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Free Printable Cleaning Checklist

Free Printable Cleaning Checklist

On the final of this post you’ll find the free printable cleaning checklist, download it free.
If you’re looking for recurring cleaning or one time cleaning services, call us or book online.

Daily to do cleaning

The daily cleaning tasks are mostly to maintain the house clean and organized for the following day. It is mandatory not let stains dry or it will be harder to remove the bacteria.

Sweep and spot cleaning the house;



Wipe Down Baths and Kitchen;

Pick up any clutter by the end of the day.

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Weekly cleaning tasksย 

Try to organize weekly cleaning tasks per day per week. Meaning, you could scrub thoroughly the baths every Tuesday and the dust Wednesdays. Donโ€™t get overwhelmed, take your time. Relax. You can do it.

Vacuum Living Areas;

Scrub baths

Scrub Kitchen


Vacuum Bathroomsย 


Every two weeks we advise to organize cabinets and sweep and steam mop. Organize your bedroom cabinets. There is something that you donโ€™t use anymore, you can give to someone in need for example. Organize your bathrooms cabinets as there will be some empty bottles or you might need to restock something. And your kitchens cabinets, organize them older in the front, newer to the back and put in the trash what expired.

Organize cabinets;

Sweep and steam mop.


The next chores are done monthly as they take time to be cleaned.ย 

Clean Oven;

Clean out the Fridge;

Wash windows.


Do in sometime in a while, but do it!ย 

Scrub Baseboards and walls;

Clean out the cars.ย 

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Here you can find and download the free printable cleaning checklist made to help you at home.

How To Clean The Kitchen

How To Clean The Kitchen

As you may know, the kitchen is the most popular spot in the house. From cooking every day, have a glass of water, go for a snack to put trash in the bin. Clean the kitchen is essential for a home with a comfortable home. A cleaned house will improve the ambiance at home. You can also hire a cleaning house service that can provide you this type of service.ย ย 

Reasons to maintain the kitchen cleanย 

One of them is because itโ€™s where meals are cooked. Food we ingest might be contaminated by the bacteria that can be in the kitchen. Itโ€™s crucial to wash your hands and kitchen surfaces before and after making food. Bacteria can spread easily from one surface to another.

When cleaning the kitchen also be careful with the cleaning products you use. Since some of them are chemical. ย Maybe try to think green or greener when you clean, check here how. (link to green cleaning)

Pests! Scary right? Yep, if the kitchen is not cleaned properly and in a daily basis it might attract some unwanted guests such as rats, ants, cockroaches or mice. Letโ€™s avoid it โ€“ it was already scary enough writing โ€œcockroachesโ€ ????ย 

The kitchen might be one of the more expensive rooms we have in the house, so it is important to take it care so we can extend the life of our appliances.ย 

And of course, an organized and cleaned kitchen it will be so much easier to use it! Put your favorite playlist and let’s start!


Room to Room Spring Cleaning Checklist

What do you need to clean the kitchen?ย 

  • Micro Fiber cloths;
  • Sponges;
  • Broom and vacuum;
  • All-purpose cleaner;
  • Oven cleaner
  • Trash bags.

Like every cleaning, it has to be done from top to bottom, but how? Weโ€™ll tell you step by step! Put your favorite playlist and letโ€™s get to it!


Looking for Professional Help?

Are you sick and tired of doing domestic chores? Your time is precious.

Let us take care of your home. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Clear out and organize

It will be much easier to continue! If you have dirty dishes, put them in the dish machine. Clear out the countertop and make sure that there is nothing that needs be arranged or taken to the trash.

How to clean kitchen appliances


The refrigerator can be cleaned once in a while. Itโ€™s also an opportunity to check what you have in it โ€“ sometimes we can forget about some products that can expire or not good to consume anymore! The best time to clean it is when itโ€™s getting emptier and you have some shopping to do. Firstly, empty the refrigerator and put them in the countertop that was cleared out previously. Wash shelved and drawers. Wipe down the interior and clean outer surfaces. Allow to cool it before putting back the food.

clean the kitchen


The oven is advised to be cleaned once in a while, depending of its usage. The later to take to clean it, the harder it will be. Find here 7 tips to clean your oven!

Don’t forget to clean small appliances such as coffee machine and microwave!

Cabinets: in and out

Firstly, you would start with the inside of the cabinets. That can be done once in 1 or 2 months, as the spot cleaning of the outside of the cabinets will be really easy to do. Once you want to clean the inside of it, take everything out and put them in the countertop. See if you have something that expired or not good to use anymore and put them in the trash. Wipe it down and put the products back inside, from newer in the back to older to the front.

Finish line: Dust, sink and surfaces (countertops, backsplash)!

Thatโ€™s right, you are almost finishing. While you did most part of it, the dishes are ready to be arranged. Dust the high surfaces. Wipe down countertops, sink area and backsplash.

Sweep and take out the trash

Trash can get smelly with time. Take out the trash every day, but since you cleaned the kitchen, maybe you have to take it out again. Before mopping we recommend to broom since dust and dirt need to be taken to trash, use a broom.

Clean the floor

Because you already sweep the floor, you only need to mop it. You can also use a towel to dry the floor. Depending of the type of floor, you will need to do it one way or another. Check our cleaning tips for ceramic and hardwood floors or vinyl if it is your case!

Thatโ€™s right, you did it! If you want to use some homemade tips to improve the scent of the kitchen, check here to see how you can make a pot-pourri. It will also look great! Now rest, you deserve it!


Cleaning windows: Easy and cheap tips!

Cleaning windows: Easy and cheap tips!

Get impeccable crystals by following our tips and save money on products!ย 

Cleaning the windows is something that we might be lazy to do and, in addition to being a very loud-consuming task. Since it is a part of the house that gets dirty very often due to its exposure to contamination from the outside. It is an expense of money since you are normally requested to clean them with a specific type of product.

To save hours of cleaning and some dollars, weโ€™ll give a few homemade tips, making your life easier when itโ€™s time to clean your windows. Your windows will be super clean and shiny. If you need other tips for your lovely home, you can visit our blog.

Home Cleaning Solution

To achieve the perfect cleaning solution, mix ยผ white vinegar with ยพ hot water. If you donโ€™t like the smell of vinegar, you can add a few drops of lemon juice.

You can also make another cleaning solution mixing 2 cups of water, 3 spoons of vinegar and a really small portion of liquid detergent, around the size of a small spoon.

Put these mixing solutions in a spray and clean the windows saving some money.

Cloudy day, perfect day!

Thatโ€™s right! The weather is an important combination to have perfect cleaned windows, as cloudy days will keep the dirt moist. If the day is very sunny, the cleaning product will evaporate faster and can leave marks, and we donโ€™t want them! Check the weather so you can schedule cleaning the windows.


Looking for Professional Help?

Are you sick and tired of doing domestic chores? Your time is precious.

Let us take care of your home. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Coffee filter or Newspaper paper

If you are wondering what a coffee filter or newspaper paper have in common, you might be right. They are the best material to clean with as they wonโ€™t scratch the glass. Plus, there are rumors that cleaning with the newspaper paper leaves an invisible layer that will protect the window from the dirt.

Butโ€ฆ How to clean? Top to bottom!

For really dirty windows, you can use a porous sponge and wipe from the top to bottom as gravity makes the drops go south. A microfiber cloth will help to polish the glass when it is dry, being careful not to let off any lint that might stick to the glass.

Hire a house cleaning service

Work, the kids, school meetings, daily tasks, you donโ€™t even have time to enjoy free time for yourself. Donโ€™t waste it cleaning the house when you can have cleaning specialists doing it for you. You can do a free estimate and if you have any questions you can contact us. It will be our pleasure to assist you.