaning experiences if done right. 

Here’s everything you need to take care of when it comes to cleaning your kitchen.

  • The dusting of all light fixtures
  • Cleaning and sanitizing sink, backsplash, and taps.
  • Wiping countertops and shelves.
  • Cleaning cabinet interior and exterior.
  • The dusting of blinds, ledges, and frames.
  • Washing and organizing the dishes and cutlery.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting all appliances inside and out such as oven, stove, microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher, etc.
  • Cleaning glass surfaces such as window panes, mirrors, and doors.
  • Deep window cleaning including window sills.
  • Vacuuming the carpets, rugs, floors; especially the ones under appliances or furniture.
  • Cleaning any marks, grease, and cobwebs on the walls and baseboards.
  • Disinfecting all surfaces. 

Things You Need To Get Rid Of

Unfortunately, in most cases, the previous owners of the house left behind some of their used belongings. Tackling that is a hassle, considering you already have to deal with your own belongings and their setup. 

Here are some of the most common items left by the old inhabitants that you must immediately get rid of while you do your cleaning: 

  1. Toilet seats and shower curtains: There is no question that you need to get rid of these bathroom products as soon as possible. Reinstalling this isn’t as expensive and can ensure proper hygiene and cleanliness standards. 
  2. Old mattress and pillows: Getting rid of the mattress and pillows is equally important. Your sleeping environment must prevail with the best quality and getting rid of used bed sets is the first step in achieving so. 
  3. Cutlery and utensils: Once again, you must not use previously owned kitchen items and must get rid of them before you unpack your own, to avoid confusion. These are a source of pathogens you don’t need near you, therefore taking care of them is highly important. 

The circumstances differ for everyone, depending on the fact whether you’re moving into an old or new home. However, in case you’re dealing with any of these items you must take appropriate measures.

move in cleaning include


A thorough cleanup of your home to your preference will help you gain a better understanding of your new house which is important when making decisions regarding decorating or renovation. It will help you figure out how to go about your renovation or decoration so that you don’t run into any problems.

Finally, once your move in cleaning finishes, your new living space will gain a personal touch, taking you one step closer to calling it home. Instead of cleaning, book cleaning service online can be a solution. Book a move in cleaning with My Cleaning Angel and have one less thing to worry.

10 Things To Do Before Booking Move Out Cleaning

10 Things To Do Before Booking Move Out Cleaning

Surrounded by boxes, carry bags, household appliances, 10 years worth of grime and don’t know how to tackle it? Moving out promises new beginnings and fresh starts. But it can be a stressful undertaking owing to the sheer number of things you have to do. Refer to this guide to help you organize and clean up before booking move out cleaning and calling a professional service!

1. The Two L’s: Lease and Landlord

A good place to begin is to go through the portions that tell you about any move out cleaning that your landlord expects you to do before you hand over the keys. Even if you are renting out your place, you may want your tenant to give it back to you in the same clean state you left it for them. So an initial comprehensive reading of the terms and conditions will stipulate where exactly you need to start before booking move out cleaning. If you live in a multi-unit complex, most of them automatically charge tenants for carpet cleaning, blinds cleaning and sometimes even carpet replacement. Reading your lease is essential in that it will specify the amount for cleaning required by the tenant moving out. On the other hand, some types of leases may also require you  booking move out cleaning service to tidy up after yourself.

The second most important factor to consider is what your landlord might need. And the only way to determine that fully is to speak to him/her yourself. This will provide you important clarification on a sometimes very costly undertaking. Therefore, getting an idea of their expectations should be step number 1. More often than not, a tenant is expected to clean up thoroughly after themselves (it is also the decent thing to do, considering how you would like to move into a clean home to begin with). And the satisfaction of tidying your old place will guarantee a full security deposit back which you can then invest in hiring a crew.

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2. Your Biggest Asset or Your Biggest Enemy: Gather Time!

The greatest dilemma facing most people moving out is how to find a suitable time-frame to clean. Since a number of other pressing matters is also occupying their minds. Deciding the perfect time to do your cleaning is a major step to take before booking move out cleaning

Logically speaking, the most important step is to first get your personal items out of the way. Not only does this clear out space for you to carry out a cleaning of the space. But doing so ensures a deep cleanup and a much better result. We are guessing that you don’t want the decade-old dust and grime to still linger around on your floor after your furniture has been moved to the new place. So it is best to remove it before. It is easier to wipe clear floors and countertops than vacuuming under rugs and undertaking other strenuous cleaning tasks involved in a room that is otherwise furnished. Not to mention that packing, removing and sorting piles of your belongings can result in lots of dirt and grime. Which may remain on the premises if not cleared up. 

At the very least, you will have two days before your moving out deadline expires. Leaving you more time to relax or settle some other chore without worrying about your house looking like a junkyard. Scheduling and timing before booking move out cleaning is vital, because it provides direction to your work. Amongst the chaos that generally ensues while shifting homes, avoid both over and under cleaning. If you are only tackling the smaller tasks, allocate a longer amount of time for the professional cleaners to clear up the most pressing issues later.

If you need help packing, here you find a checklist on Mymove.com.

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3. Lists, Lists, Lists!

Making lists is the Marie Kondo way of de-stressing while performing otherwise complex tasks. Most landlords will already have provided you, in your contract, a list of expected move out cleaning chores you need to perform to get your deposit back. So don’t risk it – make an exhaustive list of things-to-do at the first opportunity! And if you still need help, we made a cheklist for moving out. Some may be more demanding than others. Make sure to see the full extent of the work, then divide and Marie Kondo through it! 

Keep referring to your checklist while cleaning so you miss absolutely nothing. Your move out cleaning could involve, for example, cleaning the carpets, washing the windows and wiping the surfaces. Cross through these when you have performed them to keep track of the work done! If your landlord hasn’t provided you with a list but you still don’t want your deposit on the line, be sure to make one yourself to optimize on your own organizational skills and time-management through the necessities! 

4. Sort, Keep, And Donate!

Taking old junk, dregs and oddments (not to mention loads of gunk, bacteria and germs along) with you to your new place isn’t the ideal way to move in, right? Therefore, the next step booking move out cleaning should be sorting out your possessions and keeping only the ones you need, again, the Konmarie way! Instead of spending hours cleaning your couch when you move it into your new home, it is better to clear out the gunk and the tea stains before you dispatch it.

This is also an amazing opportunity to donate what you don’t need, with only the useful possessions in good condition making it into your new home. Making sure to empty all cupboards and closets and discarding what you don’t need several days before moving will bring you the advantage of having your shipment ready when the trucks pull up to your place!

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5. Get the Proper Supplies

Getting your hands on some high-quality cleaning supplies should be the next on your list. Presumably after your furnishings have been cleared and you have a list of things to do. Some exceedingly important supplies include brooms, mops, dusting cloths, disinfectants, glass cleaners, sponges, white vinegar, furniture polish, nylon scrubbers, dustpans, buckets, stepping ladder, fabric protectors and rubber gloves. And to help you with your move out cleaning, read more on this post. It is imperative that you make sure you don’t cart these off to your new place. Since you will very much need them to perform a preliminary cleaning before moving out. Being equipped with the right material ensures a scrupulous cleaning of your house without being abrasive, and without taking up excessive hours of your time either.

6. Get Rid of Anything Extra

Have a decades-old huge vase? A mattress in storage that has mice gnawing on its corner? A moldy pillow that smells distinctly of sweat? Get rid of these things!

Nomads from the olden times represent this idea the best – when moving, take only what you need! Not only will following this rule make your move out cleaning process easier, since you will be less tired from lugging out trillions of boxes, but the grime and dirt manifested on these possessions won’t stay clinging to your place and cost you a hefty sum off your deposit. Even the headache of keeping track of possessions so they don’t get lost, broken or stolen is greatly diminished. Moving could in fact be a great opportunity of getting rid of the ‘I may use it someday!’ mentality to dispose what you don’t need.

7. Sort Dry and Wet Cleaning

Move out cleaning experts recommend that the best strategy to adopt here is to start cleaning from top to bottom and then back to front, to prevent soiling a clean surface or repeatedly going over an already clean area. Sorting dry and wet cleaning into two categories is also a faster and more proficient strategy- when you are busy cleaning with a polish and a damp cloth, why not tackle all the furniture in the house instead of setting it aside after doing one room and then starting to sweep the floors instead?

Completing tasks that require a dry mechanism of cleaning like dusting and sweeping will be best if done before wet cleaning, since afterward you can wash, mop and wipe the residue dust off from the floor or surface. It neither makes sense, nor is it effective to do it the other way around, unless you want to do it thrice before your place is clean!

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8. Fix Small Repairs Yourself 

Other than significant repairs that you didn’t directly cause yourself, you are expected to do some cleaning and minor repairs. The landowner is sometimes liable for repairs, for example, fixing the water, energy pipelines or any major damage not caused by you. You are responsible for cleaning out the place before you leave, and also repair any damage you may have caused to the machines, dividers, roofs or floor coverings in the house. 

Cleaning and fixing your condo when you leave is a prerequisite to leaving in most leases. In addition to the fact that it is a decent thing to do – considering that someone else will soon inhabit that same space – doing so additionally spares you from losing your security deposit. On the off chance that you cause significant damages, the landowner can either charge you extra or even sue you. 

In addition, even minor harm to the place must be fixed before you hand over the keys. Two or three nail openings may not seem like a lot to you, yet on the off chance that you don’t fix them, the proprietor needs to. That means they can charge you a hefty sum off your deposit. Here’s a handy list of the things you can tackle yourself (although we recommend leaving this up to the move out cleaning service since you are not an expert): 

  • Patch nail and tack openings with a modest quantity of spackle;
  • Erase scrape blemishes on dividers and floors with a melamine eraser; 
  • Rub over scratches in wood floors, or fill them in with a wood marker that coordinates with the floor tone;
  • Go through each room and storeroom, supplanting any lights that at this point don’t work anymore.

9. Inform All Due Bodies of Your New Address! 

The Social Security Administration: This is absolutely critical in the event that you get any social security allowances like pension. Go to the nearby office or request a change to your address online. 

The Government: By “the public authority,” we mean citizen enrollment. In the event that you need to practice your entitlement to cast a ballot, you will have to have the correct location on record. 

The Bank: Your bank should know your new location. You will have to refresh your address with them, which you can do online or go to your nearest branch for the purpose. 

Any Loan Issuers: Any place you go, your obligations and bills will follow. Therefore, you will have to tell your loan issuer, including your vehicle and loan organizations, of any location changes. 

Service Companies: Utilities incorporate water, gas, and electric bills that are under your name at your current living arrangement, in the event that they are excluded from the lease. You will have to get in touch with every utility supplier to inform them of the address change. 

Telephone, Cable, and Internet Companies: You will have to contact your telephone, link, and internet services, to change your charging address. This is particularly significant for any landline or Wi-Fi service, since you don’t want bills reaching your new place. You will also have to cancel any subscriptions (books, magazines) in the current place. 

Your Employer: Your manager will likewise need to know whether you have moved and changed your location as of late.

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10. What To Look For In A Cleaning Service 

Would it be a good idea for you booking move out cleaning service? 

To clean your house prior to moving out, you have two options: you can either clean it yourself or you can recruit an expert move-out cleaning service to do it. In the event that you are leasing, and your security deposit relies on it, at that point it very well might be necessary to guarantee that you get your cash back. Then again, cleaning the property yourself is presumably the most functional, not to say cheap, alternative. Important things to do before hiring a Cleaning Service include: 

  1. Ensure that when booking move out cleaning service, your pick can offer you insurance. Getting the endorsement from their insurance agency guarantees that you will be compensated in the event that any damages is done to your property by the cleaners.   
  2. Discover what sort of cleaning materials the team will utilize. Certain items may cause damage or abrasions to sensitive surfaces in your home. 
  3.  Before move out cleaning, request an agenda to find precisely what the cleaning team will do in all aspects of cleaning your home. 
  4. How much do they charge? Be sure that you are paying what you can afford. 

On the off chance that you get a great move out cleaning service, ensure you reward them by getting the word out in your social circle: your colleagues, family, and friends.

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Move Out Cleaning At Your Service

Move Out Cleaning services is hard, and experienced cleaners provide the best cleaning strategies for your apartment or home. Consider getting it cleaned as soon as the home is empty. This ensure you leave the home cleaned and increases the chance of getting your deposit back. Book now online your move out cleaning with us, we get the job done!

Cleaning Up When Moving Out

Cleaning Up When Moving Out

Pulling your hair out while moving out of the house you have inhabited for a long time? Leaving trails of dust bunnies, debris from 10 years ago and packing up beds, storage and wardrobes? As most people move out, many never-seen-before things seem to surface all at once. Juice stains that you didn’t even know existed. Old lost items and scratches and scuffs, requiring your house to have a thorough clean up before you wind up and leave. Among the rubble and debris may be a lot of unwanted dust, grime and rubble that are best dealt with quickly and efficiently, before someone else come to occupy your old abode. 

How Is Mess Caused When Moving Out?

Anybody who is moving out of their apartment or house understands how daunting the task of cleaning up the place can be. Whether it is about lifting off carpets, taking down boxes, or cleaning out a deck or patio. There is nearly always some semblance of debris and junk which would require a thorough cleanup before you vacate your homestead. A common sight could be the dust bunnies where furniture bottoms hid them before or old paint spills. And of course, the omnipresent layer of grime and filth taking cover in corners. All in all, moving out usually means that you now have a big mess to deal with, on top of every other checkbox on your to-do list. 

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Why Should You Clear Up Before Moving Out?

Gain more returns on your deposit!

Don’t give the landlord any incentive to deduct money from your deposit when you are moving. Damages are bound to happen in a house that has been inhabited for a while. However, undertaking a thorough cleanup greatly reduces the chances of your deposit getting deducted. Because it guarantees that any detrimental dust, dirt or grime will be cleared away before you move out. If you landlord is prone to inspecting every nook and cranny to find something wrong with your place. They will use even a speck of dust as an excuse to not give your full deposit back.  So make a checklist (you can find help here), get a bunch of cleaning materials and get to work! Losing money over something so trivial is definitely a no-no while shifting homes! 

Charged for Damages? Not a chance!

To put it very simply, it is important to make sure that as per your rent agreement. You clear out the space you rented prior to moving out so you don’t have to pay a hefty sum from your deposit. Not only is this going to save you a tiff with your landlord. It is also going to protect your money. 

You can easily buy the cleaning materials needed to solve small technical issues and damages before your hand over the keys. Not only does this save you from forking over a pretty penny to your landlord. It also ensures that any and all potential reasons for deduction are done away with entirely!

The satisfaction you get from the fruit of your own labor may actually make the trouble worth it in the end! What’s best is that most of the minor damages your landlord is sure to charge you for – like nail holes, scruff marks, and chipped wall paint – can actually be fixed by you very easily. Leaving you with more money in your pocket, a squeaky clean house, and an experience with odd jobs that is sure to be useful in life.

Apartment Guide blog post teaches you how to fix common damages. From small holes, to big holes, you can fix any damage. Look here for more information.

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Impress potential buyers!

If you are not evacuating for a landlord, but are rather looking to sell/rent your place, hiring cleaning up services after moving out will cause your place’s value to increase exponentially. Since it will be move-in ready. The positive first impression that your place is likely to make if it is spick and span will induce your potential tenants to agree to a higher price. And increase their chances of settling for your place! To impress prospective buyers and rent/lease your property for a higher price, make sure to do a thorough job of cleansing your place. And leaving it looking its best.

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Make Plans, and Stick To Them

To-do Lists:

Whether you only want an arbitrary sweep and dusting of your place before you move out. Or a thorough deep cleanse of your space to remove every speck, grime and stains. Professional cleaners come equipped with state-of-the-art materials geared to your needs. If you require a thorough waxing of the floor and a washing down of walls. Or simple tasks that you want effectively done and over with, you should purchase specialized cleaning materials to do the job well. We put a list together of 10 things to do before moving out, look over here.

Making a list of all these tasks and the materials you will need, and tackling them one at a time ensures that you are only doing the needful. Which is effective and helps make your place look as good as new. An arbitrary list of services that you can perform may be vacuuming and sweeping floors. Cleaning out bathroom toilets, sinks and faucets. Wiping down countertops and doing a thorough dusting of your place.

Stick to the Plan:

You may be neglectful of cleaning your old place because you are naturally worrying about your new one. The transition is simply made easier since you will have one less thing to worry about. You can do the job to precisely suit your needs and keep your budget and time constraints in mind. 

Get the Right Materials:

Optimizing the work you can do while moving out will require chemicals and cleaning supplies of the right potency and the best quality. 

Personal Satisfaction:

If you are that one person who gets extreme satisfaction from the smell of cleaning gels and the sight of shiny, polished countertops. You may actually feel supremely fulfilled by cleaning up while moving. 

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Why You Should Hire Professionals Move Out Cleaners

Don’t have energy to clean? Abhor hauling around mops and dusters? Don’t worry, because you can always hire someone to do it for you! Much like anything that requires the handling of tools (like lifting furniture to clear up debris or using high-powered cleaning material with effective chemical compositions). You can only gain from hiring professional move out home cleaners. Who come armed with on-the-ground experience and employ methods that are guaranteed to work to your advantage. 

You can consult our professional cleaning services any time for an observation-based quote of how much a moving-out cleanup will cost you. With a guaranteed promise of affordability. What are the advantages of consulting professionals to clean up your place after moving out?

Don’t like Cleaning? Hire someone! 

There can be times where after torpedoing your house and turning it topsy turvy, you want to take a break. To avoid that inevitable fatigue, hire a team of professionals to make your house look presentable again, albeit empty.

Our cleaners will analyze the different types of cleanup requirements. And suggest to you what your space needs. And then allow for detailed and final cleaning as a prerequisite to you handing over the house back to the owner. Before you show it to your landlord or a potential buyer or tenant right after moving, the professionals will make sure to get rid of any and all paint splotches, grime, carpet threads and junk that may be in the place. If the packing up is already done, why not have a cleaning team clear up the debris to make your new place look its best. Right?

If you’re still in doubt about hiring someone or DIY, learn more on a blog that we discussed that.

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Hygiene is Made a Priority

Imagine you moved into a new place that was just vacated by a family and found all manner of their mess left behind. There is leftover soap with mold in the dishwasher. The toilet smells bad, and the railing is coated in grime. You will not be pleased, right? The maxim ‘treat others as you like others to treat you’ never made more sense. 

It is, therefore, best to hire professionals to thoroughly sanitize the space someone else will soon inhabit. The simple reason for hygiene being a guarantee is because professional cleaners have a range of various skills, experience. And cleaning materials to deal with whatever dirt is left behind after you have packed away your house. Armed with gloves and masks when removing obstinate stains and plaster with concentrated chemical. And while lifting up clods of deadly dust from old carpets, professional cleaners possess the invaluable know-how to ensure your place is fit for habitation. While saving you money from a resultant lawsuit!

When you are moving out, undisturbed dust and particles that have been resting underneath nooks and crannies will permeate the air. Professional cleaning reduces the risk of respiratory concerns by removing these contaminants from the air someone else will soon breathe. 

Get Every Nook and Cranny! 

It is understandable that in the hustle and bustle of moving, you cannot do a good enough job yourself. For that reason the thorough wipe-down cleaning services will cater to every nook and cranny you are likely to miss. The best way to go about this is to make a comprehensive checklist and prioritize things that need to be done so you can tackle them one by one.

If the carpet came with the house, the landlord will expect a thorough removal of dust and stains. Something which is better left to professional carpet cleaners. Every tiny detail that can be scrutinized and deemed a reason to deduct your deposit is therefore taken care of by a cleanup service in a professional and timely manner.

moving out

Lessen the Stress! 

If you have ever been surrounded by boxes, masking tape, and experienced your essentials getting misplaced at the speed of light. You know exactly how stressful and frustrating moving out can get. While moving out, there is an endless list of things to be done. And even the most meticulous among us are left flummoxed by the sheer amount of tasks that need to be completed. 

One of the ultimate benefits of hiring professional cleaning services post hauling away your stuff, is that it enables you to focus you on other tasks that may be stressing you out. Shifting residences is not an easy task. But why do a half-hearted job cleaning your house when you can leave it up to a professional that can handle it for you even more efficiently? Spare yourself the stockpile of stress, hire a team and leave your old place looking habitable and welcoming for the next people to occupy.

Speed and Time Efficiency 

If your stuff recently got packed – which in itself is a time consuming job – we are guessing that you may want to clean your place as soon possible to vacate it. And our moving-out cleaning solutions provide for greater time efficiency. We get the job done on time by following a scheduling system where we tackle the problems after evaluating what we have to do. Untrained people, or even yourself, cannot hope to gain such results in the short period of time. In which our team completes the work. Since they carry the necessary skill set to ensure your work is done properly. 

You can, therefore, get done with your move-out faster and invest the remainder of your precious time into other, more pressing tasks. Since moving out is an incredibly long, wearisome and frustrating process. Why delay the cleaning until you are burnt out instead of getting someone to do it for you? Teams that are professionally trained. They hold viable expertise in the area can only be expected to analyze fully all the cleaning your place needs. Then provide you the best service you can expect. These professional cleaners also provide a deep cleanup, ensuring the utmost sanitation of your place, not just seemingly outward cleanliness.

Move Out Clean Up

To understand fully the multitude of services the cleanup operation can include, here is a list of many things a cleanup service could do for you:

Trash removal, cleaning of bathrooms, kitchen, and plumbing fixtures, sinks and mirrors. Wall dusting and vacuuming. Cleaning and washing windows and window tracks, washing floors, removing scuffs on doors and walls. Polishing counter tops, fixing light sockets and storage areas, waxing and stripping tile surfaces.

Consulting cleanup companies will give you direction, pace, a time-frame and cost-effective solutions all in one comprehensive service. Utilize the multitude of resources available to you and get your house fully ready. Not to only obtain the maximum possible deposit back. But also render it comfortable for the next party to rent or buy if you own the place. Thereby, earn more rent or charge a higher sales price. Hiring cleaning professionals only nudges you along the path of ensuring that your old house looks its best after you have left it. And does not fall into a state of dilapidation and decay.

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Move Out Cleaning At Your Service

When you’re moving out, don’t stress about move out cleaning, look for My Cleaning Angel. Let the true professionals do the hard work. We make your old home spotless. If you want to ensure you get your deposit back, hire us. Book now online your post-construction cleaning with us, we get the job done!