Four Things We Need To Clean But Usually Forget

Your cleaning routine may be the usual laundry, kitchen and bathroom but what you need to know is that there are certain chores that you might miss. Over the weeks or even months it can affect your and your families life to, for example, poor air quality.

Ceiling fans

They are usually forgotten but also easy to clean. Just take a feather duster or a paper towel and swipe off the dust. You don’t certainly want all the dust being spread in the rooms once they are switched on.

Air conditioning vents

They are also overlooked and they can get pretty dirty! What you only need to do is get an all-purpose cleaner and spray then swipe it and you are good to go!

Light fixtures

Almost in every home and they are notorious for collecting dirt and dust and this is because they are often neglected. Cleaning them is easy, just put some vinegar in a spray bottle and spritz onto the light fixtures then wipe it off.


They also need to be cleaned seasonally and this is in regards to whether yours is upholstered or iron. With an upholstered headboard, you need to vacuum it every week and this is for the purpose of avoiding dust.

After this, consider scheduling a professional upholstery cleaning that will leave your headboard nice and sparkling. Where iron or wood headboards are concerned, consider wiping them down with a general cleaner since this eliminates dirt and dust.ย 

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