Cleaning The Bathroom

Cleaning The Bathroom

When it comes to showers, sinks, toilets and tubs, you need to understand that they deserve special attention when cleaning. Sinks get all the dirt and grime and this is usually from hair products or toothpaste dribble and to remove these you need to use bleach formulated cleaners that will not only clean but will also sanitize the surfaces. Using an all-purpose bathroom cleaner is important when removing a light film or soil but where hardened deposits are concerned, soft scrub cleaners and abrasives may be used.

Showers and tubs are usually plagued by bath oil, soap scum, body oil and hair products. Areas that are hard to reach such as tub rims, faucets and fixtures usually provide hiding spaces for mildew, moisture and mold. To effectively clean such areas, spray and stand generously then get scrubbing. Using a cleaning toothbrush removes build up deposits where faucets and tub fixtures are concerned.

With glass doors and fibreglass showers, know that you will need to offer these special treatment and this is by using pine oil, a bathroom cleaner that is all-purpose or baking soda. You should avoid using scrubbing pads or abrasive cleaners since they will either dull the finish or scratch.

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