We love to share our secrets. We’ve been working in the cleaning industry for more than 6 years and counting. Our cleaning experts have the best cleaning tricks for a faster and easier job done.

Be strategic!

When cleaning large spaces/areas like floors, countertops or mirrors, you should think of them as a grid. Doing this ensures that you do not miss anything and that you will not clean one spot more times than necessary.

Top to bottom!

This cleaning trick is essencial.  The reason for this is that you will not shake down dirt or dust on places that you have already cleaned. Work with gravity top to bottom.

There is an order when you clean!

Start with chores that can be done while doing something else. Start the dishwasher, put a load of laundry.

Clean upstairs then downstairs.

Tidy then clean, as it will be easier once everything is organized and ready to clean.

Dust then vacuum. The floors should be the last thing to clean.


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Let it shine!

Using buffing tools such as cloth baby diapers that are washable is important for shining things. This is in regards to mirrors, granite countertops and windows, which will require less use of paper towels.

Cleaning tricks for the shower!

Squeegeeing your shower will keep your bathroom dry and this is to fight the build-up of soap scum and mildew. You should also do this where your shower door’s frame and shower curtains are concerned.

Multitask when cooking!

When boiling something or baking, you should not waste time waiting and watching for it to be done. You should use that time to wipe down your counters, put ingredients away or rinse prep tools.

Don’t let stains dry!

Treating stains right away instead of waiting for them to set is also another trick home cleaners use when cleaning homes. As soon as spills happen, grab your prewash stain remover and spray the cloth even if you are not planning to do laundry immediately.

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