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3 Good Ways Of Making Your House A Good Smell

3 Good Ways Of Making Your House A Good Smell

It’s no secret that there are basic rules to have a good smell in your house. Like cleaning your garbage disposal, clean the fridge and the over regularly, open the windows for fresh air and of course clean the house regularly. That’s because if you have kids, pets, cooking, smoke, there will be a mix of aromas that need to be neutralized.

When your house smells good, you will also feel great and rejuvenated and this is because natural products trigger the feel-good hormones in your body.

We are going to give three homemade simple tips of how have a good smell in your house.


If you prefer natural methods of ensuring that your house smells naturally clean and fresh, consider looking for pine cones. Get your favorite essential oil and add a couple of drops to the pine cone. After placing them in a basket and displaying them you will observe that the room will smell wonderful and look beautiful. Placing them in the basket makes it easy for you to switch it from room to room.

You can also look on Youtube for some DIY homemade scented pines if you are more a visual person! As there are many ways to do it.


pine scent

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Another way is to take whole oranges and a cupful of cloves. You then take one orange and proceed to push whole cloves, one at a time in the orange. To make it look beautiful, do a design or pattern on the orange as you arrange the cloves. After a short while, a breath-taking scent is released when the two are combined making your house smell amazing!
orange flowers


Putting oranges and cinnamon in a pot of water is another way of making your house naturally smell good. Pour some water in pot and let it simmer gently after which you will then add the sliced oranges and cinnamon sticks/powder. You then turn off the stove then let the pot sit on the counter and you will smell the scent being released throughout your home.

You can also make your own with your favorite scents like flowers or spices! Be adventurous and discover for yourself, it will be an amazing and entertaining experience.


pot pourri cinnamon orange