You can download our to do cleaning checklist directly below, but do you need help with your cleaning tasks? You are in the right place! And donā€™t feel bad about it. Cleaning a whole houseā€¦ There are so many things to do! Mostly if you have kids and/or dogs. But donā€™t worry, we made a to do cleaning checklist that will help you to organize your cleaning. What needs to be done in a daily basis, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and bi-monthly. Plus, our blog is full of cleaning tips for type of floors or even the best homemade tracks for the house to smell beautifully!

We need to separate them for the frequency that needs to be done because it will help you maintain the house to receive guests anytime! Or even be in a house where you know that everything is ok, what a peace of mind, right? Ask someone to help you because cleaning chores are for everyone.

Ā Daily to do cleaning

The daily cleaning tasks are mostly to maintain the house clean and organized for the following day. It is mandatory not let stains dry or it will be harder to remove. The bacteria

Sweep and spot cleaning the house;



Wipe Down Baths and Kitchen;

Pick up any clutter by the end of the day.

Weekly cleaning tasksĀ 

Try to organize weekly cleaning tasks per day per week. Meaning, you could scrub thoroughly the baths every Tuesday and the dust Wednesdays. Donā€™t get overwhelmed, take your time. Relax. You can do it.

Vacuum Living Areas;

Scrub baths

Scrub Kitchen


Vacuum BathroomsĀ 

Ā Bi-weeklyĀ 

Every two weeks we advise to organize cabinets and sweep and steam mop. Organize your bedroom cabinets. There is something that you donā€™t use anymore, you can give to someone in need for example. Organize your bathrooms cabinets as there will be some empty bottles or you might need to restock something. And your kitchens cabinets, organize them older in the front, newer to the back and put in the trash what expired.

Organize cabinets;

Sweep and steam mop.


The next chores are done monthly as they take time to be cleaned.Ā 

Clean Oven;

Clean out the Fridge;

Wash windows.



Do in sometime in a while, but do it!Ā 

Scrub Baseboards and walls;

Clean out the cars.Ā 

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